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10 Indian Restaurants In New Jersey That All Foodies Must-Visit Once!

Indian dishes are well known for their spicy flavors and exquisite aroma and are popular across the globe for their varieties. If you are an Indian residing in New Jersey and have been trying different Indian restaurants for authentic Indian delicacies lately, the below list of the Indian restaurants in New Jersey USA, will be a big help to satisfy your taste buds. Try each of them and have an amazing dining experience.

Here is the perfect list of Indian restaurants in New Jersey that you should definitely visit and relish scrumptious Indian dishes. Take a look!

1. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Traditional Indian dishes are prepared with the use of Indian spices and this restaurant leaves you with the modern & intimate dining experience. A wide variety of Indian food is available in the menu and the highly experienced chef cooks it with full conviction. You will find the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes from the list of Indian cuisines at this place.

This place is best for vegetarian and non- vegetarian lovers. Your taste buds will sense to wow once you will have dinner at this place. They serve you with very innovative culinary ideas in Indian cuisine. Must try dishes such as dahi aloo papri, Cashew-nut-rolls, Cocktail samosa, dosa balls. Spice Bazaar is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in new jersey.

Location: 114-116 Quimby St, Westfield, NJ 07091, USA
Cost for two: INR 1000
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 10

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2. Mithaas


Mithaas is one of the best restaurants in the New Jersey which serves traditional Indian street food and sweets in a quick-service storefront. Mithaas, as the name suggests, specializes in Indian desserts and you will surely love them after giving a try. The food ranges from Very spicy to moderately spicy and normal which suits the taste of different people.

People love Dahi Puri, Bhel Puri, Dabeli, Pao Bhaji and Choley Bhaturey are very tasty. Mithaas special Thali is very famous and includes Rajma, Choley, Butter Paneer and green peas. There are 2 Rotis, rice and Dahi served with vegetable salad and a piece of sweet. The food is tasty and filling.

Location- 795, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 1424
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 38

3. Deccan Spice

Deccan Spice

Deccan Spice is the one-stop destination for the authentic Indian food in the New Jersey. It is more of a local, family-owned joint and not a gourmet restaurant but its excellent preparation is what makes it better from most of the local Indian restaurants. Deccan Spice is one of the top Indian restaurants in new jersey

Deccan Spice restaurant serves Vegetarian dishes as well as meat. While most of the people liked Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala in the Deccan Spice, there were people who loved the traditional South Indian dishes.

Location- 771, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 3204
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 27

4. Sapthagiri


Sapthagiri is an Indian restaurant in New Jersey famous for its South Indian dishes. There are some North Indian curries served as well but Sapthagiri is an all and all South Indian restaurant. The main attraction of this restaurant is that it serves only pure vegetarian dishes which brings people to this place every time.

Most of the customers who visit Sapthagiri, come for Dosa. There are different varieties of Dosa served with a tangy Sambar which gives you a real flavor of Indian spices and an aroma that remains with you even after you have left the place.Sapthagiri is the ultimate place to visit when looking for south Indian restaurants in new jersey

Location- 3854, 804 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 360 (approx.)
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 40

5. Egg Mania

Egg Mania

Egg Mania as the name says is an Indian restaurant famous for its Egg Food. They have a variety of Egg dishes and people from all over the town who love Indian Egg dishes visit this restaurant to satisfy their food cravings. The Indian spices on the Eggs take the experience to a different level altogether.

Excellent authentic Indian Egg dishes cooked with Indian spices is what Egg mania is famous for. If you love Indian food and Eggs, this place is where you must check in. The eggs from Poached to scrambled everything tastes heaven.

Location- 14 Liberty Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 3560
Ratings: 2.5/5
Reviews: 9

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6. Honest


The Honest restaurant is honestly one of the best restaurants in New Jersey if you are looking for the spicy authentic Indian dishes. They have almost all the dishes you would get in any restaurant in India and the preparation is the same. You get exactly the same taste with more than sufficient quantity which keeps you stuffed all day.

The Pav Bhaji which they make is mouth-watering and super spicy. You can actually feel the butter on your tongue for a long time.

Location- 3808, 811 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 700
Ratings: 3/5

7. Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot is an Indian restaurant in USA that excels in Indian style Biryani. They have different varieties of Biryanis to quench your thirst for the tastiest Biryani in the city. You will find the taste no different from India and the spices added will give the texture same as that cooked in Hyderabad.

Most of the restaurants serving Biryanis in New Jersey serve the leftovers in the lunchtime which was not at all the case with the Biryani Pot. They serve the tastiest Biryanis in the city cooked fresh and long till the texture of meat gets mixed well with the rice.

Location- 824 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2848
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 5

8. Ganesh Dosa House

Ganesh Dosa House

If you have a craving for Dosa and you live in Jersey City in NJ, Ganesh Dosa House is the one-stop destination to satisfy your craving for Dosa. It serves a wide variety of Dosa served in a comfortable environment which makes you feel that you are sitting actually in a restaurant somewhere in South India.

It is very obvious that people who visit Ganesh Dosa House visit there to have the yummiest Dosa in town. The stuffed Dosa is loved by everybody and they serve them with two types of chutneys and a sambhar soup which tastes fresh and delicious.

Location- 809 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 1424
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 27

9. VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

You will hear many things about Indian food in New Jersey. This is a nice place to visit, you will find many dishes of chicken specialty and even you will find a Dosa bar at the back. Yes and don’t forget to eat dahi poori whenever you visit this place.

They make awesome rice cheese balls, chicken 65, Pav bhaji, Chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, fried rice and tofu in chili sauce which are also few famous dishes of this place. The ambiance is very cozy and nice and staff will welcome you with a smile when you will enter the restaurant.

Location- 737 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 4272
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 28

10. Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney is the place which offers you special flavors and entrees in a nice and comfortable atmosphere. The menu of this place reflects the food diversity of incredible India. Some excellent non-vegetarian dishes (especially meat) are served at this South Indian venue with a simple and roomy interior.

This restaurant is specialized in Indian Mughlai dishes, Indian Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi and tandoor dishes. You will really have an intimate dining experience at this place. You will experience memorable dining moments at your every visit.

Location- 806 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2136
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 10

The above list contains the name of the best restaurants in New Jersey surely ends your search for the best restaurants in the city. You feel like a little India when you enter these Indian restaurants and expect them to serve you the best of Indian delicacies to quench your thirst for Indian foods. Visit the Indian restaurants mentioned above to feel at home and explore the wide varieties of Indian cuisines served in a friendly and comfortable environment. So, plan your trip to USA and enjoy Indian dishes!

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8 Magnificent Castles In Israel That Speak Volumes Of Its Rich History

Israel is a home to a number of Crusader castles built mostly by the Roman Catholics during the power struggle between the two religious communities over the Holy Land. The castles were tactically built over the hills near significant trade routes giving them the power to have a control over the state’s economy. The sturdy stone castles built during the violent times of the 12th century still stand strong in Israel. Some of them are major archeological sites where many artifacts from the Byzantine period have been uncovered. Let us have a look at this list of medieval castles in Israel and get a peek into the time of power struggle in the Middle East.

A visit to at least five of these castles in Israel is a must for all fans of history and architecture. So, which of these would you visit first on your holiday?

1. Belvoir Castle

Incredible looking Castle

A few kilometers south of the Sea of Galilee, on the hills of Issachar stands the majestic Belvoir Castle in Israel overlooking the River Jordan. The Belvoir Castle was built by Velos in the early 11th century with two coaxial fortresses, watchtowers and a moat. The castle, with its strategic placement, has proven to be the best defense from the eastern invasion. Though most of the castle walls are in ruins, restoration work in the Belvoir Castle in Israel is under progress and is open for the public to walk through the glorious fortress.

Location: Route 717, Bet Shean, Israel
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 400

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2. Nimrod Fortress

Fortress and rocks

Nimrod Fortress is seen perched on the foothills of the highest snow-capped mountain of Israel-Mount Hermon. It is located near the Banias Nature Reserve in the Hula Valley and is the biggest fortress of Israel. It was built by the king Nimrod in the later years of 12th century. The main attractions of the fortress are the towers, the cistern fountain and the inscription on the western gate. Visitors can opt for a day hike to the fortress where one can even enjoy the beautiful Golan Heights views.

Location: Route 989, Golan Heights, Israel
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 400

3. Kerak Castle

Kerak Castle in Israel

Kerak Castle is a magnificent castle built in the Levant region of the Middle East. It was built by the King of Jerusalem in the early 11th century and is the most well-preserved castle in the region. The castle is being refurbished in parts and the main interest of the Kerak Castle is an archeological museum that showcases the history and triumph of the castle. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the Levant and is a great way to get a glimpse of the Ottoman rule in the country.

Location: Amman, Jordan
Timings: 8 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 100

4. Montfort Castle

13th century Montfort Castle

The ruins of the 13th century Montfort Castle in Israel can be found in the Nahal Kziv Nature Reserve of the Galilee Valley. The secluded fortress can be reached only on foot. One has to hike through the nature reserve past the River Kziv to reach the castle which takes about an hour. The most interesting part of the Montfort Castle in Israel is the Gothic Hall that was built during the reign of the Teutonic Knights in the area.

Location: Goren Park, Elifelet, Israel
Timings: Any time of the day

5. Apollonia Castle

Ancient Castle

Also known as the Arsuf Castle ruins, this Crusader castle in Israel has a history of over a thousand years dating back to the Byzantine era. It is located to the south of Caesarea overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The ruins have been excavated in the Apollonia National Park where visitors can see the proof of the battle between the Lionheart and King Saladin.

Location: Hertsliya Pituach, Israel
Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 350

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6. Atlit Fortress

ancient Knights Templar Castle

Atlit Fortress is more commonly known as the Chateau Pelerin in north Israel. This ancient Knights Templar Castle was built in the 12th century and is currently under the control of the Israeli Navy. Since it is a defense area, visitors are not allowed entry into the fortress. Instead, one can visit the Knights Templar Castle hall in the city of Akko a few kilometers away.

Location: Akko, Northeastern Israel

7. Caesarea Fortress

major archeological port city Fortress

Caesarea is a major archeological port city in Israel where the remains of the ancient Roman City built by King Herod is found. Excavations by archeologists are still carried on while a few remains such as the Roman amphitheater and the Roman fountain have been refurbished and open to the public. It is also a venue for major public events in the country and the most visited castle in Israel. A Crusader Cathedral, King Herod’s Palace and the Hippodrome are the must-visit attractions in the city.

Location: Caesarea, Israel
Timings: Any time of the day
Entry fee: INR 700

8. Masada Fortress

desert fortress

Masada Fortress is a desert fortress located on a high plateau adjacent to the Dead Sea. Sitting on the hill is the Palace built by the king Herod along with some Roman bathhouses, watch towers and a Synagogue. The palace ruins are ethereal with colorful tiles on the ceiling. It makes a for a perfect day trip from Tel Aviv. One can either hike up to the fortress or ride a gondola. The fortress has also been a venue for many events in the past and continues to hold the visitor’s intrigue through a sound and light show every evening.

Location: Masada National Park, Israel
Timings: 8 AM – 4 PM
Entry fee: INR 1400

Israel has a barbaric history of battles and power struggle and these castles in Israel are the proof of it. It is interesting to learn how Israel got back its independence from the rule of Greeks, Persians, Romans, Ottomans, and the Teutonic Knights. Book your trip today with TravelTriangle to experience the days of the Roman rule in Israel’s archeological castle ruins.

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10 Famous Restaurants In Phoenix For Savouring Finger-Licking Dishes!

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, is a tourist hotspot and undoubtedly, a foodie’s paradise. There’s so much on offer here that it becomes difficult to make a choice. Whether you are looking for Italian gourmet or wish to sample a steak, there’s everything you can think of! We can’t guarantee if your stomachs get growling by the end of the list!

Here’s a lowdown on 10 best restaurants in Phoenix for a great meal and a soul-satisfying experience while holidaying there. Take a look for your next holiday!

1. Binkley’s restaurant

Binkley's restaurant

This restaurant by James Beard Award-nominated chef Kevin Binkley is what food dreams are made up of! Located in downtown Phoenix, this eatery serves 20-plu-scourse dinners, which are prepared using the best of ingredients. The dinner lasts for about three to four hours and is an experience in itself, where the chef offers a direct view into the kitchen and interacts with the guests too. The ambience is perfect to wash down great food with some good wine! Certainly, one of the best restaurants in Phoenix!

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2. Restaurant Progress

Restaurant Progress

As the name suggests, this restaurant has certainly made some progress when it comes to keeping their customers happy! This neighbourhood restaurant has a sophisticated vibe and is frequented by old and young alike. There’s an open kitchen here for you to peek into, while your meal is being prepared. The restaurant prides on serving seasonally driven, modern American food that will tantalise your taste buds for sure. It has a rotating menu that changes evert few weeks. Apart from the set menu, you can also go for a la carte that has some excellent options as well!

3. Pa’La


Pa’La is one of those no-frills restaurants with its focus on nothing but good food! Think fresh ingredients, wood-fired cooking and non-fancy meals and you know what we are talking about. The casual counter-service restaurant is a collaboration between renowned chef, Claudio Urciuoli and Omar Alvarez, and has a delectable menu featuring tapas, Italian flatbread, salads, Navarro bowl and other staples!

4. Welcome Diner

Welcome Diner

This age-old diner shut down its original location and returned in a swankier avatar! The vibe here is extremely retro; it’s a great place to enjoy some classics here. The best part is it stays open every day of the week, until 2 am, so get your fill of pulled pork and grits, cornbread panzanell and the hit Big Jim fried chicken biscuit sandwich. Believe us, you are definitely going into food coma!

5. Super Chunk Sweets and Treats

Super Chunk Sweets and Treats

Again, one of those places that’s been around for a while, Super Chunk Sweets and Treats has always been the top choice for goodies and gifts. They have now moved into a much bigger space in New Wave market, which has a more relaxed and laidback vibe. Don’t forget to dig into the rich canelé or the famous mesquite chocolate chip cookies here – they are to die for!

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6. Northeast Corner Of Rural And Warner Roads

Northeast Corner Of Rural And Warner Roads

You can’t afford to miss this one, since there are not one but three dine-outs here! Yes, you heard it right – there’s Aaron Chamberlin’s Tempe Public Market Café, Cotton and Copper and Ghost Ranch. This place is certainly a hotspot with the kind of food on offer and the sheer variety. It’s great to see one unassuming corner become the talk of the town!

7. Durant’s


This one is very old-fashioned in its vibe; very classic in feel! There’s a vintage pay phone, walls covered with rose wallpaper and baskets full of peppermints – now you know what we mean! It’s a great place to spend some time chilling and soaking in the laidback vibe (and of course, clicking some crazy Instagram worthy pictures). Do make a stop here!

8. The Breadfruit and Rum Bar

The Breadfruit and Rum Bar

This one is the hotspot for some sumptuous Jamaican food and exotic rum drinks! Located in downtown Phoenix, this one feels like you are vacationing on a tropical island. Come here to enjoy your rum (from the extensive collection they offer) and gorge on delicious seafood. There’s something for everyone to have a good time!

9. T-Bone Steak House

T-Bone Steak House

This steak house is a popular haunt for more than four decades, can you imagine? Located amidst saguaro cactuses, this is a great place to dig in to grilled steaks with a side of cowboy beans! The only flipside (or advantage for some) are the humungous portions; you really need a big, big appetite to eat that chunk of steak!

10. Kai Restaurant

Kai Restaurant

This one is among the best-rated by Forbes as well as AAA Five Diamond. Located within the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass Resort, it serves up Native American food. The menu is unconventional, with influences of Pima and Maricopa culture visible in all the dishes. The grilled buffalo tenderloin as well as the lean steak are the top picks, so you know what not to miss! It’s also one of the most unique and romantic restaurants in all of Phoenix!

These restaurants in Phoenix are an absolute delight for not just foodies, but for those who also want to experience the good life. Planning your trip to the US already? Make sure you have added these restaurants to your itinerary so that you don’t miss out on a perfect holiday experience!

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Museums In Alaska: 7 Cultural Icons To Visit In The Land Of The Noonday Moon

Alaska is one of the popular destinations of US state which is visited by a large number of travelers every year. This destination is known for its diverse terrain, forest, mountains and also for its wildlife too. The museums in Alaska are also very attractive and interesting and visiting there will help to know about many things which are not known to many. If the mood is to explore the attractions of Alaska then ensure you visit some of the best-known museums of this place.

There are museums in almost all corners of the country. Alaska museums are available from Ketchikan to Kotzebue and also from Unalaska to Anchorage. Scroll down to know about the popular museums of Alaska.

1. Alaska Aviation Museum

Alaska Aviation Museum

Among the popular museums in Alaska, this one is one of the most significant ones. This museum started its operation in the year 1988 and earlier it was famous as Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. This popular museum is located on the Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage. This is the place where you can get more details about the aviation heritage of this country. Historical aircraft are carefully preserved and displayed here. The sole reason for preserving and displaying the historic aircraft of this county is to grow interested among the people especially in the young generation to know about the aviation industry in Alaska. Here you can notice more than thirty aircraft, flight simulators, and restoration hanger. With such preservation in Alaska aviation museum, it managed to attract people to know about the progress of the aviation industry in Alaska.

2. Alaska Heritage Museum – Wells Fargo


The next popular museum in Alaska which you should not when you are in Alaska. Alaska Heritage Museum is situated in Anchorage, Alaska and this is one of the prime museums which have huge collections of all types of native artifacts and fine arts done by top-ranked artists in Alaska. You will get the details about the Wells Fargo history during the era of Alaska Gold Rush. This museum remains open from noon to 4 pm. The items which are included within the exhibitions in Alaska are as follows.
1. More than 100 types of native artifacts and eighty types of hand-made native baskets.
2. Attractive Ivory carvings and traditional clothing are also exhibited in this museum.
3. Paintings done by popular artists of the country are displayed in this Alaska art museum.

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3. Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

This popular museum mainly focuses on the preservation and exhibiting the fossils, animals and the geology of this country. Once you are here you will be able to get the chance to see the skeleton of dinosaurs, birds, ammonites and collect more details about the ice age. This popular museum started its operation in the year 1994 with the support of local people and business organizations. Here you can observe the huge collection of fossils of the primitive age. The Alaska Museum of science and nature also focus on the geography and culture of this country.

4. Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Native Heritage Museum in Alaska is not only one of the famous museums in Alaska, but also it is a popular institution for culture and education. This popular museum is situated in Anchorage Alaska. The museum was opened in the year 1999 and this museum exhibits 11 significant cultural groups of Alaska. This heritage center is situated on 26 wooded acres and inside the center; there is a Hall of Culture and huge gathering place. If you are interested to know about the natives of the USA then this one is the best place from where you can get more details. The heritage of the groups which are exhibited here in this museum are
• Athabaskan
• Eyak
• Tlingit
• Haida,
• Tshimshian
• Unangax
• Alutiiq
• Youpik
• Cupik
• Siberian Yupik
• Inupiaq
This museum offers to in-depth details about the native life of Alaska.

5. Alaska State Museum

Alaska State Museum

The museum remained closed for two years and three months for the conducting all necessary renovation work. The museum was closed temporarily in the year 2014 and renovation work for the establishment of libraries and archives was done. Finally, the renovated museum was reopened in August 2016. Alaska State Museum has great collections of all types of cultural materials and the collections are made from the people of northwest coast in Alaska. This museum offers free admission to the visitors and it remains open from 10 am to 4 pm during the winter.

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6. University of Alaska Museum

University of Alaska Museum

Alaska is famous for the existence of different types of museums and among these the University of Alaska Museum of the north is worth visiting. Here in this museum, the visitors will get the chance to explore the native cultures of Alaska and you will also come to know about the wildlife of this place. The art of Alaska is 2000 years old and here in this museum, you will learn about the Alaska historical society. More details about the arctic dinosaurs are available in this museum. Here you will also get to know about important facts related to research work done by the scientists. There is no doubt that the award-winning exhibitions have made this museum extra-ordinary. Artifacts nearly 1.5 million are being exhibited in this museum. More details relating to the change of weather, genetics, etc are also available in this museum. The museum remains open from 9 am to 7 pm in the summer and 9 am to 5 pm during the winter.

7. Pratt Museum

Pratt Museum

This natural history museum is located in Homer Alaska and this museum is famous for preserving regional history and artifacts. This museum actually explores the lives of people of South Central Alaska and the primary aim of this museum is to preserve the stories of the Kachemak Bay region. There is no doubt that the collection of this museum will help in developing the educational program among the visitors. Both old and young will find it interesting to know about the history of this country after exploring the collection of this museum.

The above 7 museums of Alaska are worth visiting and we are sure that you will find them interesting. The subject of the museums is different from each other; some feature art while other celebrate Native culture or honor airplanes and trains. While on your trip to the USA, ensure you include at least a few of them.

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8 Enthralling Safaris In Miami To Soak In The Wildness Of Florida!

Miami is a place which has so much to offer to the tourists and which is why it is the second biggest tourist hub in the USA. The natural green trees and forests, the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful sunny beaches with palm trees are some major attractions of Miami which leaves you spellbound. Once you leave the place, you would want to come back again and again to enhance your experiences and to explore the unexplored. There are some of the best Safaris in Miami which takes you to unexplored and remote places to give you some exquisite memories to cherish all your life.

Here is the perfect list of 8 best safaris to visit in Miami when you are in a mood to do something adventurous on your trip. Keep scrolling down to know more!

1. Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari

Located 78 miles from Miami, this beautiful Lion Safari invites you to spend the day on this amazing safari with more than 1000 animals. It is a Safari and an amusement park as well where you can enjoy the whole day like a picnic amidst the natural habitat of the animals. You will get some amazing experiences in the Safari which includes animal feeding, 5 rides, water sprayground, shopping and food. This is the best Lion Safari in Miami.

Timings: Mon to Friday – 10 AM- 4 PM
Sat & Sun – 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Admission charges: $37 per person

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2. Everglades Safari Park

Everglades Safari Park

Everglades Safari park is famous for its large-sized airboats large enough to accommodate singles, couples and even big families. The airboat takes you to nature’s river of grass on an unforgettable tour to give you the time of your life. All tours include walking trail filled with crocodiles, alligator wildlife show and the world-famous airboat rides. You will be provided with the best guides who will describe the wonders of the unique ecosystem with every small detail they have to give you the best Safari experience.

Address- 26700 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33194, USA
Timings: Mon to Friday – 9 AM- 6 PM.
Sat & Sun – 10 AM- 5 PM
Admission charges: $49 per person

3. Miami Photo Safari

Miami Photo Safari

Miami Photo Safari is a place which gives you a unique tour where sightseeing meets photography. The tours are designed to teach you the mechanics of digital photography while understanding the beautiful and cherished history of Miami. If you are a photography enthusiast and want to learn some of the basics with the practical safari experience, Miami Photo Safari is the one stop destination for it. No matter if you are a professional photographer or an amateur one, you have a high-end camera or an ordinary one, Miami Photo Safari is surely for you. Come and explore the unexplored now.
Address: 3250 NE 1st Ave, Suite 305, Miami, FL 33137-4191

Timings: 10 AM- 2 PM
Admission charges: $69 per person

4. Safari Edventure

Safari Edventure

Safari Edventure is the best place in Miami to be with the wild animals in their natural habitat amidst forest and greenery. Safari Edventure ensures a beautiful and memorable experience for you that you can cherish whole life. Watching the wild animals in their natural environment is something which remains in your memory for a long time. Not only you can watch the animals, you can even touch and feed them which is a different experience altogether. You can even hug a Kangaroo and hold an Alligator. Safari Edventure which is spread over 5 acres of land is filled with 100 mature exotic trees and animals that is so beautiful.

Address- 23700 SW 142nd Ave, Miami, FL 33032-2201
Timings: Wed-Sun 10 AM- 5 PM. Closed on Mon and Tues.
Admission charges- $18 per person (Adults)

5. Ocean Safari Diving Adventures


Ocean Safari diving adventures give you an ultimate experience of the ocean safari. As you visit a jungle safari and experience the wildlife in the same way you visit the Ocean Safari and experience the aquatic and marine life. The scuba diving and snorkelling boat trips take you closer to the marine life and you can actually swim with the beautiful and colourful tropical fishes which is totally a different experience.

Address- Ocean Safari Diving, 677 SW 1st street, Miami, FL 33130
Timings: Boat departs at 8 AM everyday
Admission charges- $85 per person

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6. J. N. Ding Darling

J. N. Ding Darling

The J.N Darling National wildlife refuge is located on the subtropical barrier island of Sanibel in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the home for the hundreds of beautiful migratory birds and it is an amazing sight to watch those birds in their natural environment. You can visit this Safari either as a pedestrian, by a vehicle or in a bicycle. Walking or driving inside gives you an exceptional feeling of being in the nature with beautiful birds around chirping in their natural habitat.

Address- 1 Wildlife Dr, Sanibel, FL 33957, USA
Timings: 7:30 AM to 5:30 every day except Friday (closed)
Admission charges- $5 per vehicle, $1 per pedestrian/Bicycle

7. Merritt Island

Merritt Island

The beautiful Safari in Merritt Island is located in USA and is a home for some of the most beautiful migratory birds in the world. The island is spread over huge 140,000 acres of land and it is impossible for you to see the whole island in just one day. Merritt Island was established in the year 1963 as an overlay of NASA’s space centre for the protection of Migratory Birds. The island has more than 1500 species of plants and animals which is worth watching.

Address- Merritt Island NWR PO Box 2683 Titusville FL 32781
Timings: Opens daily from sunrise to sunset.
Admission charges- $10 per vehicle.

8. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

This unique and beautiful safari was established in the year 1931 and is also a natural and wintering for the migratory birds. It is spread over huge 68,000 acres and is a home for wild animals and trees of different species. It is situated along the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida. This refuge includes islands, tidal creeks, estuaries of seven north Florida rivers and tidal creeks. This beautiful place is also a home to a diverse species of plants and animals. Visiting this amazing safari will surely give you an amazing experience and special moments that you will cherish all your life.

Address- 1255 Lighthouse Rd St. Marks, FL 32355
Timings: It is open year round, daylight hours
Admission charges- $2 per person.

There are various beautiful Safaris in and around Miami and visiting them would definitely enhance your traveling experience to the core if you are in Miami. Exploring the beaches is not the only way to enjoy your vacations but visiting the above safaris is a major source of recreation and fun too. So, book your trip to Miami with TravelTriangle and get ready to have an amazing trip as these wildlife and marine safaris will give you a great experience without a doubt.

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These Dreamy Wedding Venues In Brazil Are Perfect To Start A New Journey With Your Spouse

Wedding bells are ringing, and you want it to happen in the best possible manner. Well, not to worry, we have got you to know about a wonderful place: Brazil. Brazil is a South American Country, extending from Amazon Basin to the vineyards. If you are planning your wedding here and are confused in finalizing the wedding venue, allow us to filter the search for you.

Here are some of the most amazing wedding venues of Brazil that are perfect for a fairytale wedding you have always dreamt of:

1. Ponta Dos Ganchos Resort

wine and table

This beautiful resort lies on the Brazilian coastline adorned by a series of 25 bungalows that are standing in a row. The sandy beach and turquoise clear water give it a mesmerizing look. You will be getting an exotic view of the sea and green beauty right from your window. Additionally, there is a small island which is linked with the beach with the help of a wooden bench. This little island is a perfect hideout for the newlywed couple to enjoy their romantic date. The lip-smacking dishes are unavoidable and their a la carte menu keeps on changing every day. It is one of the most romantic places in Brazil and is easy to reach: 40 km from Florianopolis, and a similar distance from Sau Paolo, Rio De Janerio, and Buenos Aires.

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2. Botanique Hotel and Spa

Hotel and Spa view

This place is one of the most serene places in Brazil. Calmness, lush greenery and peaceful environment are some of its attractions. It is an amalgamation of culture with cuisine. They believe in fusion and try to blend the modern recoil with a traditional touch. Snuggled in a convergence of three river valleys amidst the hillside and striking crests leading towards the Mantiqueira Mountains. This hotel is encircled by the mid-tropical Atlantic Forest stretching at a distance of some 1200 km. this place is best suitable for those who wish to get married in a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Trancoso

exclusive place

Trancoso is an exclusive place lying in the State of Bahia. Earlier this place was known for its fishing but over the time it has emerged into one of the most preferred places in a destination wedding. Right from the Hollywood celebs like Will Smith and Beyonce, it is becoming one of the most preferred locations. Sandy beach and turquoise beach make it a picturesque place for the wedding. This place also has the entire necessary infrastructure like a private airport for the private jets helicopters.

4. Ilhabela

exclusive place for Wedding

Ilhabela lies in the state of Sau Paulo. It consists of 42 beaches, a wide range of beaches for you to choose from. The views here are impressive while the cerulean sea imitates the sun. It is also one of the most preferred holiday destinations during summer and also a perfect place for the wedding. You only need to choose the beach you wish to hold your wedding, and the rest of the work is done by the experienced hotel staff. This place has been opted by most of the people for the beach weddings in Brazil.

5. Fazenda Catucaba


If you are adventurous at heart and love the rural life then this is your dream place. Fazenda Catucaba lies amidst the progressing hills along the countryside. It is at a distance of 30km from Sao Luiz do Parai tinga. Spread at an area of 450 hectares it consists of farms, rivers, lakes and other leisure activities like canoeing, fishing and swimming make it an adventurous place. It is definitely one of the prime locations for destination weddings. Its rustic beauty will definitely lure your heart out and the exotic dishes will water your mouth. You can find here some of the best traditional dishes of Brazil along with the continental food as well. One of the most exclusive experiences of this place is the Horse Riding which covers 3 states in a stretch: Rio De Janerio, Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais. This horse ride will give you an enchanting look of the waterfalls, landscape, and rivers. They offer organic food made from the organic vegetables grow in their kitchen garden.

6. Buffet Fasano

outdoor arrangements and incredible place

Buffet Fasano was started by Andrea Fasano. This place does not have outdoor arrangements. But it is one of the biggest places that can accommodate up to 600 people in sitting and 800 people for any cocktail party. This Buffet is widely spread evenly bifurcated into different segments like a banquet hall, hall, headroom, stage, glass walls and a garden imitating the Atlantic Forest. They have four different segments: Fasano Classic, Fasano Business, Fasano Kosher and Fasano per Bambini. Their orchestra plays the music of all kind suiting the occasion. Even their kitchen is all bifurcated into different segments like confectionary, cocktails, hot dishes, pasta, and bakery. They have tried to sort out everything for their customers as per their choice and make the items available without any fail.

Brazil is a beautiful place spread across the coastline with sea, beach, lush greenery and moderate climate. There are lots of places in Brazil that are fit for your dream destination wedding. The sandy beaches, crystal clear water, alluring mountains, lush greenery all amalgamate to make Brazil a perfect place for a wedding. Apart from the natural beauty, the conventional cooking method adds a cherry on the top.

Cultural beauty of Brazil attracts a lot of tourists while the natural beauty simply leaves the tourists mesmerized and enchanted. Once you are done with your wedding, you can start to plan a honeymoon for these international destinations.

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Top 10 Restaurants In Jordan For A Taste Of Arab & Intercontinental Cuisines

A peaceful nation known for its constant humanitarian initiatives since centuries, Jordan is equally a fast-growing tourist destination in the Middle Eastern region. Enshrined to rich history, this Arab nation with even European, Asian and several other globally amalgamated cultural and lifestyle fervours, it is popular with its fine-dining options and great hospitality. It is a fabulous host to a large number of tourists from the worldwide locations.

Who isn’t a lover of the delicious foods? Let’s take you to top 10 most popular restaurants in Jordan that serve amazing appetizing recipes to its visitors as well as locals.

Here are enlisted top-notch intercontinental fancy restaurants in Amman as well as many in the elite categories. They offer delicious foods which are simply the great choice of fine dine as best appetizers. They cater to the large chunk of international visitors to a country which boasts its graceful food habits.

1. Najla’s Kitchen

Najla's Kitchen

A popular name amongst the family restaurants in Amman in Jordan, this famous restaurant prepares and serve best of succulent lunch recipes to locals and international travelers. With its day-time-only special menus from famous Jordanian cuisine with a Palestine flavor, Najla’s Kitchen brings for you select varieties of one or two special Jordanian main dishes besides a few dips for the smaller plates.

With best of the delicacies assured, this restaurant is comparatively affordable unlike rest Amman based Arabian themed restaurants. Visitors taste its distinct Jordanian recipes to enjoy region’s culinary varieties which make it unique in the entire Middle Eastern region.

Must Try: Musakhan with Chicken and Sumac and Onions
Cuisine: Jordanian cum Palestinian
Location: Saedi Street, Jabal L’Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 700/- – ₹ 1000/-
Facebook Page

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2. La Capitale

La Capitale

Hub of food lovers, many top-notch restaurants in Amman Jordan caters to the diversified food needs of international travelers to this beautiful country. French restaurant La Capitale is one such destination to taste ample varieties from this French cuisine. It offers a perfect fine dining experience to the French food lovers looking for the classic French dishes. People often visit here for a dual purpose to enjoy great food from here which happens to be one of the cheap restaurants in Amman for French recipes and so does its welcoming warm and rustic décor appeal to all. Authentic French food cooked in a Parisian culinary atmosphere makes its traditional French recipes a great food choice.

Must Try: Bouille-a-Basse, Tartine de chèvre chaud starter, Caramelized Creamy Goat & Cheese Mounted Balls on Toasted Bruschetta
Cuisine: French
Location: Four Seasons Hotel, 5th Circle, Al-Kindi Street, Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 2000/- – ₹ 3500/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

3. Jasmine House

Jasmine House

The claim that there is no dearth of romantic restaurants in Amman proves true in the context of Jordan’s famous Italian restaurant, Jasmine House. As it is located in the extremely picturesque area of the city, it offers a variety of exquisite recipes from Italian cuisine. Foodies not only taste great food while arriving there but also enjoy watching art exhibitions nearby while tasting Italian cakes. Its coffee is equally popular one besides delicious Italian meals.

Must Try: Shrimp Linguine in Tomato Sauce, al dente pasta, Sauce Seafood
Cuisine: Italian
Location: 26, Al Bayonetta Street, Jabal L’Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan
Google Rating: 4.4/5
Facebook Page

4. Fakhreldine


Dining in a historic landmark of Jordan at a place which was once the house of the first Jordanian Prime Minister late Mr. Fawzi Al-Mulki is a great retreat for the travelers. Famous Lebanese restaurant Fakhreldine maintains a royal grace while welcoming state guests especially political and social elites as who and who’s being offered best of the hospitality. It also happens to be the best place in the list of fast food restaurants in Amman whose Lebanese cuisine sought after amongst the visitors.

This restaurant remains in the limelight for being one of the select few elite restaurants in Jordan whose Levantine fine dining experience mesmerize all guests. Besides its exquisite Lebanese cuisine offering more than 100 dishes in the menu, it’s seething elegant décor and amazing ambiance mesmerize all.

Must Try: Mixed Grill, Shanklish, Hummus, Kibbeh Nayeh,
Cuisine: Lebanese
Location: Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle, Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 3500/- – ₹ 4000/-

5. Sufra


One of the famous Arabian restaurants in Jordan, Sufra serves best of the Jordanian culinary food varieties to its guests. It is a landmark in Amman for the visitors as well as locals to enjoy the traditional Jordanian delicacies. From the lighter ones to full meals, especially freshly oven-baked loaves of bread are the meals with amazing flavor which everyone prefers here. This restaurant is the best choice for family gatherings to enjoy a yummy lunch or a romantic dinner date.

Must Try: Fukharat with Minced Meat, Tahini Sauce and Potato
Cuisine: Jordanian
Location: Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan
Google Rating: 4.2/5

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6. Levant


Out of the many topmost restaurants in Amman Jordan, Levant is famous for serving food varieties from Armenian cuisine. Jordan facilitates great exploration of the world’s finest cuisines. This restaurant is known to serve authentic Armenian dishes in the Jordanian capital city of Amman. An interesting fact about Levant Restaurant is that besides vast Armenian menu, it also serves extensive foods from the Lebanese to Syrian and Palestinian and of course Jordanian dishes. It thus makes the best multinational choice for different delicious foods at one place.

Must Try: Beef Shawarma, Quinoa Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Lentil Romaniya, Goat Labneh, Shanklish, Kebab Khashkhash, Kebab Halabi
Cuisine: Armenian and multi-cuisine
Location: Jabal Amman 3rd Circle, Behind Le Royal Hotel, Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 2500/- – ₹ 3500/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

7. Haret Jdoudna

Haret Jdoudna

There are several cheap restaurants in Amman but Haret Jdoudna maintains a distinction of being an affordable one with best of Arabian food. Its location in the typical yet beautiful 20th-century building displaying the Arabian architecture further makes it sought after. Visitors taste Arabian food in the restaurant while its backyards and surroundings remind of the erstwhile historic Madaba mosaics of Roman and Byzantine era as glorious past.

Must Try: Sawani Kofta with Tahini, Hummus, Fattoush, Moreish Tahini Sauce
Cuisine: Arabian
Location: Adel Jumean Street, Madaba, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 4000/- – ₹ 5000/-

8. Chapatti Restaurant

Chapatti Restaurant

Presence of too many Indian restaurants in Jordan makes it a great choice for the Indian and other Asian communities to taste different recipes from all varieties of Indian cuisines. It serves almost all types of Indian dishes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties. Visitors feel as if they are in a mini India in Jordan while they try various popular dishes there.

Must Try: Indian Paratha, Samosa, Chicken Handi, Narges Kofta
Cuisine: Indian
Location: Wasfi At-Tall St., Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 1000/- – ₹ 1500/-
Google Rating: 4.2/5

9. The Yellow Chilli

The Yellow Chilli

Yet another finest of the Indian restaurants in Jordan that fascinates its visitors to taste great food, The Yellow Chilli is an important landmark in the capital city Amman. This restaurant is famous for its hospitality and offering many varieties from all categories of Indian cuisine.

Must Try: Tomato Basil Shorba, Shabnam ke Moti, Hare Pyaaz Ki Machchi, Naan, Paratha, Appam
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Arabic
Location: Pr. Hashim St 66, Amman, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 2500/- – ₹ 3500/-
Google Rating: 3.6/5
Facebook Page

10. Kan Zaman

Kan Zaman

Being developed and decorated to seek the attention of all types of visitors including couples and families, Kan Zaman is worth exploring. It is highly sought after as one of the fancy restaurants in Amman which offers ample avenues to explore the international cuisine. This restaurant has a variety of delicious foods in its menu. It is a great appetizer for the foodies. Besides being a completely family-friendly restaurant, it also facilitates outdoor seating and late night eating options. By facilitating Shisha, this restaurant seeks the attention of those who explore region’s various traditions.

Must Try: Hummus Jabali, Hummus Kan Zaman, Mutabbal, Fattoush, Tabbouleh
Cuisine: Indian
Location: Queen Alia Airport Road, Exit 4W Farah Abu Jaber Street AlYadoudeh, Mirage Village Amman، 11180, Jordan
Cost for Two: ₹ 2500/- – ₹ 3500/-
Google Rating: 4.1/5

Booking a trip to Jordan? We are sure these restaurants won’t disappoint you. Try out these amazing restaurants in Jordan, and enjoy the tasty Jordanian cuisine amongst many others! Have a great time dining with your friends and family.

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9 Best Casinos In San Francisco Which One Must Definitely Visit And Play A Game Of Poker!

Known as the “city of fog,” San Francisco is a city of beauty and the famous Golden Gate is an epitome of modern world. People from all over the world arrive here to experience a great combination of beauty and modernism. There are so much in San Francisco that it is often said that it has a bit of everything. So when you plan a trip to this peculiar land, you can count on a lot to explore.

If you are wondering that in the bit of everything, is there casino, then yes, it is there on the list. Not as famous as Las Vegas, but San Francisco has a few amazing casinos where you can certainly try your luck.

For all those casino lovers who are in San Francisco. Here is the list of 10 Casinos in San Francisco. There are four Casinos in San Francisco with which is within 160 kilometers from the bay area. The casino which is closest to San Francisco is the Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park.

1. Graton Resort & Casino

Graton Resort & Casino front gate

The Graton Resort and casino is within 80 kilometers from San Francisco. The Casino is owned by the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. It is one of the many Indian Casinos in San Francisco. The Casino is operated by the Station Casinos. The Casino has more than 100 exciting table games. The table games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and more. The Graton Resort & Casino has over 3,000 of the newest slot and video poker games as well. This Indian Casino also has some Chinese Gaming center. The Casino has many specialty restaurants which include a Steakhouse, Italian Dining, classic American fare and many more. There are 3 bars and lounges which one can select from according to their choice.

Location: 288 Golf Course Dr W, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA
Prime Attraction: Casino, specialty restaurants and Spa

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2. Harrah’s Resort Southern California

Swimming pool

Though far from San Francisco, Harrah’s Resort place is very famous among the casino lovers. The place is an Indian Casino in San Francisco and a hotel at Funner, California. The casino has 60 Table Games, 1,700 Slots and a 59,000 square-foot casino floor. The players here can play Poker games, table games such as Rincon Craps, Mystery Card Roulette .Fortune Pai Gow Progressive. Blackjack. EZ Baccarat. Asia Poker. Three Card Poker, Six Card Bonus. Crazy 4 Poker, Mississippi Poker ,Ultimate Texas Hold’em ,Let It Ride Bonus

The Casino has a three-tower hotel. They have an attractive spa for its visitors. The casino has a large pool, a lazy river ride, and a pool cum bar. There are around 6 restaurants in the hotel.

Location: 777 S Resort Dr, Valley Center, CA 92082, USA
Prime Attraction: Casino, Pool and spa

3. San Pablo Lytton Casino


This is also an Indian Casino in San Francisco. It is located in San Pablo, California. The Casino has more 1500 Class II gaming Machines. There are a vast selection of game themes in the casino like Wheel of Fortune, Quick Hit and Black Diamond. All kind of card games are there in the casino like Three Card Poker, Pai Pai Gow, Texas Hold Em and Double Hand Poker.

The restaurant here is open 24/7 and offers casual but very tasty food. The name of the restaurant is Broiler. There is a bar available at the restaurant.

Location: San Pablo, California
Prime Attraction: Gaming machine, card games.

4. Bay 101

famous for its Card games

The Bay 101 is located at San Jose, California. Bay 101 is mainly famous for its Card games main its poker games and tournaments. The world poker tournament Bay101 shooting star was started by the owner of the Bay 101 Mr. Marko Trapani. A varied number of card games are played in the casino like Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Bad Beat Bonus , No Bust 21st Century Blackjack , Three Card Poker , 6 Card Bonus ,EZ Baccarat ,Pai Gow Tiles, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better Casino War
The casino provides 24/7 tableside dining. The restaurant specializes in a modern approach to Asian cuisine. There is a bar which provides beverages.

Location: San Jose, California
Prime Attraction: Card games and tournaments

5. Colusa Casino Resort

Colusa Casino Resort

Colusa casino resort is located at Colusa. The casino hosts bingo games and card games such as Blackjack, Zappit blackjack, Lucky Lucky, Texas Switch, Fortunate, Three Card Poker

The resorts host entertainment shows and DJ nights. They have 2 to 3 restaurants and a coffee bar at the hotel. The resort also provides with the facilities of a wellness center and spa. The hotel known as the river valley lodge has 55 rooms and 3 suites for its customers.

Location: 3770 CA-45, Colusa, CA 95932, USA
Prime Attraction: Card Games, bingo spa.

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6. Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel

Casino and Hotel outer view

Jackson Rancheria casino is about 2 hours’ drive from San Francisco. There are 32 Gaming tables, 6 Poker tables featuring Texas Hold ‘Em and 1,700 slot and video machines in the casino. There is a high limit room which provides luxury while playing poker or slots. It has Eight tables of Blackjack, Pai Gow and Baccara The casino is open 24/7. The poker room has a tableside dining. The room is a no smoking zone. There are 5 restaurants in the resort which will cater all the customers’ tastes and fancies. The resort also has an exclusive bakery.

Location: 12222 New York Ranch Rd, Jackson, CA 95642, USA
Prime Attraction: Poker room and the resort

7. Twin Pine Casino

Twin Pine Casino in San Francisco

The Casino is located near the Napa Valley. The Casino has slot machines as well as casino table games- Double Deck Blackjack, 6 Deck Shoe Blackjack, Three Card Super Shot Poker. A Blackjack tournament is held every 3rd Friday of the Month.
The hotel has decent accommodations and also provides with Golf Packages. The restaurants provide with a variety of food. The bar also has a video poker machine which one can enjoy with the drinks. The resort also has a lounge where one can unwind with a glass of wine.

Location: 22223 CA-29, Middletown, CA 95461, USA
Prime Attraction: Card room, Lounge

8. Cache Creek Casino

Inside view of Cache Creek Casino

Cache Creek Casino was opened in the year 1985 as a bingo hall. At present, after its renovation in the year 2002, it provides with a variety of slot machines and table games. The casino has more than 2,000 slot machines, more than 120 table games, it also has a 14 table poker room. The Connected hotel has around 200 rooms and more than 20 Suites for its customers. The hotel has 9 restaurants each of them specializes in different cuisines. There is a day spa available for the customers. There is a golf course also available.

Location: Brooks, California
Prime Attraction: Casino, spa, Golf Course, restaurants.

9. Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Beautiful Casino

Thunder Valley casino is located around 160 kilometers from San Francisco. The casino has around 40 Slot machines. There is a high limit gaming room available. The hotel provides standard rooms, Fitness center for its customers. The spa provides with full menu services. There are a number of restaurants for fine dining, buffet.

Location: 1200 Athens Ave, Lincoln, CA 95648, USA
Prime Attraction: Casino, restaurants, spa

So, here is the best list of top casinos operating in San Francisco. You must check out these places and try your luck. No matter, you win or lose, you will have a great time in there. And before you plan out your moves, customize a stress-free San Francisco vacation with us and enjoy the best of your time here.

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9 Russian Lakes That Can Be Visited For A Refreshing Day Out In The Snowyland!

As the lakes dominated numbers within the land of Russia, fishing has become a common pastime among the people. In this list, there are some of the biggest and famous Russian lakes. Let’s get a look at them.It has been observed that more than 2 million lakes are found in the territory of Russia. While some of the lakes are very big in size most of them are small. In this article, a short and brief list of lakes of Russia has been tried to sum up.

Four of the nation’s five longest waterways—the Ob-Irtysh, Amur, Lena, and Yenisey—are in Siberia. Everything except the Amur stream northward into the Arctic Ocean. The longest European stream is the Volga, which streams southward into the Caspian Sea.

1. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal


This lake is titled as the largest lake in the territory of Eurasia and also holds the name for being the deepest lake in the world. It is speculated that almost all the rivers will need at least one year to fill l is a vast water body. Lake Baikal is also famous for its surrounding heavenly beauty. Very few lakes in the world have the disadvantage to offer to their visitors. In the winter this leg gets frozen completely and the layer of ice is so thick that the railway of trans-Siberian used to take this path.

If we talk about the surrounding then in summer you will get to see a riot of colors from the wildflowers that bloom on the shores. During this season the water turns into a very rich blue color which compliments the entire scenery. It nurtures the biodiversity which is the numerous species of plants and animals which sustain by the help of this lake and the forest encircling it. In the year 1992, this region was termed as a National Park, so if you are planning for a nice day out what can be a better choice than this?

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2. Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga

Location: In the North Western parts close to Saint Petersburg

The shows of the lake in the north region are very high in altitude and is full of rocks. Which part of the lakes basin is called as Ladoga of Karelia? It will be very obvious to ask how many lakes in Russia I have so many lakes and rivers in its basin like in Ladka. Historically it has been recorded that Ladoga lake was connected with the was Baltic Sea. If you talk about the biodiversity of the water body, then scientifically it has been proven that it consists of 48 different species of fishes. Out of them at least 25 species have high values in the commercial market.

3. Lake Onega

Lake Onega

Location: Kizhi Island

This lake is the second largest in the whole of Europe. The lake has got its origin from a Glacier, it is the present look of Awaz water body which was there in the Ice Age. The biodiversity which is the banks of the lake is spectacular as it includes a vast virgin forest that consists of loss of species of animals and plants. The animals which can be spotted in this area are a wolf, Fox, squirrel, brown bear, lynx, elk, and even hare. Among the 45 species of fishes found in this water, the most important are white fishes, Brown Trout, wels catfish, European Cisco, silver bream, common dace, pike, and many more.

4. Lake Khanka

Lake Khanka

Location: on the border of China and Russia.

Beautiful Lake gets its water source from a total number of 13 rivers from which it comes from the land of China. The lake is the source to the only river named Songacha. The banks of the lake are very much famous because it is a home for rarely found Chinese soft-shelled turtles. Among the mammals, on the lands, Smurf tiger, Siberian Roe deer, and red wolf are commonly located. The lake is enlisted in the ‘ World Biosphere Reserves’ (UNESCO) in the year 2005.

5. Lake Peipus

Lake Peipus

Location: Mostly in Russia and some parts in Estonia

Unlike most other leagues this water body has considerably less amount of pollutants in it. However, this does not help in any kind of cultivation as the lake is full of algae plants which decreases the clarity of the water. The lake has almost 45 different species of fishes living in it and most popular among them are whitefish, whitebait, bream perch, like and many more. The surrounding area of the lake is also a home for many swallows, and even for those migratory birds who come from the White Sea to Baltic Ocean.

6. Lake Taymyr

Lake Taymyr

Lake Taymyr is situated in the Krasnoyarsk district on the Taymyr Peninsula. It is the most northerly lake on the planet. The greater part of the year, the lake is secured with ice. The show of this lake is very smooth and it is surrounded by hills. These Hills contain some of the densest Pine forests in the world. You can and locate a total number of 30 islands within the water of the lake. It holds an important position in the Russian lakes map.

7. Lake Chany

Lake Chany

Lake Chany is a salt lake situated in the Novosibirsk area. Lake Chany is one of Russia’s most notable lakes. The region of ​​the lake, as indicated by an assortment of sources, fluctuates from 1400 to 2000 square kilometers, and its most extreme profundity is 7 meters. It has for some time been about these lake legends, one of which says that a tremendous snake eating up man and brute lives in this lake. Located amidst the glaciers this lake conjures a very beautiful scenario to its visitors.

8. Lake White


This lake is situated in Vologda district. The lake can change, for the most part, because of the low shores, and be around 1,284 square kilometers. The normal profundity of White Lake is around 5-7 meters, but since some of the submerged wells might be as deep as 10-12 meters. Lake White is home to around 29 types of fish, making it a “heaven” for fishermen. Lake White is of incredible verifiable significance as individuals have settled around it for almost 6000 years.

9. Lake Nero

Lake Nero

One of Russia’s most seasoned lakes is Lake Nero which is evaluated to be somewhere around 500,000 years of age and is arranged in Yaroslavl Oblast. The lake draws its name from the Merya clan who lived along its southern shores, and they named it Nero on account of the tremendous amounts of sediment inside it. Lake Nero is popular for two islands inside the lake, Lvovsky, and Gorodskoj. A waterway had been built to associate Lake Beloye and Lake Velikoye, be that as it may, in 2009, the channel was totally secured. In 1974, Lake Beloye accomplished the status of nature landmark.

There are a countless number of Russian lakes and rivers if you are very excited about visiting all of them, it is time you book a trip to Russia . The biodiversity of these lakes gets a lot of admiration and complement, which makes them a must-visit.

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Jamaica Travel Guide: A Handy Guide To Explore The Hometown Of Bob Marley!

Jamaica is a country that comes with its own soundtrack and rhythm. It is a very beautiful island, which has crystal clear water which keeps flowing over gardens of coral, sandy beaches, and full of many natural beauties. Although its culture is the most difficult thing to be understood by the foreigners, the greenery and beauty of this place have made this place totally different from the other tourist places. Jamaican beaches are very alluring and the huge sea waves give you some amazing opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. This tiny place has musical roots that will take you to the folk songs of West Africa. It is a place where you can develop the old pirate town, enjoy reggae music and taste the spicy chicken dishes. In a nutshell, what Jamaican culture offers to the world is far greater than its size might suggest.

So, if you are planning a Jamaica tour, keep this Jamaica travel guide which provides every major and minor detail of the place. This guide will also come handy as a first-time travel guide for Jamaica.

Currency of Jamaica

The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar. It is in use since 30th January 1968.

You must get a VISA for traveling to Jamaica. The VISA requirements will be determined based on the USA immigrant law. Apply earlier to get it on time.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

The best time to visit Jamaica is from starting of November to the mid of December. This is the time when Island looks very beautiful and the weather is also very nice so, plan your trip to Jamaica in the late fall of summers and early winters. At that time the average temperature varies from 20 to 28 degree Celsius. This is the most pleasant time to visit as hotel and flight deals are very easily available.

How to Reach Jamaica

You can reach Jamaica by air or by sea.

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By Air

There are three international airports in Jamaica. First one is in Kingston, the capital, in Boscobel, St. Mary’s Parish and in Montego the resort city. This place is connected to the other countries of the world through the strong network of flight connections.

By Sea

The ports in Jamaica such as Kingston, Montego Bay, Antonio, and Ocho Rios are extremely busy throughout the year and many liners stop at this place with their tourist.

  • The first successful step towards your Jamaica visit heads towards fitting your suitcase with proper attires and supplies as this place offers you beautiful landscapes and natural beauty. You must be aware that Jamaican terrain is often rough and the road conditions might be poor, so the traveling will resort some adventure.
  • Packing of swimsuit, shorts & beach towel is essential if you are planning to visit the beaches in Jamaica.
  • The warm temperature of Jamaica encourages lightweight clothes such as T-shirts, light slacks, blouse, Sundresses & polo shirts are ideally ideal for wearing it anywhere in the town.
  • You must carry shampoo, soaps, conditioner, and shaving cream in your luggage. If possible, keep your Doctor’s contact number with you regarding any prescription medication with you.
  • Prepare a wallet and keep your identification details & other important documents such as passport, airline tickets, hotel reservation, entry ticket and all the other important documents that would be required on the journey.
  • Pack extra battery, memory cards and films of the camera and also carry the backpackers for traveling around the town.
  • You can take help of your hotel in finding the nearest place for currency exchange.
  • Keep in mind the above-mentioned points while doing the packing for Jamaica.

1. Negril Beach And The Negril Cliffs

Negril Beach and the Negril Cliffs

This is also known as seven miles beach and is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica which has white sand and aqua sea. You will find here snorkeling facilities and schools of fish swimming in clear water. At the south of the beach, Negril Cliffs rise above the coral-fringed coast and provide the sunset view and cliff jumping.

2. Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

This place is 180 meters of a gently traced waterfall and is Jamaica’s most popular natural attraction. You can climb the natural tops of the falls with the help of the guide and cool off in refreshing crystal-clear water.

3. Port Antonio

Port Antonio

This place is a spot for banana export and this area is distinctly less commercial than the other resort towns. Popular things to do here are hiking jungle, rafting the Rio Grande, the tour of reach falls, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more. As know you all are aware of the best places to visit when you are in Jamaica, let’s see that what all mandate packings are required before you travel to this place.

4. Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House

If you want to experience something unique, beautiful, and spooky at the same time, then you have to visit Rose Hall Great House. This is the place which holds vital importance in the terms of history but is associated with a tale not so pleasing. It is situated on a wide plantation and was a home to the forbidding mistress named Annie Palmer. There are ghost tours that are actually available and you can go for one after you sign-up. Day tours are also available for those who are not so interested in experiencing any haunted sight.

5. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Want to experience paradise on Earth then you have to visit Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon was formerly known as the Blue Hole and its name changed to Blue Lagoon when a movie with the same title was shot here. This also made the place rise to the popularity and since then many tourists come here to escape in a natural world. The Freshwater from the mineral springs flows here and mixes with the salt water of the Caribbean Sea, which gives it a special phenomenon and that phenomenon, is named here Blue Lagoon. You can even see water changing its colors from royal blue to sapphire or to turquoise. Blue Lagoon is one of the most recommended places in any Jamaica travel guide.

  • Although government traveling advisories still say that the country is safe to visit but you need to take some precautions in risky areas which are mentioned below
  • Stay in your resorts only and hire a driver always.
  • Avoid visiting the dangerous and isolated areas of the city and try to travel in a group.
  • Always keep the contact number of the nearest police station so that in case of any causality you can seek for help.
  • Sunlight is very strong in this location so make sure that you drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

After reading this Jamaica travel guide, you are just preparing yourself for spending vacations in Jamaica so, take a travel guide map and explore all the beautiful places of Jamaica. Plan a trip to Jamaica and spend some quality time with nature.

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