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Airport Tips For Travellers: Quick Hacks To Make Your Check-In Stress Free

Regardless of whether you’re taking a hotly anticipated excursion or meeting with potential customers, going via air can at times be a significant issue. Yet, on the off chance that you plan well, you can make the experience less demanding. Truth be told, you can even make things simpler on your kindred explorers. Thus here are some airport tips for travellers to tackle the issues.

By making only a couple of sensible arrangements previously you get onto that plane, you can simply the check-in process and will face a lot less hassle.

Pack so that required items can be removed easily at security

Pack so that required items can be removed easily at security

Pack what you need: Much the same as for any occasion just pack the things you require. A pivotal thing you ought to do before flying is to check the carrier’s things remittances so you get a harsh thought of how much stuff you can bring.

On the off chance that you travel with just a carry-on, pack your liquids at the top so they can be taken out effortlessly. Have your PC or tablet effectively open too.

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Keep in Mind Important Documents

Keep in Mind Important Documents

Photocopy necessary travel related documents like passport, visa, identity card which should be handy as well as be safely kept. Keep one duplicate photocopy of each of the documents with you separated from the original one. Also, be aware of how much fundamental, purchase a baggage scale to help with an accurate measurement of how much your bags will weigh. Creating a checklist before packing might help while packing.

Leave gifts unwrapped

Leave gifts unwrapped

Firstly try to keep the things which are allowed in airports otherwise you may face trouble. The security group might need to examine what you’re heading out with so plan to wrap any endowments after security.

Book Ticket Online

Book Ticket Online

By checking in online you can choose the best seats and go straight to bag drop off which will save you time and also it is feasible as you can book ticket anytime you want. It is possible to check in up to 24 hours before your flight from the comfort of your home with most airlines. This also gives you the chance to make multiple copies of boarding passes as backups and makes it a lot easier, quicker, and a lot less stressful when you get to the actual airport. Even in recent times, there are many applications that gives reward points while booking e-ticket.

Dress Comfortably

Dress Comfortably

Dress comfortably in easy-to-remove outerwear, belts, and shoes for Security check up. Security crew might need you to remove outer wears like a sweater, jacket for security reason. Avoid wearing clothing with metal buttons which might trigger metal detector alarm. Wearing tight clothes is not recommended unless you are wearing airplane socks that specifically help with circulation. Comfortable dress attire can help make you feel relaxed.

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Use Cab to avoid the problem of parking:

Use Cab to avoid the problem of parking

Sometimes airport parking can be problematic and you may waste time in within that. By using cab you remove the stress of parking your car as well as those high fees. Ordering a cab allows you more time to settle in and relax at the airport.

Check in early at the Airport:

Check in early at the Airport

If you’re going to take a domestic flight reach the airport at least one and half hour and for international traveller reach the airport at least 3 hours ago of flight’s departure time as checking takes a lot of time and you might end up missing the flight.

Locate the airport facilities:

Familiarise yourself with the airport surroundings, this way you will save time navigating to your points of interests. Airports can be an overwhelming place on your first visit. Also airports are since gateway to a place it have some amazing shopping centres and food court that mainly offers local famous product. This may help one in last minute shopping. Also one can have food if he or she hasn’t had it because of the early arrival to airport.

Plan for security:

Before you enter the security line, open your carry-on and void your water bottle. You can refill it on the opposite side of security. Pull out your tickets.
Expel everything from your pockets and put the substance in a receptacle.
Evacuate your PC and plastic sack of fluids and placed it in a canister painstakingly – it very well may be a similar receptacle.

Place your handbag, cap, scarf, and coat in a canister. You may need to put a sweater in the canister also so dress suitably.

Place your daypack or potentially portable its very own canister.
Remain in line before the metal finder and hold up to be waved through.
Get your things at the opposite end. Ensure you have everything before you leave the territory.

Get ready for takeoff:

Once you’ve explored the airplane terminal and made it effectively on to your flight you’re relatively prepared to take to the sky. First, you have to discover your seat, and guarantee all your lodge gear is stowed away accurately. Most flights, especially longer ones have allocated seating, so search for a number pursued by a letter on your ticket. You can take assistance from the lodge team to finding your seat. Presently you have to put your gear in a protected place, which might be in an overhead locker or under your seat.

Nourishment and Entertainment:

Contingent upon your carrier and term of the flight, you might be served at least one dinner on the plane, and in addition, drinks counting a constrained measure of liquor and bites. You’ll definitely know whether these refreshments are incorporated, as you’ll have been gotten some information about your dietary necessities when you booked the flight. On the off chance that you weren’t asked, nourishment and drink will typically be served however you should pay additional for it. Try not to stress on the off chance that you neglected to bring money: most planes are presently outfitted with the electronic card per users.

In case you’re flying spending plan, don’t be excessively baffled if the diversion is restricted to a solitary, small TV screen and some scratch cards – thus we suggest you bring your own books, music and whatever else permitted on load up that will assist you with passing the time.

For any great journey, these airport tips for travellers will help you a lot. Sometimes it also happens that even when you are fully prepared, some problem arises. Don’t worry or panic but calmly handle the situation. There are also many people who have fear for flying. Practice is the only way to get over the fear and eventually you will. Be calm and enjoy your international trip .

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10 Top-Rated Casinos In USA To Try Your Luck And Roll The Dice!

One of the best things to do in the USA is to step into the Casinos and try your luck. You will simply start wondering how many casinos in USA are present state by state. What if you have won some big amount or huge money which can be used for your traveling and other trips? Sometimes, your luck will win you a huge and a heavy set of the amount. Whether you have your leftover cash or a hooked cash on Texas, just let them drop over the casino rolls and see if you are a lucky person. Just enjoy the games and try your luck to go ahead and make it as one of best memorable gambling trip.

There are many gambling locations and spots that offer the best casinos to play on and win some good bucks. But one of the best-chosen spot to play on with the casinos is none other than USA. There are many casinos in the USA. Yet, there are other spots as well, which will give you some great experience for the whole trip.

1. Atlantis Casino

Fountain in front of casino

The casino is over Paradise Island in the Bahamas city which is 1, 00,000 sq.ft. Atlantis shared the copyright claims and issues. The Bahamas is the widest among the Caribbean. Generally, Atlantis arrives up to 1000 slots and the machines that you can simply play and gain it back. There is a tower or the top space for those who want to spend extra quality time with your friends and your loved ones.

Location: 3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502, USA

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2. MGM Casino

MGM Casino

MGM Casino at National Harbor near or across the Potomac River at Maryland. It is one of the Las-Vegas format casino in the USA. If you really want to check and visit this casino then you can simply drive across the Potomac and you will see that there are latest and en number of other opportunities to explore in the MGM casino National Harbor. You can simply gamble with any of the casinos as per your wish. Also, you can get involved in some natural habitats such as restaurants, spa and other places in the MGM, which will be engaging and entertaining both, apart from casinos games.

Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

3. Peppermill Resort And Casino

Resort And Casino view

Peppermill Casino in the country of USA is one of the largest casinos which is helpful for the exact winning amount. Peppermill is exactly located in the city of Nevada, USA. It is a perfect gambling spot with a plenty of games and nightlife choices. It not only has the casinos but also some refreshing spots which you will enjoy entering it. You will see that the players along with you are speaking French and yet English as well. Many of the gamblers in the table catch up the money and the cash instantly.

Location: 2707 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502, USA

4. ARIA Resort And Casino

fabulous Resort And Casino

ARIA is another major casino spot to earn big from the MGM resorts. You can make use of it for the rest of the trip with your friends and loved ones. ARIA Casino is another major top casino in the USA. ARIA hotel has the best casino in the USA in their space itself. If you are preferring a gambling trip, then the USA is one of the best options for you to end up with. ARIA is very popular among the tourists and the vacationers.

Location: 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89158, USA

5. Odawa Casino

Odawa Casino in Usa

Odawa Casino is located in the beautiful town in Petoskey near the lakeside which is a home to the casino and gambling lovers. Out of the top casinos in the USA, Victories Casinos and Odawa Casino are the two major casinos in the whole town. Both these casinos are Indian casinos. If you really want to try out some lakeside casinos with the great view and feel, then this is the right choice to step in with your extra cash to earn the double.

Location: 1760 Lears Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770, USA

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6. Wynn

pleasant casino

The pleasant casino has almost everything to entertain the casino lovers all day. Wynn in Las Vegas is one of the major casinos in the USA. It gives the mesmerizing view experience inside the casino. The magnificent spot is surrounded by a beautiful resort and other decors. Generally, couples visit the spot and play the casino. The Wynn is the getaway spot, and the majority of the couples visit the casino and enjoy as well.

Location: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

7. Harrah’s Resort And Casino

boldest and a glamorous casino

It is the boldest and a glamorous casino in the United States. The décor and the interiors itself shows the perfect respect to the money that they earn and of course that you earn. You will soon find out the level and the standard of decorum maintained in here. The players are too polite and professional. If you are wanting to enter the casino, then prepare yourself to extreme fun and entertainment with some prize and winning amount to excite you to the fullest.

Location: 3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

8. Turning Stone Resort Casino

Glamorous casino

It is located in the New York farmland. Turning stone has actually built up a perfect name and a reputation to itself around the world. You will soon find out the four-star stays and food, with extraordinary services of the spa, golf and sports, and other such entertainments.

Location: 5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, NY 13478, USA

9. Bellagio

Golden fountain

Bellagio in Las Vegas, USA is the most popular casino and the biggest casinos in the US. Whenever you feel like playing a casino or a blackjack online, you might have felt like going to the USA especially the Las Vegas, and playing the favorite game in the casino. Bellagio can be one of the best casinos in the country. Yet, there are some hotels have some other best casino spaces and they are surely safe too. A tour to the USA can be your ultimate and an unforgettable journey and a gambling vacation. It is the 24 hours and 7 days game that will never bore you. Bellagio is one of the popular Disneyland for the adults like you and me.

Location: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

10. Foxwoods Casino

Atlantis Casino

Foxwoods in the Connecticut city of USA is another popular casino that has made space for two Indian casinos to enjoy it. Foxwoods and Mohegan are the famous two casinos in the entire world. The areas surrounding these two are very awesome and beautiful as they are attractions and tourists spots. It would be great fun if you want to accommodate your romantic trip with adding some casino list to it.

Location: 350, Trolley Line Blvd, Mashantucket, CT 06338, USA

There are many other resorts with casinos in the USA , but these are some best and chosen one to make your gambling trip more exciting and fun. So, pack your bags, book your trip to USA with TravelTriangle and go try your luck!

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Day Trips From Seattle: For A Serene Small Getaway Amid The Scenic Landscapes!

Seattle is one of the best cities in the United States and is a seaport on the northwestern coast of America. It is a beautiful city and lies close to the border with Canada. The population of this city is around 4 million and it is one of the largest cities in the country. This is a multicultural modern city in America visited by tourists from all over the world. There are many tourist destinations and attraction in the city and the day trips to surrounding areas are very popular with tourists.

Tourists visiting Seattle usually visit tourist attractions in the city and also go on day trips from Seattle to nearby tourist places. The following are some of the day trips from Seattle to nearby tourist spots.

1. Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Day trips from Seattle to Mount Rainier are very popular with locals and tourists visiting Seattle. These trips are available all year round and are a major tourist attraction. Mount Rainier is one of the tallest mountains in America and is known for its scenic beauty. The picturesque waterfalls, lakes and mountainous areas around Mount Rainier are perfect for tourism. The Mount Rainier State Park is like paradise and is also named Paradise. The Narada Falls, Christine Falls, and the Nisqually River are some of the major attractions of the region. This is a perfect day trip experience for tourists visiting Seattle and there are plenty of tour operators in the city that organize such day trips to Mount Rainier and one of the best choices for a 1 day trip from Seattle.

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2. Victoria


Victoria in British Columbia in Canada is an absolutely beautiful and worth a visit while visiting this area. There are high-speed cruises like the Victoria Clippers from Seattle to Victoria which is a beautiful town in Canada near its border from the United States. There are many important tourist places in Victoria including Craigdarroch Castle, Beacon Hill Park, Royal British Columbia Museum, British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf Park. Thunderbird Park, Bastion Square, and Centennial Park are areas to visit for tourists on a day trip from Seattle to Victoria.

3. Vancouver


When it comes to day trips from Seattle by ferry a great choice is visiting the fabulous city of Vancouver across the border in Canada. There are many fabulous tourist destinations in and around Vancouver and this can be planned as a three day trip from Seattle to Vancouver. Some of the major tourist attractions include Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Granville Island, Gastown, English Bay, Vancouver Aquarium and Queen Elizabeth Park. Other tourist attractions in and around the city include Grouse Mountain, Lynn Canyon Park, Robson Street, Vancouver Lookout, Science World, the various museums in Vancouver, Yaletown, Lion’s Gate Bridge, and Jericho Beach. A day trip from Seattle to Vancouver is a perfect idea for tourists to enjoy visiting different cities in the region while visiting Seattle.

4. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

This park is located on the Olympic Peninsula. Besides day trip from Seattle to Canada, a day trip to the Olympic National Park is also a great option. The Olympic National Park has a beautiful Pacific coastline, alpine areas, a temperate forest, and other forests on the drier region of the east side.

This is one of the best day trips from Seattle as tourists can enjoy a lovely picnic at the beaches, mountains, forests, and farms. The ecology is wonderful and breathtaking landmarks like Mount Olympus, Hurricane Ridge, and Sea Stacks. The Olympic Mountains are a major tourist attraction in the area and day trips from Seattle in winter or any other season to the Olympic National Park in Washington State are a great idea.

This is one of the oldest forest regions in the country and it is a great choice for nature walks and exploring the natural countryside areas of the State of Washington.

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5. Leavenworth Washington

 Leavenworth Washington

3-day road trip from Seattle to Leavenworth is an excellent choice. Leavenworth is a town that has been modeled on a Bavarian village. Wine tours, museums, outdoor theatres, farmers markets, parks, and spas. The Leavenworth town includes tourist attractions like Waterfront Park, Front Street Park, Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, Leavenworth Summer Theatre, Icicle Gorge, and The Organic Garden at Sleeping Lady. This is a beautiful alpine village that reminds tourists of scenic villages in Europe. It has great tourist attractions like Leavenworth Ski Hill, Mountain Springs Lodge, and Upper Valley Museum among other cool places to visit in Leavenworth.

6. Cascade Mountains

Cascade Mountains

People who like the forests, mountains and natural areas would love to visit the Cascade Mountains near Seattle. The Cascade Mountains are a highlight in the Pacific Northwest and day trips from Seattle without a car are possible if tourists sign up for a great tour of the Cascade Mountains by buses which are easily available in the Greater Seattle area. It’s a great adventurous choice for tourists and they can enjoy exploring the scenery, waterfalls, forests, meadows, and White Water Rivers. The waterfall near Snoqualmie Pass, the trailer park in Steven’s Pass and the beautiful natural mountainous region is a perfect choice for tourists who like to enjoy the lovely outdoors of this region.

7. Chateau Ste. Michelle


There are many beautiful wineries in and around the city of Seattle and a day trip to a fabulous winery like Chateau Ste. Michelle is a nice idea for tourists. One of the oldest and most renowned wineries in the country with a rich heritage and world-class wine, Chateau Ste. Marie is a great choice. Columbia Valley, Canoe Ridge Estate, Cold Creek Vineyards, and Horse Heaven Vineyards are all great places to explore at this winery. A day trip to this vineyard is an excellent choice.

8. Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

Another great island to visit for a day trip by ferry is the Bainbridge Island. This island is in the State of Washington and connected to Seattle by ferry. There is a large forested area on the island called Bloedel Reserve. The tourists can enjoy great views of the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains from this island and there are a lot of tourist attractions on the island. Visiting the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is a great choice so is hiking on the trails on the island. This island is a quick ferry ride from Seattle and tourists can plan great day trips from Seattle to this island.

Seattle is a beautiful city in the State of Washington. It is on the border with Canada and the Pacific Northwest region around Seattle. Seattle is a great place for tourists to visit as well as plan day trips to many tourist attractions in the nearby area. There is plenty of information online about all the various day trips mentioned above and planning such day trips is a great choice for tourists visiting Seattle. Plan your trip to USA for a rejuvenating day trip like this and experience the blissful city of Seattle like never before!

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Top 7 Museums In New Zealand Canvasing The Socio-cultural History Of The Country

Visiting museums are not simply about envisioning the ancient rarities. Museums in New Zealand are like historical centers that put forward the way of life, history and other contemporary topics of the country. To comprehend the culture of New Zealand, visit these museums during your trip. One and all significant museums in New Zealand hold its own unique specialties. Little galleries additionally need consideration, since features they encompass are also erratic and astonishing. The topic these museums focus on is ranged from Kauri trees, coal and gold mining, toys, volcanic eruption, armed force, vehicles and many more.

The process of discovering the why, where, how and who in any town or city adds an additional layer to your travel memories. Here are a few places to add to your New Zealand itinerary:

1. Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum will bring you back to thousand years also will take you forward to a bright Wellington of the present time. This museum of Newzeland is set in an extravagant heritage establishment on the waterfront. The exhibition halls of the museum offer a great understanding of the elegant social-cultural history of Wellington, enhancing the “Te Papa’s” accounts of the country. The displays of the museum are able to connect visitors irrespective of ages. Conventional skills of the museum consolidate with holographic embellishments, diversions and intuitive displays taking visitors in an adventurous voyage through Wellington’s past, present and future. Their most current display, Ngā Heke, grandstands alternate points of view of Wellington’s brilliant history. Voyage through accounts of Māori migration to Wellington, take a gander at idiosyncratic objects of Wellington’s past and tells the interchange chronicles. The displayed collections very own story and association with the Wellington district. The collection is the storehouse of Wellington’s socio-cultural history that is entrancing, bizarre, yet continually captivating.

Location: 3 Jervois Quay, Queens Wharf, Wellington, New Zealand
Timings- 9 Monday to Sunday 10 am – 5 pm, closed Christmas Day.
Entre Fees:Admission free

2. Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum

In the year 1867, Canterbury Museum was first opened to common folk. The museum has been situated in Rolleston Avenue since 1 October 1870. Initially, The Museum was settled in the Provincial Council Buildings in 1867 highlighting topography examples gathered by geologists Dr (later Sir) Julius von Haast and Dr. Ferdinand Hochstetter. The museum of New zealand comprises of the narrative of part of human and nature with an exclusive attention on Canterbury and Antarctica. The museum has more than two million collections of treasure. The recent addition of the Museum is the canvas sack utilized by Sir Edmund Hillary when he and Tenzing Norgay became the pioneer of successfully climbing to Mt Everest. The major attraction of this famous museum in New Zeland is its mammoth collection of Antarctic objects from the chivalrous period of investigation and discovery.

Location: Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Timings- 9.00 am – 5.00 pm(April – September);9.00 am – 5.30 pm(October – March);10.00 am – 5.00 pm(Quake City); Open every day except Christmas Day.
Entre Fees:Entry is free; Entry to Discovery :$2 per person (under 3 years free)

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

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3. Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum

The ‘Auckland War Memorial Museum’ Or Tāmaki Paenga Hiras is amongst the most important museums of New Zealand’s. This is also New Zealand’s important war memorials. The features of the museums revolve around the history of New Zealand chiefly the history of the Auckland. The collection museum also showcases the of the military and natural history of the country. The museum initiated exhibition in the year 1852 and in the initial area it was able to attract 708visitors. Named among the famous museums of New Zealand, Auckland Museum stocks 1.2 million images’ collection. In addition, it displays and stores 1.5 million samples of natural history from the area of entomology, geology, botany including marine biology and land vertebrates. The gallery of Māori treasures gallery shows around 2,000 Māori artifacts. Considered as one of the finest Museums in the Southern Hemisphere this museum is popular for its exclusive assortment of Māori and Pacific treasures.

Location: The Auckland Domain, Parnell, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Timing open daily from 10 am – 5 pm, closed Christmas Day
Entry Fees: Adult: $25 Child:$10

4. Otago Museum


The Otago Museum is situated in the downtown area of Dunedin, New Zealand . It is one of the city’s driving attractions, with more than 480,000 guests every year. It has one of the biggest accumulations in New Zealand. For a long time, the Otago Museum has been sharing the quality collection of over 1.5 million items through the memoir of nature, culture, and science of the globe. Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand comprises of Seven galleries showcasing mammoth gathering of enunciated moa skeletons in Southern Land, Southern People or discovering the treasure of early Māori in Tāngata Whenua. Natural science examples and humanities antiques from Otago, New Zealand, and the world frame the reason for long-haul display shows, while presentations on an extensive variety of subjects change consistently. An interactive science center inside the Museum incorporates a huge, vivid tropical butterfly rainforest atmosphere.

Location: 419 Great King Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Timing: Open daily, 10 am– 5 pm
Entry Fees: Free Entry

5. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Situated in Wellington, ‘The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’ is the national museum of the country. The word s Te Papa stands for Our Place”. The museum was opened in the year 1998 after the converging of the ‘National Museum’ and the ‘National Art Gallery.’ More than 1.5 million individuals visit the gallery each year. The five fundamental accumulations regions of the place are Arts, History, Taonga Māori, Pacific Cultures, and Natural History. The museum has the globe’s biggest sample of the rare massive squid. The social accretions incorporate collection on photography, Māori taonga, and Pacific societies. Te Papa’s theory stresses the living face behind its social fortunes, which hold profound tribal connects to the indigenous Māori individuals. One can experience the entirety of New Zealand in one building! Te Papa is termed to be the New Zealand’s striking, imaginative and intuitive national exhibition hall.

Location: 55 Cable Street,PO Box 467,Wellington, 6011,New Zealand
Timing: Open daily, 10 am– 6 pm except for Christmas Day
Entry Fees: Free Entry, charges apply to some short-term exhibitions and activities.

6. Kauri Museum

Kauri Museum

Whenever you plan for Newzeland Kauri Museum is a must visit. This crowned as the world’s maiden Carbon-zero affirmed Museum. This award-winning museum is popular for its narrating the heritage and history left behind by the antiquated kauri trees which once secured northern New Zealand. The Kauri Museum narrates the antiquity and the inheritance abandoned by ancient Kauri Forests. Notwithstanding in saving the past, the Gallery has a task to carry out in rationing their future, teaming up to “Spare our Forests” by raising open attention to control the spread of the Kauri Dieback sickness and advance ecology of the forest. During your visit to the forest, you will experience the lifelike models along with the collaborative and hands-on display, the world’s biggest kauri chunk ten-thousand-year-old Fossilised and marsh kauri. In addition an exotic collection of refined kauri gum.

Location: 5 Church Road, RD 1, Matakohe, Northland, 0593, New Zealand.
Timing: Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm (closed Christmas Day)
Entry Fees: Adult:$25.00,Child:(age 5-15) $8 Senior Citizens:$20

7. Omaka Aviation Center

Omaka Aviation Center

Omaka Aviation Center is a must visit for plane buffs and war history enthusiast. The unique detailed attention of this aviation powerhouse attracts people. Amid the display of several, you’ll discover vintage planes from both World Wars, a trove of memorabilia, vehicles, military outfits, and pictures. This is a world-class gallery exhibiting WW1 and WW2 aircraft and artifacts. Not just for devotees, the center narrates the chronicle of aviation during two World Wars. This was the time when the deepest period of aviation development took place.

Location: 79 Aerodrome Road, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand 7272
Timing- Open 7 days: 1 May – 30 November: 10am – 5pm (last entry at 4pm). 1 December – 30 April: 9am – 5pm (last entry at 4pm)
Entry Fees- It has different entry fees for different tours. The lowest is $5 per person/ per exhibition for the Scheduled Highlight Tour

The fascinating thing about museums in New Zealand is that every one of them has its own story to tell. Few do this by exhibiting the best works of art, others convey Maori legacy to the front line, and a couple has their own specialist subjects to share. Plan a trip to New Zealand with TravelTriangle to learn more about the history, heritage, and culture of the country.

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A Romantic 10N/11D Honeymoon Trip To Europe

A charming old-school honeymoon vacation is a rare sight these days. Read about Akshay’s 10 night/11 day honeymoon trip to Europe that was filled with love, beauty, adventure, delicious food, and a penchant for train rides.

Trip Duration: 10 nights/ 11 days
Total Trip Cost: INR 1,74,000
Inclusions: Transfers, accommodation, sightseeing tours, rail pass, and breakfast
Month of travel: December
Weather: -3 degrees to 12 degrees celsius

IMG-20170130-WA0030.jpg day 1

While searching for honeymoon packages on the internet, I landed on the TravelTriangle website. We were already decided on the places we wanted to visit in Europe. The option of customizing the package according to your need, is what got me interested.

I submitted a query, and Rishab from TravelTriangle gave me a call back and assisted with the booking process. He connected me to various agents and I selected the package given to me by ‘Clearship Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd’.

sitting on the banks of Arno

We sailed smoothly through the booking process, as a multiple destination honeymoon trip to Europe was easily planned and coordinated. My wife and I were excited to travel with each other to all these fabulous destinations and bring forth a new chapter of our lives.

Europe Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Explore the most romantic places to visit in Europe, from Paris to the Venice canals, and from the Greek islands to the Swiss alps. Book customized packages Inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals offered by expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Here is a brief itinerary of the places we visited on our trip to Europe

Day 1: Arrival in Zurich at 6 am- transfer to Montreux by rail – check in at 2 pm – explore local market

Day 2: Breakfast – city sightseeing tour – return to hotel

Day 3: Breakfast – check-out from montreux – arrive in interlaken – check-in at noon – sightseeing in interlaken – return to hotel

Day 4: Breakfast – day trip to Jungfrau – return to hotel at 5 pm

Day 5: Breakfast – train to Venice via Milan – arrive in Venice at 4 pm – check into hotel

Day 6: Breakfast – sightseeing in Venice – return to hotel

Day 7: Breakfast – train to florence – arrive at 2 pm – check out – walkabout florence – return to hotel

Day 8: Breakfast – Cinque terre tour – return to hotel at 5 pm

Day 9: Breakfast – check-out from Florence – arrive in Rome at noon – check-in – leisure time

Day 10: Breakfast – sightseeing HoHo tour – evening dinner outside – return to hotel

There were many options for us to travel within Europe on our honeymoon. Some were faster than the option we took, and some were cheaper. However, we believed that the best way to discover Europe would be to cut through its valleys, pass by its plains, and ride along its rivers.

Here is the selection of our train journeys we took that made our trip to Europe memorable:

Journey 1: Zurich to Montreux

winter morning in interlaken

beautiful scenery in Montreux

And so we began our journey, from the Zurich airport straightaway to our first destination in Switzerland. A quaint, hilly, lake-side town that encapsulates a micro-climate within Switzerland.

Distance: 208 km
Time taken: 2hr 38 mins
Frequency: Every 1 hour
Cost: Interrail Switzerland 8-day pass (EUR 90 per person)


Highlights of Montreux:

  • Exploring the christmas markets in Montreux was a complete delight.
  • Tried the brilliant coffee and sandwiches on offer in Montreux cafes.
  • Winter evenings with the early sunset were pretty charming. The town lights up quite beautifully.
  • Visited the elegant Montreux palace.

Hotel review of The Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic:

The Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic was a very good hotel. The service was exceptional and the hotel staff were willing to help us. As for the structure, it reminded us of the aristocratic glory for which Swiss history is renowned.

My Rating: 4/5

Journey 2: Montreux to Interlaken via Lausanne

enjoying in Interlaken

Enjoying a delicious meal in Interlaken

After spending a delightful Christmas in Montreux, we moved north towards the mountains in Interlaken. We wanted to experience the beauty of the snow-laden Alps in a traditional Swiss region.

Distance: 148 km
Time Taken: 2hr 41 mins
Frequency: Every 15 mins
Cost: Interrail Switzerland 8-day pass (EUR 90 per person)


Highlights of Interlaken:

  • Tried their local speciality of hot wine. A popular drink for Swiss people during the cold and harsh winter months.
  • Interlaken was mostly earmarked as a resort town for people traveling to Jungfraujoch. However, the food in the cafes was extremely delicious

Journey 3: Interlaken – Jungfraujoch (return journey)

at jungfraujoch in switzerland

reaching at the top of jungfrao

Next up for us, was the daunting heights of Jungfrau. Reaching the mountain peaks of Swiss Alps was an exciting prospect. This leg of our journey was the shortest, yet most scenic part as the train went right up the mountains.

Distance: 18 km
Time taken: 2 hours
Frequency: Every 30 mins
Cost: Return ticket EUR 97 per person (after showing Interrail pass)


Highlights of Jungfrau:

  • We arrived at the top of Jungfraujoch with the cogwheel train. The journey to the top of the mountain was incredibly scenic.
  • The weather at the top was beautifully set up with a mixture of snow and sun.

Hotel review of Beausite Hotel:

The hotel booked in Montreux was better than the Beausite Hotel in Jungfrau. All the facilities were present, but there was nothing new or extravagant to woo the travelers.

My review: 3/5

Journey 4: Interlaken to Venice via Milan

Beautiful coastline of Cinque Terre

akshay and his wife sharing a moment in venice

On from the chills and dizzy heights of Switzerland, we traveled to the below sea-water lying city of Venice. It was a drastic switch from mountain tops to a city that would eventually drown in a hundred years. Italy, with it’s culture and food, was on top of our list of places.

Distance: 554 km
Time Taken: 6 hr 41 mins
Cost: EUR 52 per person
Frequency: Every 60 mins


Highlights of Venice:

  • It took us a while getting used to the concept of traveling on a public transport system wherever you want in a water taxi or a gondola through the canals of Venice.
  • Took the hop on hop off water transport and covered the major sights of Venice like St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s palace, and Grand Canal.
  • The city felt like of another time with its winding canals and narrow alleyways. A memorable place on our trip to Europe.
  • We opted out of taking the private Gondola ride as it was EUR 150 for 20 minutes.

Hotel Review of the Hotel Albergo Cavalletto And Doge Orseolo:

The vibe in Venice was pretty cold. When we reached the Hotel Albergo Cavalletto And Doge Orseolo, the staff was pretty cold and kept on point. Would have liked slightly more friendly and proactive hosts.

Hotel review: 2.5/5

Journey 5: Venice to Florence

sightseeing in Florence

experiencing the sights of Florence

After finishing up in Venice, we traveled south towards the young and vibrant city of Florence. The charm of Florence in Italy is unmatched. Coupled with beautiful structures and rich history, Florence has something to visit for all ages.

Distance: 258 km
Time Taken: 2 hr 33 mins
Cost: EUR 19 per person
Frequency: Every 15 mins


Highlights of Florence

  • I tried the local fish in Cinque Terre, which was delicious.
  • Visited the beautiful village of Cinque Terre. It was a treat for our eyes with its colored houses on a beautiful coastline.
  • We weren’t interested in visiting monuments, so we just explored the streets of Florence and enjoyed spending time in the Piazza della Signoria.

Hotel review of Hotel Ginori Al Dumo:

Our stay at the Hotel Ginori Al Duomo was nice and comfortable. The hotel was centrally located to the places we wanted to visit. The hotel had a nice restaurant with delicious authentic Italian cuisine.

My review: 4.5/5

Journey 6: Florence to Rome

An artist playing a tune in Rome

Photography in Rome

The final stop of our journey led us to the capital of Italy- Rome. We wouldn’t have left Italy without visiting probably the most historical city in the World. A big item on our check-list got crossed, as ” when in Rome, do what the Romans do”.

Distance: 286 km
Time Taken: 2 hr 3 mins
Cost: EUR 17 per person
Frequency: Every 20 mins


Highlights of Rome:

  • We arrived in Rome on our trip to Europe on New Year’s day. Not much was open on the first day, but the empty streets gave us a chance of exploring Rome minus the hustle bustle.
  • Another chance for me to do some photography, as there weren’t many people around.
  • On the penultimate day, we took the hop on hop off bus service and covered all the major monuments of Rome like the Colosseum, Trevi fountain, Roman forum, and the Pantheon.

Hotel review of Best Western Mondial:

Hotel Best Western Mondial had a very luxurious condominium type of feel to it. It was styled in a retro-fashion that made the place charming and endearing.

My Review: 4/5

Making the most of a sunny day in Rome

Out of all the places we visited on our trip to Europe, we liked Florence the best out of all the cities. It was warm with regards to temperature and people. A lot of places to visit for all ages and most importantly a vibrant food scene that made us foodies enjoy to the maximum.

My wife and I felt truly blessed to have explored the length and breadth of Europe with each other. A romantic beginning to the next phase of our lives that we will cherish for a long time to come. A special token of thanks to TravelTriangle for helping us in planning our trip.

Best moments of our trip:

  • Visiting the christmas market in Montreux.
  • Getting to see the picturesque village of Cinque Terre.

Low points:

  • Upon arriving in Venice, we got to know that we had to reach the hotel on our own by public transport.

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Christmas In Phoenix: 10 Amazing Experiences To Celebrate The Vibrant Festival

Christmas is one of the most-waited festivals of the year. The time of the year when people rejuvenate themselves to celebrate the birth of Jesus and enjoy the new year bash too. If you’re visiting Phoenix, there are a lot of amazing activities you can indulge in while holidaying there!.

There are certain activities which you would relish even more on the eve of Christmas. This is a well-researched list of 10 things to indulge during Christmas at Phoenix. If you are living in some other part of the USA, then plan on spending your Christmas in Phoenix this 2018. The activities included here are some of the activities that people loved to indulge themselves during Christmas in Phoenix 2017.
If you want to get a detailed idea of the life in Phoenix, Arizona on Christmas Eve, you need to have a look at the Christmas pictures in Phoenix or Christmas highlights in Phoenix.

Take a look at the best experiences you can have during christmas in Phoenix to have a heartwarming holiday whether you’re with friends or family!

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Usually, the place which doesn’t have much of snow would try to bring in the best quality snow to provide the real Christmas vibe. The Christmas celebration in Phoenix is never complete without you, skating either over the artificial slabs of ice outdoors or indoors in places like Shopping Malls. The skates are also given for rentals. This is indeed a boon for the outsiders who are experiencing snow for the first time. The place also screens a movie late in the night. You could bring a blanket for yourself along and enjoy a great movie in this perfect night weather.

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2. Montelucia


If you are a foodie and you don’t want to miss out on trying exotic ranges of world cuisine this Christmas in Phoenix, then you are supposed to be at Montelucia. The place provides you with the opportunity to dine with Santa. Statistics prove that most of the foodies are dog lovers. So, if you want your furry friend to also have a great time during Christmas in Phoenix, then bring him to Montelucia where a howling party is arranged. Montelucia is situated in a beautiful valley in the USA which adds beauty to the view while you are gulping down your favourite cuisine.

3. Visiting The Zoo

Visiting The Zoo

If you are an animal enthusiast, then you should never miss out on visiting these locations if you are planning to spend your Christmas Eve in Phoenix. The zoo in Phoenix is lit completely with the replicas of the animals in the zoo. Post sunset, one wouldn’t be able to see the animals in the zoo, but these lit replicas are a feast to the eyes. There is also an aquarium that houses rare species of water animals which you would enjoy staring at. Generally, the employees get to enjoy a long weekend at Christmas, so in the morning times, it is advised to visit the gorgeous butterfly park.

4. Singing The Way To Christmas

Singing the way to Christmas

Carefree Desert Gardens is the best place to be if you want to enjoy the choir session along with other fun activities. The gardens also host an event of Christmas tree lighting. One could also get to share their table with Santa. Excellent fireworks display, Christmas market, pet parade is some of the other vivid attractions. There are also places like Riparian Preserve, which conducts school choirs by the lakeside with the lovely Christmas lights. It is indeed an experience to be felt.

5. Win Your Day This Christmas

Win your day this Christmas

A lot of events, like the best lighting, best dressed Santa are conducted in Phoenix. A group of judges goes around the homes registered for the events and the winners are presented with a lot of hampers. The participants necessarily need not to belong to Phoenix, even the ones who have come newly to Phoenix can make the fullest use of this opportunity. It is a great chance for those with a creative mind bent.

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6. Candlelight Walk

Candlelight Walk

If your family resides in Phoenix and you get to be with your family only once in a year and that too during the Christmas day in Phoenix, then it is better to go for a Candlelight walk. This walk will fill your mind and hearts with love, peace, and tranquillity. It is a great way to connect with your family when you are not able to be in contact with them most of the time. The candlelight walks mostly end with an inspiring speech which is an icing to the cake.

7. Trains Rides

Trains can never go out of fashion

Though there are a lot of advancements in the transport options, the amount of nostalgic feeling a train attaches itself to is nothing when compared to the luxurious yachts and effervescent planes. The very sound of those steam engines is enough to transport one back in time. There are ways to enjoy this training phase this Christmas in Phoenix. Either you can book tickets for a train show and watch it moving across artificially set exotic locales or a toy train ride where even adults can have the time of their lives.

8. Book Your Stay

Book your stay

For bachelors and for those who live far away from home, booking a stay at some of the lavishing hotels here in Phoenix would be an excellent choice. It is advised to book beforehand as people flock when offers at thrown during the Christmas Eve. A lot of dance shows and concerts are arranged to keep the audience engaged. Apart from the great hospitality, you can also get to enjoy some lovely beats. Dancers from all over the world are invited to showcase their skills.

9. Merry And A Royal Christmas


On the eve of Christmas, a lot of historical parks are open for hosting any events or sessions. High Tea parties are conducted at these places where you get to enjoy the royal treatment at these heritage structures. But bookings are closed quickly owing to the heavy demand. It is a bit on the expensive side yet it is completely worth for all the money paid. Imagine yourself enjoying a hot cup of tea in the same space that was once owned by a royal. It is also a glorious sight to watch the snow falling and sipping tea alongside your loved ones.

10. Adventurous Activities


These might seem just another activity. But do not underestimate these activities, especially during the Christmas season in Phoenix. For instance, you would get to swim alongside dolphins in most of the water parks. Golfing courses are neatly set and as this is the holiday season of the year, you get to share your playing space with some legends too. Most of the lakes are open all days of the week for angling. Go-karting tickets can be obtained at much cheaper prices. These are some of the other enjoyable activities you can participate in apart from the regular cliched ones during the Christmas occasion.

These activities are sure to spice up your Christmas celebration in Phoenix this year. Phoenix is exciting as it is surrounded by places in Arizona, where exuberant people are looking for options to have the best time of their lives. Make the fullest use of the time and you can look into this list to plan your US trip right away!

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10 Haunted Places In New Jersey Which Will Give You Shivers Down The Nerves!

The Garden State of the US, New Jersey, is known for the best production of corn, blueberries, and tomatoes. There is no doubt in how delicious the food delicacies around here happen to be. This beautiful US state is known for many things apart from the food, its gorgeous beaches, busy roads, an intense political conundrum that happen to leave the public amused and its amazing diverse culture. While the beauty of the state plays a great role in the general perception of the state, there are few supernatural aspects too, which surround the state and is famous in their own right.

Believe it or not, New Jersey has its own set of murder and mayhem that incorporates the madness of some of the Garden States paranormal beauty. Let’s get on with it, for we have listed ten of the most haunted places in New Jersey, for your thrill.

1. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Before you say ‘Ugh what a cliché’, wait! Psychiatric hospitals tend to attract a lot of negative energies, and sometimes more than the murder and madness, it’s that attraction of evil to a place that gives way to hauntings. In New Jersey, many psychiatric hospitals have been demolished, however; the Trenton Psychiatric hospital remains like it was, with the wear and tear of ages. It is believed that the Trenton hospital’s director, Dr. Henry Cotton, supposedly believed that patients could be cured of their mental illness by removing their organs. He indulged in many malpractices on patients without using any anesthesia. These procedures of his led to the deaths of many patients. It is said that even now, screams can be heard and shadowy figures are seen every now and then. Some believe the souls of those who died on his table are trapped here.

Location: 101 Sullivan Way, Trenton, NJ 08628, USA

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2. Burlington County Prison

Burlington County Prison

The prison has now transformed into a museum, which has made the murders and executions concrete in this place, with stains of blood on the walls of this building. The most active spots are the basement and the death cell. Reports have said that disembodied screams, feeling watched, certain cold spots, strange noises of machinery moving etc. can be heard even now.

Location: Mt Holly, NJ, United States

3. Lambertville High School

Lambertville High School

It is a common phenomenon for old schools to be haunted, so is this school. The tragic legend of this school began in 1935, where a student of a rival school died. The young boy died during the annual Thanksgiving ‘Turkey Bowl’ football game. He died due to a broken neck from a rough tackle. The game was banned from the school by a petition filed from his parents. To this day, the school has no form of the game going on. The school closed in the 50s. Unnatural deaths and sightings have been seen ever since. It has been one of the most visited haunted places in New Jersey for Halloween.

Location: 35 Washington St, Lambertville, NJ 08530, USA

4. The Devil’s Tree

The Devil's Tree

When we look at a tree, standing all by its own without any fellow mates, we have varied perceptions regarding it. It is said that a farmer, who lived nearby, took his family to the tree and murdered all of them. Then he hung himself from that very tree. Since then, there have been multiple murders and suicides around that tree. It so happens that the snow fails to stick to the tree’s periphery leading to beliefs that the evil that dwells in that tree is the reason behind it.

Location: 181 Mountain Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, USA

5. Devil’s Tower

Devil's Tower

This magnificent tower seems cordial and is known to be built by plantation owner Manuel Rionda for his wife. He wanted her to have a panoramic view of the New York City. It so happened, she supposedly looked from the tower and saw her husband with another woman that drove her to jump off the tower and meet her tragic death. There have been many attempts to demolish the tower but workers have known die due to strange circumstances. Hence, the tower remains with the agony of Mrs. Rhonda’s dwelling there.

Location: WY-110, Devils Tower, WY 82714, USA

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6. The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell

The name itself suggests a sense of paranormal existence to it. This structure is a network of tunnels and storm drains. This place is bound to give nightmares to those who decide to spend a night there. Some believe it may actually be the mouth of Hell. Apart from the creepiness, the place is known to rapidly flood with foul smelling water. The Gates of Hell is known to be guarded by a spirit known as Red Eyed Mike. There are supposed to be hidden rooms in the tunnels, with whispers and screams. Some say it is a place of sacrifice, which reasons with the dead animals that are found in the place.

Location: Clifton, New Jersey

7. Shades Of Death Road

Shades Of Death Road

The name itself is creepy; imagine having a history to go with. This road has numerous counts of murder that have been stacking up for centuries. During the day this road will appear to be ordinary, however, when night comes, strange apparitions and lights have been noticed.

Location: Warren County, NJ, USA

8. Pine Barrens

Pine Barrens

A huge stretch of wilderness, spanning seven counties of south NJ, with hauntings, is the beautiful Pine Barrens. The nights in this stretch is spooky and gives the creeps to people passing by. It is known as one of the scary haunted places in New Jersey. Also, this place is known to be the stomping ground of the infamous Jersey Devil.

Location: South Jersey

9. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park

Originally known as the New Jersey Lunatic Asylum, it opened in 1876 and has a long history to support it. it was built with the intention of housing hundreds of patients but managed to pack in over 7500 of them, stretched over 675,000 square foot of area. Famous songwriter, Woody Guthrie was admitted here on the 1950s for Huntington disease.

Location: 59 Koch Ave, Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA

10. Watcher House

Watcher House

The Watcher House is a celebrated haunted place in New Jersey. It is said that a family had moved into their new million-dollar home and soon began to receive notes from ‘The Watcher’. It is said that the entity was obsessed with the house. This led to the belief that a disembodied entity is watching the residents’ every move. There are plenty of theories that go with the history of ‘The Watcher’.

Location: Westfield

The hauntings in New Jersey do not end to the list and have many more stories to tell. While some live to tell the tale, some just take it with them to the grave. So, if you’ve have that fearless spine, then plan and customize your USA holiday with TravelTriangle and explore the mystery behind these eerie locations!

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