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Desserts In Wellington: Get Ready To Sink Your Teeth In A Fingerlicking Delight!

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and also the second most populated city. It is also one of the most beautiful cities full of waterfalls and harbor , parliament buildings, the bucket fountain, national library, and cable car etc. people here love to eat and rejoice; they have a peculiar taste for food and also have a sweet tooth.

To quench their sweet cravings, there are lots of restaurants available in Wellington offering wonderful dishes. We have here an exhaustive guide to the restaurants that serve an array of desserts in Wellington.

1. Stonewood Grill & Tavern

 Stonewood Grill & Tavern

They offer a full course menu, satisfying the eyes and stomach of visitors. They try to make each order special for their visitors. They offer a lot of varieties like the copper bottom mojito, Stonewood cosmo, blueberry martini. Rosemary, poma orange pick me, pomegranate liquor, blackberry crush, blueberry citrus mule etc. these are some of the best dishes of the restaurant. This place is best suitable for friends, family, and colleagues.

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2. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen

 Sweet Mother's Kitchen

Sweet mother’s kitchen attains its influence from the New Orleans and Mexico. They use organic products, free range eggs, pork and corn fed chicken etc. they offer a variety of food at an affordable price. Their menu includes waffles, burrito, apple pie, pecan and bourbon pie, peanut butter pie, chocolate cookies, and smoothies etc. the list is endless here and every single dish is worth trying. Customers have reviewed this restaurant with a 4-star rating.

3. Little Waffle Shop

Little Waffle Shop

The little waffle shop is a small yet neat and clean place to spend some time with your loved one. Tough small, yet this place are a big hit among the locals and there is plenty of waiting time. They offer plenty of desserts like cheeky chocolate, cookies and cream, berry berrylicious, lemon meringue pie, sweet passion, Mr. Mocha, snickers, caramel cookie crumble and rocky road etc. there are some of the bestselling items of the menu; these dishes are simply outstanding, balanced in flavors and impeccable presentation.

4. Crepes a Go GO

Crepes a Go GO

Crepes a go go is a French restaurant opened in the year 2009 by Emma and Marco. They focus on experimenting with new dishes and bringing out the best. They tend to bridge the gap between French and New Zealanders by exchanging the culinary skills and delicious delicacies. For this, they turned up to New Zealand and opened Crepes a Go GO. Some items from their menu are simply kiwi, strawberry love, simply French, white forest, sweet temptation, exotica, cinnamon delight, chocoberry, chocolate addiction, French toast, Canadian delight, banana love, sweet tooth, and caramellow etc. these dishes are wonderful in taste.

5. Kaffee Eis

Kaffee Eis

Kaffee Eis is a blend of New Zealand’s and European flavors. They specialize in gourmet, gelato, and sorbetto and boutique coffee. They have been serving since the year 2004. They not only serve the people by making delicious ice creams but also do charity work also. Their donation to the humble cause helps in improving the lives of many needy people. They ensure that they make necessary contributions in the charity like for this year they are contributing for the Arthritis affected people. This noble cause doesn’t go wasted. Their gelato ice creams have been chosen as the best gelato ice cream.

6. Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture

Food Pastry Colourful Cake Dessert Colorful

Louis sergeant sweet couture is one of the best outlets considered for high tea. They offer a wide range of variety for high tea lovers. This place is also a heaven for the people who prefer to have gluten-free products. They offer a wide range on their menu card like Marie Antoinette, citron, L’Oranger, dark chocolate mendicants, strawberry charlotte, madeleine vanilla, financier vanilla, white chocolate mendicants, molten chocolate cake, exclusive rose gold, and Louis favorite selection etc. these are some of the highlights of the menu. It’s worth a thought that if the highlight is such tempting then the remaining menu items will be more delicious.

7. Gelissimo


This sweet hub is owned by Graham Joe, who holds a knack for experimenting with the flavors. His passion towards baking has helped him achieve 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the New Zealand Gelissimo Ice Cream Award. Their team continuously strives on making the experience better for every ice cream lover. Some of their popular makings include dark chocolate, passion fruit, Italian hokey, vanilla bean, lemon sorbetto, strawberry sorbetto, hardieboys lime, ginger bear, and hardieboys lemonade etc. they are well known in the city and always preferred by the locals.

8. Butler’s Chocolate Café

Butler's Chocolate Café

Butler’s chocolate café is one of the finest dessert restaurants. They have come up with the finest things: customization. They help you in sending chocolates in customized form thereby helping you in sharing your love and affection all across the globe. You can customize your gift packs with sorry, thank you, best wishes and festival greetings. Their menu items include milk chocolate caramel, vanilla fudge, assorted handmade fudge, rum and raisin fudge, irish whiskey fudge, dark chocolate caramel fudge, creamy toffee, irish whiskey toffee, milk flake truffle powder puff, dark chocolate ballotin, drumshanbo irish gin, marc de champagne puff, red hazelnut truffle puff etc.

9. Bohemein Fresh Chocolate

 Bohemein Fresh Chocolate

This bakery has been running for a long time and they have excelled in their art of making chocolates. They end up making delicious chocolates. They also customize the gift packs and make the chocolates taste much tastier. Their menu items include mini sea salt caramels, mini cocoa nib caramels, real hot chocolate, milk hazelnut, milk almond, dark hazelnut, dark almond, vanilla mini chocolate truffle, salted hazelnut praline mini chocolate truffles, raspberry mini chocolate truffles, peppermint mini chocolate truffle, manuka honey mini chocolate truffles, coffee and coffee and brandy mini chocolate truffle etc.

10. Bordeaux Bakery

 Bordeaux Bakery

This bakery is famous for making French donuts. They have brought the real French taste in New Zealand. They not only make delicious sweets but lip-smacking snacks also. Every flavor is well defined and each dish complements each other. They make some delicious items like pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, danishes, brioches, custard cronut, tarte aux myrtilles, white chocolate cake, cupcakes, focaccia sandwiches etc. these are some of the complementing dishes of this restaurant.

Wellington is a beautiful place to visit. The restaurants discussed above are some of the finest restaurants that serve desserts in Wellington. They make lovely delicacies which simply leave the person enthralled. So, on your next trip to New Zealand, make sure you sink your fork in at least one of these restaurants.

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6 Extravagant Halloween Parties In Canada One Must Attend To Get The Chills And Thrills!

With the arrival of October, the vibes of halloween spreads all across Canada. The streets fills up with halloween parades and houses decorated as haunted houses. Think Halloween parties, think Canada! Get your spook on and attend some of the best parties in town, it’s a hell lot of fun. Whether it’s a haunted house or a ghost tour, there’s a lot to do in Canada during Halloween. Get prepared to dance the night away and have a great time, of course with a generous dose of chills and thrills!

Here’s a list of the most happening Halloween events in Canada that’ll want you to be a part of the celebrations:

1.Fright Nights Playland

Fright Nights Playland

The Fright Nights Playland, as the name suggests, is frightening to the core (of course, in a fun way!). It is western Canada’s scariest haunt and for obvious reasons – after all, there are seven haunted houses, fifteen rides and two live shows. Out of the many offerings, it’s the Keepers Doll Factory and the Monsters of Schlock that boast the highest spook factor! At the Doll Factory, it is believed that men in cloaks lurk around looking for humans, while the Monsters of Schlock has two comedians performing the scariest stunts!

Dates: October every year

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2.Haunt Manor, Niagara Falls

Haunt Manor, Niagara Falls

There is no dearth of spooky attractions in Canada, but the one that will scare the wits out of you is Haunt Manor. It is undoubtedly the most happening Halloween venue, which has some great rides and seven haunted houses. Its location is in close proximity to the Battle of Lundy’s lane, which saw massive bloodshed and is said to be frequented by ghosts. Every year, the theme of the haunted houses keeps changing, so there’s always a new surprise waiting for you!

Dates: Open every weekend plus Halloween through September, October & November

3.Haunted Pumpkin Festival

Haunted Pumpkin Festival

This festival held at Prairie Gardens in Alberta has been going on since 1956 and with each passing year, it gets bigger and better! It is a month-long Halloween festival that has already hosted over a million people, thanks to its eclectic range of activities. There’s a scarecrow-making workshop, duck races as well as ghost trains. There’s also folk music and magic shows for the kids, so this can be a fun-filled day out for the entire family!

Dates: Every weekend until 31 October

4.Montreal Ghosts, Quebec

Montreal Ghosts, Quebec

This is your opportunity (it’s your perspective) to tour around the city with the Montreal Ghosts! Believe us, it’s a bone-chilling experience as you immerse yourself in the sinister past of Old Montreal and folk stories that speak of spirits lurking around! If this was not enough, there’s a professional actor who will enact and perform some of the scariest stunts; you might just shriek in horror (we are just warning you!). You will return with the most haunting stories and of course, goosebumps!

Dates: Available year-round

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5. Galey Farms, British Columbia

Galey Farms, British Columbia

The Galey Farms in British Columbia is the place to be during Halloween! The Annual Festival of Fear is what brings people here, with the CornField of Horror being the crowd favourite. It’s a fully-animated, spine-chilling experience that includes a scary mansion, pirate’s island as well as a graveyard. For the mighty-hearted, there’s also the Carnevil Haunted House that’s sure to make you shriek. Of course, there are events where ghost stories are narrated and believe us, they are sure to send shivers down your spine!

Dates: October every year

6. Pumpkin Fest at Downey’s Farm Market, Ontario

Pumpkin Fest at Downey's Farm Market, Ontario

Just about an hour from Toronto is the Downey’s Farm Market, which is popular for its Halloween celebration, Pumpkin Fest. Guess what? It’s lasts for a month, so you have ample time to make a visit. You will find pumpkins all around (as the name suggests) at the largest Halloween festival in town and of course, there’s a lot for photo opportunities for your Instagram feeds. These pumpkins are no less than a work of art, you have to see to believe it! There are also some great shows on offer and activities like bloodcurdling face painting or the boo barn for the kids.

Dates: October every year

  • The Trick-O-Treat starts from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, thus the people on the roads should take proper measures while driving.
  • Carry glowlights or flashlights after dark, so that you can be seen easily by the people driving cars.
  • Well lit your house and yard on Halloween so that and trick-o-treaters can locate the house easily.

So, if you’re already excited to spend a spooky Halloween day in Canada, then make sure to be part of these parties celebrated with much vigour around the country. Pack your bags and set out on that trip you’ve been planning to USA, and enjoy the best time of year.

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Don’t Miss These 8 Amazing Museums In Greece Showcasing The Rich Greek History

Greece, a nation which is considered as a country which gave birth to the human civilization. So when you are in Greece don’t forget to visit the museums which showcase the vast history of this great nation. Visit any of the museums in Greece and investigate the arks of human workmanship and inventiveness. Get very close with extremely valuable exhibitions. Admire the portrayals of divine beings and individuals. Get to know about the regular things of the ancient peoples private and social lives. Inundate yourself in the excellence and charm of human workmanship.

Meander through these museums in Greece and experience the size of accomplishment and the huge range of displays, a large number of which are well known all through the world. The doors of these museums in Greece are always open for you.

1. The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum

Give yourself a chance to be enticed to enter the wonderful universe of antiquated Athens and appreciate each invaluable curio that has been found on the hallowed rock of Acropolis-the momentous of Ancient Greece – spreading over a period from the ‘Mycenaean’ all the way to the ‘Roman’ and ‘Early Christian Athens’. The finds are displayed in an astounding building – a center of attraction in itself– whose structure has really been directed by the site itself. It is fairly amazing that the Museum, located relatively opposite Acropolis, is a staggered structure around a solid center that has indistinguishable measurements just as the boundary of Parthenon, though the visit inside the museum in a way bears a resemblance to the scaling the Acropolis rock. The Acropolis museum has been awarded as the ‘best museum in the world’ by the ‘British Guild of Travel Writers’.

Address: Athens, Dionysiou Areopagitou Walk

2. National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum

If you are searching for museums in Athens, Greece then the ‘National Archaeological Museum’ is one such museum that you must visit. The National Archeological Museum is the biggest museum in Greece and a captivating one! Despite the fact that the first reason for existing was for the museum to keep all 19th-century excavation finds from within and around Athens, it slowly turned into the vital National Archeological Museum and was enhanced with finds from all over Greece. The rich accumulations in the exhibition, involving in excess of 11,000 displays, give a scene of Greek human progress from the beginning of Prehistory to Late Antiquity. The principal feature of the exhibition hall is the prestigious ‘Antikythera’ device, a logical instrument from the first century B.C which was utilized for calendric and galactic figuring. So, if you are looking for a museum of ancient Greek technology then you are the right museum.

Address: Athens, 1 Tositsa St.

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3. Archaeological Museum of Delphi

Archaeological Museum

The Archeological Museum of Delphi is a standout amongst the most essential in Greece since it displays the historical backdrop of the Delphic preserve, site of the most renowned antiquated Greek prophecy. Its rich accumulations include basically architectural figures and statues given to the museum mirroring its political, religious, and creative actions from its initial years in the eighth century BC to its decrease in Late Antiquity. The ‘Archeological Museum of Delphi’ centers around the historical backdrop of the Delphic asylum and prophecy, covering quite a wide range from ancient times to Late Antiquity. The displays are exhibited in a sequence and by circumstance: Sanctuary of Pronaia, Votive pit of the Sacred Way, Temple of Apollo, Siphnian Treasury. These gatherings are a piece of bigger presentation units, which enable the guest to comprehend the times of flourishing and decay of the sanctuary.

Address: Delphi, Area of Fokida

4. Heraklion Archaeological Museum


The Herakleion Archeological Museum is one of the biggest and most imperative historical centers in Greece; including remarkable displays of Minoan craftsmanship, it is considered as the exhibition hall of Minoan culture second to none around the world. It houses delegate antiquities from every one of the times of Cretan ancient times and history, covering a period length of more than 5,500 years from the Neolithic time frame to the Roman occasions. The presentation incorporates interesting works of Cretan craftsmanship, found in unearthing over the eastern and central part of the island, which generally length 5500 years, from the Neolithic to the Late Roman time frames. Most protests date to ancient occasions and to the alleged Minoan time frame, named after the island’s legendary lord, Minos. It is a well know Greek mythology museum.

Address: Heraklion Crete, 2 Xanthoudidou St. and Xatzidaki

5. Palace of the Grand Master

Museum front view

The great royal residence of the Grand Master is situated at the summit of the Castle of the Knights, toward the termination of the Street of the Knights- an extraordinary street compared to other maintained stone cemented medieval lanes in Europe. The castle was first constructed by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem on the site of the seventh century. Byzantine stronghold so as to be the official habitation of the Grand Master of their order. Aside from being a castle, it was additionally an authoritative central point of the administration of the Knights and an essential fortification. In the museum, you will witness mosaic floors of antiquated Byzantine and Roman Art, an astounding furniture accumulation of Western Art of the sixteenth and seventeenth century; sumptuous rooms outfitted with excellent furniture, oriental vases, statues, rugs, artistic creations and so forth. The inside plot is embellished with numerous statues of the Roman and Greek period.

Address: Rhodes, Old Town

6. Museum Of Byzantine Culture

Museum Of Byzantine Culture

The ‘Museum of Byzantine Culture’ was opened in 1994. It was built up with the point of making it a center in which parts of Byzantine culture enduring in Macedonia and Thessaloniki specifically might be kept, explored, and examined. The historical center has accumulations of the figure, paintings, medleys, icons, and engravings from the Byzantine time frame. It has perpetual shows, spaces for transitory topical presentations, protection workshops, and storerooms. The displays incorporate statues, wall artistic creations, mosaic floors, icons, metalwork, coins, engravings, dishes, and ceramics. Right now, three permanent presentations are open, exhibiting parts of the social culture and the craft of the Early Christian time frame with accentuation on the progress from the antiquated world to Christianity.

Address: 2, Stratou Av., GR 54013, Thessaloniki, Macedonia

7. Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Statue in Museum

The Archeological Museum of Olympia unfurls the historical backdrop of the sanctuary of Zeus and its praised amusements. The gallery was established in the nineteenth century to house the finds that the unearthing in Olympia always uncovered. Nonetheless, as a developing abundance of ancient rarities continued aggregating, even following a century-long archeological research, and because of the high seismicity of the territory, it ended up clear that the exquisite nineteenth-century building would not get the job done. The new gallery of Olympia was worked in the decade 1966-1975 and from that point forward it experienced a noteworthy rearrangement of its presentation zones in 2004, in perspective of the Olympic Games held in Athens.

Today, the historical center’s perpetual accumulations traverse 3,500 years of history, from around the 3500 years of past when people previously settled in Olympia to the nightfall of Zeus’ asylum in the seventh century AD.

Address: Ancient Olympia, Ilia, Greece

8. Museum Of Prehistory, Thera

Museum Of Prehistory, Thera

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera houses finds from the unearthing at Akrotiri, led under the protection of the Archeological Society at Athens, the German Archeological Institute unearthing at Potamos, the saving unearthing at different destinations on the island, did by the 21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, and also findings found serendipitously or gave over. Famous for its figures and for its gathering of old Greek bronzes, which is the most extravagant on the planet, it’s a given that the museum is positioned among the most essential historical museums in Greece.

Address: Fira, Santorini, Greece

We have only heard or read about the legends and the history. These museums in Greece are the only source where we will get a chance to see what we have heard or read. Seeing these prehistoric sculptures will fill you with a feeling of unparalleled awe. So don’t forget to visit these museums on your trip to Greece.

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Saint Petersburg Nightlife: Head To These Places To Experience The Best Night In Russia

Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city of Russia and its social capital. The city is acclaimed for creativities like writings, statue, and carvings as well as for its nightlife. It was the primary city in Russia to receive the way of life of clubbing, as of the late ’80s.

The nightlife started with the openings of underground shake music clubs and expression focuses. It extended later, in the early ‘ 90, with the rave clubs. It is true that from here came the most essential musical crews in the nation. Be that as it may, the nightlife in Saint Petersburg started to thrive just in the mid-90 when they opened some of the discotheques that are the most acclaimed in the city.

These days, to Saint Petersburg, you can discover elective and live shake shows, and additionally jazz and creative clubs, where you can drink a lager and meet many individuals in a similar night. Most places appear to be economical and have a loose and accommodating. Another livens of Saint Petersburg’s nightlife is the simplicity and socialization openings that you may have amid the night in the discos and disco nearby. The Russians realize how to have a fabulous time and consistently there are numerous celebrations scattered all through the Centre. The assortment of diversion offered by nightlife in Saint Petersburg is unending and is equipped for offering evenings of unadulterated fun. In vogue clubs where you can move or have a beverage, eateries of assorted types, theatre, shows or sentimental strolls on the Riverfront. Saint Petersburg overseas even the most refined tastes.

Variety of nightclubs in Saint Petersburg: There are varieties of bars and pubs that will help you party in Saint Petersburg, Russia. So here is list of best nightclubs in Saint Petersburg Russia:

1. Fidel


The Fidel is a standout amongst the most celebrated and most fun bars in St. Petersburg. His qualities are amazingly inviting atmosphere, modest costs, music going from shake to business thus numerous individuals who need to move the night away! Thus the Fidel is cherished by such huge numbers of individuals and remains a point of reference for the nightlife in Saint Petersburg.

Address: Dumskaya Ulitsa, 9, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:Open 24 hours

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2. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar

The Buddha Bar is an esteemed Club of St. Petersburg exquisite and with a positively high class customer type. The Buddha Bar is a cross between an upscale eatery and dance club. Throughout the end of the week the club transforms into a move floor in every case brimming with individuals. The majority of this joined with a broad menu of Pan-Asian cooking with French inflections, a one of a kind soundtrack and ultra chic environment.

Address: Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya, 78, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 PM – 12 AM

3. Retro Discoteka Papanin

Retro Discoteka Papanin

The Papanin is a standout amongst the most well known clubs Saint Petersburg, stylish place that has shows and gatherings fun. In view of its area far from the Centre and passage better than expected expense of strip clubs the Papanin is frequented only by Russians, with couple of non-native. The Interior is extensive, with numerous little tables orchestrated around the dance floor, which can suit up to 200 individuals. You can choose whether you need to go moving and meet some decent young lady or SIP mixed drinks sitting on couches. The bars of the Papanin offer great mixed drinks and diverse assortments of Russian lagers. The club arranges topic evenings for each day of the week, from outfit parties at night with retro music.

Address: Moskovsky Ave, 111, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 196084
Timings:Thurs, Fris, Sat only 8 PM – 5 AM

4. Bar XXXX


The XXXX part of a chain of 7 clubs in St. Petersburg and is additionally a bar, a disco and an eatery. Indeed, even the most acclaimed club is by means of Sovetskaya, the bar XXXX has other 4 areas over the city, individually in Zvenigorodskiy, Oserkah, na Komendanskom and Moskovsky Prospekt.

Address: 3-Ya Sovetskaya Ulitsa, 34, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 – 11 Pm

5. Goss Cafè and Restaurant

Goss Cafè and Restaurant

The Gloss is a bistro and eatery Saint Petersburg with sumptuous air, fine goods and particular: the dominating hues are dark and red, neon lights and present day models blended with old statues of the twentieth century. The dishes are the after effect of the combination among European and Asian. The Gloss Cafe offers an assortment of around 500 wines from around the globe.

6.Zoom Cafè

Zoom Cafè

The Zoom Café It is a mainstream meeting place for understudies, who meet after class to talk or for a tidbit. This is place you would love to go if you enjoy having intellectual talks after a drink or two. Expand your horizons of your brain and its thinking while you enjoy your night away in Saint Petersburg.

Address: Gorokhovaya St, 22, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:9 AM – 12 AM

Saint Petersburg has a lot of English and Irish bars, where you can taste top notch brew. At any rate, in these bars dependably oozes a well disposed and calm environment, and you can tune in to great music and Celtic shake.

7. Liverpool Bar

Liverpool Bar

The Liverpool is a standout amongst the most well known bars of St. Petersburg and has a wide choice of good lagers and unrecorded music. The bar is very extensive yet it doesn’t have a zone for moving. In spite of the fact that it has somewhat raised costs, the Liverpool serves extraordinary nourishment in extensive bits. It screens for donning occasions and many brews on offer.

Address: Ulitsa Mayakovskogo, 16, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Timings:Open 24 hours

8. Mollie’s Pub

Mollie's Pub

Situated in the centre of Saint Petersburg, the Mollie’s is a standout amongst the most well known Irish bars and one of those spots that don’t disillusion ever. Frequented by voyagers and local people, the bar offers incredible lager, great nourishment and music. On Fridays and Saturdays there are parties with huge drinking sessions amid which the Russians blend with voyagers and outsiders.

Address: Ulitsa Rubinshteyna, 36, Sankt-Peterburg
Timings:12 PM – 2 AM

It is extremely famous in Saint Petersburg. It is an essential piece of nightlife of the city. Skilled artists play out every night in the many Jazz bars in the city.

9. The Hat Bar

The Hat Bar

This jazz bar situated in downtown Saint Petersburg, serving each night free shows and stick sessions. Enjoy great ambiance lit up good music and tipsy drinks. The live performances by jazz bands will put you in a jolly mood. It is one of the best places to enjoy Saint Petersburg nightlife.

Address: Ulitsa Belinskogo, 9, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191014
Timings:7 AM – 3 PM

10. Sunduk Art Café

Sunduk Art Café

The Sunduk Art Café varies from other jazz clubs to its unique furniture. The bright, Russian and Georgian society music and the non appearance of remote make this bar a fascinating spot.

Timings:11 AM – 12 AM
Address: Furshtatskaya Ulitsa, 42, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191123

Here is some St Petersburg’s nightlife guide that one should keep in mind while going to enjoy for nightlife in St. Petersburg.

  • The determination at the passageway is made in for all intents and purposes each club in Saint Petersburg regularly. It comprises of a genuine RAID with a metal indicator. Don’t stress because of this thing as it is very normal.
  • Most of the people attending the night clubs are fashion conscious and wear fashionable dress. So you may also wear the best dresses.
  • The most important thing is don’t booze much and remain in limit as it is not healthy for anyone.
  • The student bars are the bars frequented by youngsters. The basic thing in these bars is the price is little less. So, if you have still got the charm to get an entry to one of these bars, you should go for it.

Saint Petersburg is a must visit if you are travelling to Russia . And, the nightlife here is the main attraction. It is enjoyable as it offers good food, nice drinks and many a time good music.

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10 Indian Restaurants In New Jersey That All Foodies Must-Visit Once!

Indian dishes are well known for their spicy flavors and exquisite aroma and are popular across the globe for their varieties. If you are an Indian residing in New Jersey and have been trying different Indian restaurants for authentic Indian delicacies lately, the below list of the Indian restaurants in New Jersey USA, will be a big help to satisfy your taste buds. Try each of them and have an amazing dining experience.

Here is the perfect list of Indian restaurants in New Jersey that you should definitely visit and relish scrumptious Indian dishes. Take a look!

1. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Traditional Indian dishes are prepared with the use of Indian spices and this restaurant leaves you with the modern & intimate dining experience. A wide variety of Indian food is available in the menu and the highly experienced chef cooks it with full conviction. You will find the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes from the list of Indian cuisines at this place.

This place is best for vegetarian and non- vegetarian lovers. Your taste buds will sense to wow once you will have dinner at this place. They serve you with very innovative culinary ideas in Indian cuisine. Must try dishes such as dahi aloo papri, Cashew-nut-rolls, Cocktail samosa, dosa balls. Spice Bazaar is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in new jersey.

Location: 114-116 Quimby St, Westfield, NJ 07091, USA
Cost for two: INR 1000
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 10

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2. Mithaas


Mithaas is one of the best restaurants in the New Jersey which serves traditional Indian street food and sweets in a quick-service storefront. Mithaas, as the name suggests, specializes in Indian desserts and you will surely love them after giving a try. The food ranges from Very spicy to moderately spicy and normal which suits the taste of different people.

People love Dahi Puri, Bhel Puri, Dabeli, Pao Bhaji and Choley Bhaturey are very tasty. Mithaas special Thali is very famous and includes Rajma, Choley, Butter Paneer and green peas. There are 2 Rotis, rice and Dahi served with vegetable salad and a piece of sweet. The food is tasty and filling.

Location- 795, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 1424
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 38

3. Deccan Spice

Deccan Spice

Deccan Spice is the one-stop destination for the authentic Indian food in the New Jersey. It is more of a local, family-owned joint and not a gourmet restaurant but its excellent preparation is what makes it better from most of the local Indian restaurants. Deccan Spice is one of the top Indian restaurants in new jersey

Deccan Spice restaurant serves Vegetarian dishes as well as meat. While most of the people liked Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala in the Deccan Spice, there were people who loved the traditional South Indian dishes.

Location- 771, Newark Ave, NJ – 07306-3808
Cost for two: INR 3204
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 27

4. Sapthagiri


Sapthagiri is an Indian restaurant in New Jersey famous for its South Indian dishes. There are some North Indian curries served as well but Sapthagiri is an all and all South Indian restaurant. The main attraction of this restaurant is that it serves only pure vegetarian dishes which brings people to this place every time.

Most of the customers who visit Sapthagiri, come for Dosa. There are different varieties of Dosa served with a tangy Sambar which gives you a real flavor of Indian spices and an aroma that remains with you even after you have left the place.Sapthagiri is the ultimate place to visit when looking for south Indian restaurants in new jersey

Location- 3854, 804 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 360 (approx.)
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 40

5. Egg Mania

Egg Mania

Egg Mania as the name says is an Indian restaurant famous for its Egg Food. They have a variety of Egg dishes and people from all over the town who love Indian Egg dishes visit this restaurant to satisfy their food cravings. The Indian spices on the Eggs take the experience to a different level altogether.

Excellent authentic Indian Egg dishes cooked with Indian spices is what Egg mania is famous for. If you love Indian food and Eggs, this place is where you must check in. The eggs from Poached to scrambled everything tastes heaven.

Location- 14 Liberty Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 3560
Ratings: 2.5/5
Reviews: 9

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6. Honest


The Honest restaurant is honestly one of the best restaurants in New Jersey if you are looking for the spicy authentic Indian dishes. They have almost all the dishes you would get in any restaurant in India and the preparation is the same. You get exactly the same taste with more than sufficient quantity which keeps you stuffed all day.

The Pav Bhaji which they make is mouth-watering and super spicy. You can actually feel the butter on your tongue for a long time.

Location- 3808, 811 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 700
Ratings: 3/5

7. Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot is an Indian restaurant in USA that excels in Indian style Biryani. They have different varieties of Biryanis to quench your thirst for the tastiest Biryani in the city. You will find the taste no different from India and the spices added will give the texture same as that cooked in Hyderabad.

Most of the restaurants serving Biryanis in New Jersey serve the leftovers in the lunchtime which was not at all the case with the Biryani Pot. They serve the tastiest Biryanis in the city cooked fresh and long till the texture of meat gets mixed well with the rice.

Location- 824 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2848
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 5

8. Ganesh Dosa House

Ganesh Dosa House

If you have a craving for Dosa and you live in Jersey City in NJ, Ganesh Dosa House is the one-stop destination to satisfy your craving for Dosa. It serves a wide variety of Dosa served in a comfortable environment which makes you feel that you are sitting actually in a restaurant somewhere in South India.

It is very obvious that people who visit Ganesh Dosa House visit there to have the yummiest Dosa in town. The stuffed Dosa is loved by everybody and they serve them with two types of chutneys and a sambhar soup which tastes fresh and delicious.

Location- 809 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 1424
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 27

9. VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

VaibhaV Indian Spice Journey

You will hear many things about Indian food in New Jersey. This is a nice place to visit, you will find many dishes of chicken specialty and even you will find a Dosa bar at the back. Yes and don’t forget to eat dahi poori whenever you visit this place.

They make awesome rice cheese balls, chicken 65, Pav bhaji, Chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, fried rice and tofu in chili sauce which are also few famous dishes of this place. The ambiance is very cozy and nice and staff will welcome you with a smile when you will enter the restaurant.

Location- 737 Newark Ave, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 4272
Ratings: 4/5
Reviews: 28

10. Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney is the place which offers you special flavors and entrees in a nice and comfortable atmosphere. The menu of this place reflects the food diversity of incredible India. Some excellent non-vegetarian dishes (especially meat) are served at this South Indian venue with a simple and roomy interior.

This restaurant is specialized in Indian Mughlai dishes, Indian Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi and tandoor dishes. You will really have an intimate dining experience at this place. You will experience memorable dining moments at your every visit.

Location- 806 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Cost for Two- INR 2136
Ratings: 3.5/5
Reviews: 10

The above list contains the name of the best restaurants in New Jersey surely ends your search for the best restaurants in the city. You feel like a little India when you enter these Indian restaurants and expect them to serve you the best of Indian delicacies to quench your thirst for Indian foods. Visit the Indian restaurants mentioned above to feel at home and explore the wide varieties of Indian cuisines served in a friendly and comfortable environment. So, plan your trip to USA and enjoy Indian dishes!

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Our Trip To Europe Was Every Foodie’s Dream Come True!

Himanshu and his wife treated themselves to a wonderful culinary and bohemian adventure. They traveled on a 10 night/11 day romantic trip to Europe that explored the cultural roots of offbeat European countries like Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

My wife and I made a habit of visiting different countries every year, and this time we wanted to plan a summer trip to Europe. We took inspiration from our friends, who had traveled all around Europe. For us, their stories and pictures were a big motivating factor in our quest to explore offbeat destinations in Europe.

While browsing the internet for tour packages, I came across a TravelTriangle advertisement on Facebook. The option of buying a customized Europe tour package was the factor that swayed me towards TravelTriangle. After making a few tweaks in the package, we were finally ready to fly on our first ever trip to Europe.

lake district austria

clear blue lakes of austria

outdoor cafes in budapest

sightseeing in budapest

Trip Duration: 10 nights/ 11 days
Trip Cost: INR 1,80,000
Agent Name: Duniya Safari
Inclusions: Flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, sightseeing, and travel insurance
Exclusions: Visa fees, meals, and any adventure activities

The primary objectives of our trip to Europe were to witness the European culture, party in happening places, and relax at scenic locations. We were looking forward to the vibrant party atmosphere of Prague and Budapest. Whereas Vienna, a city with immense cultural and historical importance, was where we planned a lot of sightseeing.

sightseeing in vienna

food market in vienna

lakes in europe

river danube

Day 1: Flight from Bangalore- arrive in Budapest at 1 pm- check into hotel- visit to pub ruins- dinner

Day 2: Breakfast- hop-on hop-off city tour- visit pubs- dinner

Day 3: Breakfast- Shopping at Central City Market- visit to thermal baths- sightseeing at heroes’ square- shopping at vaci street- dinner

Day 4: Breakfast- check-out from Budapest hotel at 10 am- train from Keleti Railway Station- arrive in Vienna– check into hotel- hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour- dinner

Day 5: Breakfast- visit to Schonbrunn palace- sightseeing at Arsenal museum- visit to Naschmarkt- dinner

Day 6: Breakfast- visit to city square and Hotel Sacher- sightseeing- dinner

Day 7: Breakfast- check-out at 9 pm- train journey to Salzburg- check into hotel at 1 pm- hop on hop off sightseeing tour- trip to Italian farmers market- visit to beer garden- dinner

Day 8: Breakfast- took a cab to Lake District near Vienna- trip to Hallstatt and Mondsee lake- return to hotel- dinner

Day 9: Breakfast- check-out from Salzburg- train journey to Prague- checked-into hotel-trip to John Lennon wall- visit to kampa island- return to hotel

Day 10: Breakfast- sightseeing tour with hop-on hop-off bus service- dinner

Day 11: Breakfast- check-out from Prague- flight back to New Delhi

Along with visiting few of the most iconic places to do sightseeing in Europe, we tried a lot of different cuisines that originated in Central Europe. We combined the exploration of scenic destinations with culinary delights that would bring a smile on our faces.

Be it Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg or Prague; every city brought something new to the table for us. Quite literally!

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sightseeing in budapest

cafes in budapest

drinks in budapest

street market in budapest

sunset at danube

Budapest was the first stop on our trip to Europe. Over here we visited beautiful sightseeing places, found great deals at shopping markets, and most importantly- enjoyed delicious food.

A special mention to the Danube River, which was oozing with charm and allure. It’s presence right in the middle of Budapest, made the city look 2 times more beautiful.

Our top picks of things to do in Budapest

  • Ruin Pubs: We traveled to the Old Jewish Quarters where we saw artsy bars and pubs all over the place running inside abandoned houses. The place was bubbly during the day, and at nights it got even livelier.
  • Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tour: Our Europe tour package included a sightseeing bus tour pass for every city we were supposed to visit. We saved a lot of money, by using the pass for as many times as we wanted in any form of public transport.
  • Thermal Baths: We decided to go for a dip in the thermal hot springs in Budapest. A popular attraction for tourists, we visited one of the public pools designed with Roman architecture and fountains around them.
  • Shopping: We saw a lot of places to shop for travelers of all budgets. To buy souvenirs at decent prices, we visited the street market at Central Hall. Whereas, for shopping at brands, we liked Vaci Street in central Budapest.

Best food items in Budapest

The food in most of the European countries is bland and devoid of any spices. However, Hungary is one of the very few countries in Europe, where people have an appetite for spices and rich flavors. That unique taste reflects in the food in Budapest which contains a variety of spices like paprika, pepper, and chilies. 

In Budapest, we tried delicious local cuisine like Goulash, chicken broth, and fried cheeseburger.

schonbrunn palace

imperial tour schonbrunn palace

churches in Vienna

sightseeing in Vienna

trip to vienna

museum in vienna

danube river in vienna

On the fourth day, we took a train from Budapest and reached Vienna at noon.

The moment we stepped into the city, we felt surrounded by an air of class, and aristocracy. A paradise for history lovers, Vienna was waiting to fascinate us with its timeless stories.

Our top picks of things to do in Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace: We explored one of the most famous palaces of the world on an imperial tour that took us inside the Schonbrunn Palace to witness all the important points of interest.

Naschmarkt: In Vienna, we visited Austria’s biggest Meat and Produce wholesale market. At Naschmarkt, they also had some eateries and cafes serving delicious Italian, Chinese, and Indian food.

Best food items in Vienna


street food in vienna

It seemed like every place we visited in Vienna, had a 500-year-old story behind it. Same was the case with food and restaurants. We treated ourselves to mouth-watering Austrian desserts like Sachertorte at Hotel Sacher and Apple Strudel at Cafe-Restaurant Residenz.

lake district austria

sightseeing in lake district

trip to hallstatt

villages in austria

drive to lake district

On the seventh day of our trip to Europe, we boarded a train from Vienna and reached Salzburg at noon.

Along with its undeniable beauty, villages around Salzburg were home to a lot of famous personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Niki Lauda, and Mozart.

Our top picks of things to do in Salzburg

  • Sightseeing in Salzburg: We started our hop-on-hop-off bus tour in Salzburg from Mirabellplatz. From there, we moved on to visit places like Mozart’s house, Salzburg Cathedral, Hellbrunn Palace, and Sound of Music movie shooting locations.
  • Day trip to Lake District (Hallstatt village): We booked a cab for a day trip to Hallstatt– the world’s most beautiful village. We traveled to the famous Lake District in Austria that consists scenic villages and 76 lakes.
    We spent most of our time in Hallstatt- a magical UNESCO world heritage site that seemed too good to be true for real life. After that, on our way back to Salzburg we visited Lake Mondsee- one of the purest lakes in the world.

Best food items in Salzburg

goulash and schnitzels

beer gardens in austria

We visited many beer gardens in Salzburg where some of the pubs would serve 1900 kinds of beer. For a beer lover like me, this place was like heaven.

In Hallstatt, we had Schnitzels and Goulash for lunch by the lake at Cafe Simone.

Lennon Wall Prague

sightseeing in prague

kampa island park in prague

kampa island park selfie

monuments in prague

On the ninth day, we took a train from Salzburg and arrived at the final stop of our Europe tour package. My wife and I landed in the perfect city for a grand finale of a trip to Europe. A young, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city, Prague welcomed us with open arms.

Our top picks for things to do in Prague

John Lennon wall and pub: We started the sightseeing by visiting the most recognizable and modern-day monument in Prague-Lennon Wall. Just across the wall, we also paid a visit to the Lennon Pub to grab a few drinks and chill out.

Kampa Island: Located in the middle of Vltava river in Prague, we chose to hang out at the Kampa Island Park to bathe in the afternoon sunshine. Just as we were exploring the place by foot, we realized that the park was hosting a Blues Music Festival. We had a great time listening to music made by local indie bands which aren’t so famous in the world.

Best food items in Prague

frozen food in prague

cider in prague

pub crawl in prague

Although it was tough to think beyond beer in Prague, the city had plenty of interesting things to eat. We tried a unique local dish called Trdelnik, which is an original Czech dessert.

After a whirlwind of adventures, our epic trip to Europe was winding up with a flight back to Mumbai. We never thought that we could explore and witness so many beautiful things in just ten days. The sweet desserts we tried, were experiences in itself that left an indelible mark on our taste palate.

Europe is a place, my wife and I would like to revisit, rediscover, and relive without a second thought. For that to happen, I would look forward to TravelTriangle again for expertise and guidance.

monuments of europe

evening in prague

streets of vienna

High points:

  • The trip to Hallstatt and Lake District the most memorable moment of our trip to Europe. It was hard to believe that such a beautiful places existed.
  • The Danube in Budapest was the prettiest river we had ever seen. It was the most romantic experience of our sightseeing in Europe.

What we missed out on:

  • We missed out on a visit to Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg- the world’s oldest restaurant.
  • I wanted to go on a ghost tour in Prague, due to its reputation for being a city with plenty of haunted places.

Low Point:

  • All the hotels booked in our Europe tour package had cramped rooms with minimal walking space.

The finest foods in the world are waiting in Central Europe. Book your Europe tour package and enjoy the delicious delights of Europe!

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These Top Food Festivals In Cape Town Showcase The Local Cuisine & Culture Of The City

Cape Town is one of the largest cities in Africa and is situated on the southernmost coast of the continent. This South African city is a multicultural hub in the country with people of different backgrounds and ethnicities living and thriving in harmony in this modern city. Cape Town is a top financial as well as a tourism hub in Africa and living in this city can be very entertaining. These food festivals in Cape Town are famous in South Africa where locals, as well as tourists, enjoy these festivals in the city which are also famous in the world.

A food festival is a celebration of food and is organized all over the world. These food festivals often revolve around a theme and showcase food as well as produce from the region. Food festivals are a great way to market the food of a region and also a great opportunity to display the culture of the region. Cape Town has many food festivals which are very popular in the city. The following are some of the major food festivals in the city:

1. Cape Town Festival of Beer

Festival of Beer

Beer is enjoyed by people all over the world and so much so in Cape Town that there is an annual festival dedicated to beer. One of the great food festivals in Cape Town, this beer festival displays over 200 brews by over 60 brewers and is the largest beer festival in the southern hemisphere. This food festival lasts three days and there is a lot of entertainment at this food festival. There are live bands and after that, the food festival hires a DJ to create a party environment at the festival. There are many artisan food trucks at the Festival of Beer and these food trucks provide food that matches well with different brews of beer.

Must Read: 10 Hidden Cape Town Beaches Every Adventure Junkie Must Visit To Dive, Surf, And Relax!

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    2. Street Food Festival

    Street Food stall

    One of the best street food festivals in Cape Town is the Street Food Festival which takes place annually in the city and lasts for 10 days. This food festival has stalls and kiosks where they sell different types of food that make up the street food of the country. Some of the food options available include Gatsby, cheese balls, bunny chows, and roti rolls among other types of food. Street Food Festival is a reputed festival in the city and many local eateries participate in this festival. Delicious street food is served at this festival paired with different drinks and is visited by locals and tourists visiting Cape Town. There are great Chinese food and Indian food options at this film festival. This is one of the best Chinese food festivals in Cape Town.

    3. South African Cheese Festival


    South African Cheese Festival is a great food festival in the city. This is a three-day festival that takes place annually in Cape Town. Thousands of cheese lovers from the city, country and the world attend this cheese festival in the city. This is one of the best food festivals in Cape Town and showcases a large variety of artisanal cheese. Various varieties of cheese are paired with good quality winemaking and this is a great food festival which people like to attend. Many celebrity chefs in the country participate in this festival. This festival takes place in April and there are many gourmet cheese varieties available at this food festival. There is music, entertainment, cheese and wine tastings, and various food stalls at this food festival that highlight cheese and many cheese dishes which are absolutely delicious. There are many competitions organized at this food festival and it is a fun food festival to participate in for locals and tourists.

    4. Whiskey Live Festival

    Branded Whiskey

    Just like the beer festival, the central theme of Whisky Live Festival is whiskey. This food festival happens in major cities in South Africa including Cape Town. Many prominent distillers in the area participate in this food festival and besides whiskey; many popular alcoholic beverages are available at this food festival. Many prominent international varieties of whiskey like the famous single malt Scottish whiskey is also available at this food festival. This food festival has many food stalls for patrons with foods that pair well with whiskey.

    5. Wacky Wine Festivals

    Lady enjoying with mood

    Wacky Wine Weekend Festival is a fun wine festival in Cape Town. This wine festival is situated in the Robertson Wine Valley in June. There are very good wines available for tasting at this festival along with some great food that is matched perfectly with the wine. Some of the foods available at the festival include olives, cheese, charcuterie, preserves, vetkoek, soups, breads; jams, gourmet platters, canapés and many other varieties of food options are available at this festival. There are many entertainment options and this is a great food festival in the city.

    6. Food Truck Fridays

    Food Truck

    A great monthly food festival in Cape Town is the concept of Food Truck Fridays. Once a month on a Friday, this food festival partners with a variety of food trucks to create a food truck food festival in the city. This is a great concept as a variety of street food options from different cuisines are available to customers at this type of food truck. Food Truck Friday is located at Jack Black’s Brewery in Cape Town and it takes place every year. Cape Town tourism authority markets this Food Truck Friday to tourists as it is a fun event that takes place every month. Burgers, sandwiches, beer, pizza, Mexican food and various street foods from various cuisines are available at the food festival. This is a great food truck festival in Cape Town and this monthly food truck concept is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

    7. Other Festivals

    Other Festivals

    Some of the other food festivals in the city include Franschhoek Bastille Festival, Franschhoek Uncorked Festival, and TOPS at SPAR Bierfest festivals in Cape Town. There are many local neighborhood level food festivals with different themes happening in the city. These festivals showcase the diversity and the variety of cuisine in the country especially in cities like Cape Town.

    Cape Town is a major world city and one of the most prominent cities in not just South Africa but also on the continent of Africa. It is a major port and is a very diverse and multicultural city in Africa. There are many annual and monthly food festivals that take place in the city. These food festivals are enjoyed by not just the local living in the city but also by the millions of tourists that take a trip to South Africa from all over the world every year.

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Hostels In Saint Petersburg: 10 Places To Put Up At For A Budget Stay

St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Ocean. It was the royal capital for 2 centuries, having been established in 1703 by Peter the Incomparable, subject of the city’s famous “Bronze Horseman” statue.

Visiting voyagers realize that there is no better method to benefit as much as possible from their outing than by remaining at hostels in Saint Petersburg to swap stories with others in the common kitchen or bar at night. Quarter-style rooms with shared washrooms are standard in the passage, yet private rooms are additionally accessible for those eager to pay more.

Polished European lodgings are easy to find in the chronicled city of St. Petersburg but even 10 years back, finding a budget place to put up in was a significant test in the city. Here are some

1. Saint Kitchen hostel

Saint Kitchen hostel in Saint Petersburg

This plan lodging is situated in the core of St.Petersburg, on the Moika Stream Dike. Free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front work area are included at Soul Kitchen Lodging Junior.
The brilliant hostel rooms consolidate present-day components of inside nineteenth-century block dividers. A few rooms have a private washroom, and the red-shaded shared restrooms are in the corridor.

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2. Baby Lemonade Hostel

1960's-style structure hostel

Baby Lemonade is a 1960’s-style structure hostel in the core of St. Petersburg, found specifically alongside the Russian Historical center and St. Michael’s Station. It offers Complimentary wireless internet and splendidly enriched insides.
Baby Lemonade hostel gives exemplary residences, twofold or twin rooms. All rooms include snappy wooden planks of flooring and remarkable structure.

3. Billy Bones Inn

Stylish hostel

Billy Bones hostel is situated in St. Petersburg, 1.8 km from Mariinsky Theater. Situated around 2.1 km from the Saint Isaac’s Church building, the hostel with Complimentary wireless internet is likewise 2.4 km far from State Russian Exhibition hall. Celebrating is an essential part of the movement for some youthful wanderers, regardless of whether they’re on a multi-month exploring trek or visiting an adjacent city for a wild end of the week.

4. Chickadee hostel in St. Petersburg

Soft bed

In a prime area in the Tsentralny locale of St. Petersburg, hostel Chickadee offers a settlement with Complimentary wireless internet 2.2 km from Faberge Historical center. The property is found 2.9 km from State Russian Historical center. The property is set 3.1 km from St.Petersburg. Visitors can make utilization of a mutual parlor. There are numerous fixings which join to make the ideal party goal, and there are perpetual gathering hostels where you can relax and party until the point when you can party no more

5. Soul Kitchen hostel in St. Petersburg

Stylish hostel

The Soul Kitchen junior hostel is preferably situated in the most delightful and focal zone of St Petersburg (close St Isaac’s house of prayer) in 150 years of age neo-baroque working, inside a short strolling separation to every significant fascination and intriguing spots of the city. The rooms are structured in a brilliant, moderate style with wooden furniture, inspired by most hotels in Russia. A portion of the rooms additionally has private restrooms and TVs.

6. Cuba hostel in St. Petersburg

Stylish hostel view

Cuba hostel is situated in the core of St. Petersburg, inside a moment stroll from the Kazan Church and 10 minutes by foot from Castle Square. Complimentary wireless internet and hot beverages are given, and there is a mutual kitchen region.
The advanced quarters at Cuba hostel incorporate lockers and a little seating territory, and the mutual washrooms are situated in the lobby. Clothing stores are accessible.

7. Meeting Time Capsule Hostel

Kitchen Interior Design House

This brilliant inn is situated in the yard on the contrary side of the acclaimed Nevsky Prospect. Highlighting free WiFi all through the property, Meeting Time Hostel offers convenience in St.Petersburg. Nevsky Prospect is just a 4-minute leave. The Admiralteyskaya Metro Station is 250 meters away.
There are two shared restrooms at the inn. The shower lodges are fitted with Bluetooth speakers. Additional items incorporate towels, shoes, free toiletries and a hairdryer.

8. Safe Haven Hostel


All around situated in St.Petersburg, Safe Haven highlights convenience with free WiFi. Worked in 2017, the property is in the 1.5 km of Faberge Museum and 2.4 km of the State Russian Museum. The convenience gives a 24-hour front work area. The visitors may utilize the common kitchen finish with a microwave, clothes washer, free inns and espresso day in and day out and different conveniences
The units at the hostel accompany a level screen TV and a kitchen. The mutual restroom is furnished with a bidet and a hairdryer. The rooms will give visitors a dishwasher.

9. Friends on Sennaya

Interior of the Hostel

Flaunting a mutual parlor, Friends on Sennaya is set in St.Petersburg, 1.2 km from St.Isaac’s Cathedral. Famous purposes of intrigue, close-by incorporating St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and Mariinsky Theater. The settlement offers a 24-hour front work area. The proprietors and staff of the inn are agreeable and are constantly glad to associate with visitors, take guests on outings through the city or bring up the best bars around the local area.

10. Hostel Putnik

Hostel view

Hostel Putnik is one of the best decisions among the voyagers to St Petersburg. Halfway found, it offers every one of the wares and solaces of a conventional lodging. All visitors are given sleepers, free toiletries, and access to a hairdryer. It additionally offers family rooms, airplane terminal exchange, and sustenance conveyance. The lodging is inside strolling separation from St Petersburg’s principal road and is founded near a metro station.

Most hotels in Saint Petersburg don’t offer inexpensive rooms, but that is something a significant number of hostels in St. Petersburg can flaunt.In 2005, the city had only 10 hostels. These days, the quantity of hostels in the city is more than 100, and travelers can easily find a place that accommodates their budgets and expectations on their budget trip to Russia.

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Museums In Alaska: 7 Cultural Icons To Visit In The Land Of The Noonday Moon

Alaska is one of the popular destinations of US state which is visited by a large number of travelers every year. This destination is known for its diverse terrain, forest, mountains and also for its wildlife too. The museums in Alaska are also very attractive and interesting and visiting there will help to know about many things which are not known to many. If the mood is to explore the attractions of Alaska then ensure you visit some of the best-known museums of this place.

There are museums in almost all corners of the country. Alaska museums are available from Ketchikan to Kotzebue and also from Unalaska to Anchorage. Scroll down to know about the popular museums of Alaska.

1. Alaska Aviation Museum

Alaska Aviation Museum

Among the popular museums in Alaska, this one is one of the most significant ones. This museum started its operation in the year 1988 and earlier it was famous as Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. This popular museum is located on the Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage. This is the place where you can get more details about the aviation heritage of this country. Historical aircraft are carefully preserved and displayed here. The sole reason for preserving and displaying the historic aircraft of this county is to grow interested among the people especially in the young generation to know about the aviation industry in Alaska. Here you can notice more than thirty aircraft, flight simulators, and restoration hanger. With such preservation in Alaska aviation museum, it managed to attract people to know about the progress of the aviation industry in Alaska.

2. Alaska Heritage Museum – Wells Fargo


The next popular museum in Alaska which you should not when you are in Alaska. Alaska Heritage Museum is situated in Anchorage, Alaska and this is one of the prime museums which have huge collections of all types of native artifacts and fine arts done by top-ranked artists in Alaska. You will get the details about the Wells Fargo history during the era of Alaska Gold Rush. This museum remains open from noon to 4 pm. The items which are included within the exhibitions in Alaska are as follows.
1. More than 100 types of native artifacts and eighty types of hand-made native baskets.
2. Attractive Ivory carvings and traditional clothing are also exhibited in this museum.
3. Paintings done by popular artists of the country are displayed in this Alaska art museum.

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3. Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

This popular museum mainly focuses on the preservation and exhibiting the fossils, animals and the geology of this country. Once you are here you will be able to get the chance to see the skeleton of dinosaurs, birds, ammonites and collect more details about the ice age. This popular museum started its operation in the year 1994 with the support of local people and business organizations. Here you can observe the huge collection of fossils of the primitive age. The Alaska Museum of science and nature also focus on the geography and culture of this country.

4. Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Native Heritage Museum in Alaska is not only one of the famous museums in Alaska, but also it is a popular institution for culture and education. This popular museum is situated in Anchorage Alaska. The museum was opened in the year 1999 and this museum exhibits 11 significant cultural groups of Alaska. This heritage center is situated on 26 wooded acres and inside the center; there is a Hall of Culture and huge gathering place. If you are interested to know about the natives of the USA then this one is the best place from where you can get more details. The heritage of the groups which are exhibited here in this museum are
• Athabaskan
• Eyak
• Tlingit
• Haida,
• Tshimshian
• Unangax
• Alutiiq
• Youpik
• Cupik
• Siberian Yupik
• Inupiaq
This museum offers to in-depth details about the native life of Alaska.

5. Alaska State Museum

Alaska State Museum

The museum remained closed for two years and three months for the conducting all necessary renovation work. The museum was closed temporarily in the year 2014 and renovation work for the establishment of libraries and archives was done. Finally, the renovated museum was reopened in August 2016. Alaska State Museum has great collections of all types of cultural materials and the collections are made from the people of northwest coast in Alaska. This museum offers free admission to the visitors and it remains open from 10 am to 4 pm during the winter.

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6. University of Alaska Museum

University of Alaska Museum

Alaska is famous for the existence of different types of museums and among these the University of Alaska Museum of the north is worth visiting. Here in this museum, the visitors will get the chance to explore the native cultures of Alaska and you will also come to know about the wildlife of this place. The art of Alaska is 2000 years old and here in this museum, you will learn about the Alaska historical society. More details about the arctic dinosaurs are available in this museum. Here you will also get to know about important facts related to research work done by the scientists. There is no doubt that the award-winning exhibitions have made this museum extra-ordinary. Artifacts nearly 1.5 million are being exhibited in this museum. More details relating to the change of weather, genetics, etc are also available in this museum. The museum remains open from 9 am to 7 pm in the summer and 9 am to 5 pm during the winter.

7. Pratt Museum

Pratt Museum

This natural history museum is located in Homer Alaska and this museum is famous for preserving regional history and artifacts. This museum actually explores the lives of people of South Central Alaska and the primary aim of this museum is to preserve the stories of the Kachemak Bay region. There is no doubt that the collection of this museum will help in developing the educational program among the visitors. Both old and young will find it interesting to know about the history of this country after exploring the collection of this museum.

The above 7 museums of Alaska are worth visiting and we are sure that you will find them interesting. The subject of the museums is different from each other; some feature art while other celebrate Native culture or honor airplanes and trains. While on your trip to the USA, ensure you include at least a few of them.

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What Makes Beira Lake A Must-Visit Attraction During Your Trip To Sri Lanka

There are a number of major attractions that visitors can enjoy in Sri Lanka, and Beira Lake is one of them. A large number of visitors come to enjoy the serene atmosphere and have the most unforgettable time of their lives. It is also known as the top-notch picnic spot and is always crammed with people during the weekends.

Colombo’s most famous landmarks, Beira Lake is located in the mid of Sri Lanka’s capital. It is also a well-known place to enjoy serene splendor within the city. Beira Lake covered an area of around 410 acres in the past, but with the fast commercialization of the zone, it has since been contracted to around 160 acres. There are numerous tales connected to the olden times of such tanks, several of which got fabricated by the monarchs. But, the Beira Lake, situated in the city of Colombo, got constructed for a completely different reason—and not by one of our early monarchs either.

History of Beira Lake

The lake’s construction happened during the year 1521 by the Portuguese. Beira got set up by the invasive Portuguese during the 1500s, with the intention to serve as a channel that defended their base in Colombo from the aggressive inhabitants. They added up several hidden dangers within Beira, like huge crocodiles and etc. Beira turned out to be a gigantic barrier to local sovereigns like Mayadunne of Sitawaka when they tried to free the county from foreigners. It was Mayadunne son, Rajasinghe I, who got successful in debilitating the lake during the year 1587, henceforth coming near to recuperating the zone from the Portuguese. After the Dutch positioned barricades and captured Beira; it got stretched and numerous islands got set up on it by artificial means. The history of Beira Lake is too vast

This is the most famous lake (class H – Hydrographic) in (Western), Sri Lanka (Asia) with the area font code of Asia/Pacific. The lakes coordinates comprise 6°55’38” N and 79°51’18” E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 6.92722 and 79.855 (in decimal degrees). Beira’s UTM location is LN76 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NB44-02. Beira Lake is close to Colombo, Kompanna Vidiya and Union Place. It is also near to famous spots like Fort Station, Ratnam Hospital and Price Park. You can check out the map of Beira Lake on Google to clear all your queries.

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Here is all the information you need about Beira Lake attraction in Colombo, Sri lanka so you can plan your visit accordingly.


  • Days to visit Beira Lake – Monday to Sunday
  • Timing – 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Entry Fees of Beira Lake – There is no Beira Lake entrance charge. The visitors can enjoy the serene beauty without paying any charge.
  • Best Time to Visit – Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Facilities – Food Stalls, Washrooms
  • Suggested Hours – Min. 3 hours
  • Best Visited With – Group, Solo, Couple, Family
  • Permitted – Footwear, Camera, Video

There are a number of attractions in and around Beira Lake that you can choose to visit on your trip to Colombo.

1. Lovers’ Island

Lovers' Island

This island is precisely what it sounds like. It is just a sheltered port for romantic pairs who wish to enjoy some special love-filled time out in the open. The special island has been embellished by the administration with the intention of pairs can express their feelings in liberty. Reached by a very pretty suspension bridge; it is crammed with cool streets, florid hedges, and benches or stone seats with idealistic opinions.

2. Swan Boat Rides

Swan Boat Rides

You can rent a swan-shaped lovely paddle boat for 30 minutes, for just Rs 100. These boats have 2 seats and the 3rd person can also be adjusted on the back side with proper care. But taking the third person is risky, it’s better to avoid tripling. You can make use of paddles and enjoy the boat ride with your special one. It is really special, fun-filled, calming, soothing as well as a low-cost trip over the popular lake. You will also get to see some fauna near Beira Lake that comprises storks, swans, pelicans, monitor lizards, ducks, and several kinds of fish.

3. Eight Degrees on the Lake

Eight Degrees on the Lake

Part of the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in Colombo,8˚ on the Lake is Sri Lanka’s major floating eatery. Constructed on a huge yank; the floating restaurant in Beira Lake is specifically made of polished wood and glass. Full of magnificence, this place can easily manage 100 persons at a time. The popular site offers its patrons the chance to enjoy a meal in a special environment. The person gets surrounded by the cool water of the lake, the garden-fresh air, and the water birds and animals. The eatery plays host to all kinds of fine events; such as unconventional marriages, business lunches and friendly cocktail evenings.

4. Seema Malakaya Temple

Seema Malakaya Temple

The most beautiful and popular Buddhist temple, SeemaMalakays is located in the mid of the breezy lake. This is really a lovely and astonishing site. Amongst the city’s busy life, the serene temple takes visitors by amazement. Set on three linked platforms rising out of the lake, the Beira lake temple has a small Bo tree & finely imprinted cubicle on the two outer podiums standing on either side of the larger central edifice. The popular lake is encircled by fine ancient trees, offers cool breezes all through the day & beautiful pelecaniformes, birds, herons & cormorants. The place is unique, picturesque and interesting.

5. Jogging Track

Jogging Track

The charming walkways and verdant streets are utilized as jogging paths by locals as well as visitors. It is also good for a walk or to ride a bicycle for some workout. So if you want to depart the hectic runaway wagon that is your break or business agenda, and take a special break from all the hustle and bustle while still being in Colombo City; this is the best place you have to reach.

It is a big query for all nature loving travelers all over the globe plus for pairs on a romantic getaway. Situated near to Dehiwala Zoo, and set nearby Gangaramaya Temple and Viharamahadevi Park, Beira Lake is very stress-free to reach. The fast solution to how to reach Beira Lake is from Colombo city itself. From Colombo, the Beira Lake is only a one-hour drive away.

By road

Cabs are the simplest and cheapest mode of transport from Colombo City to Beira Lake. The nearby airport to Beira Lake is Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.
By train
The nearby railway station of Beira Lake is Mount Lavinia, which is fairly a long way from the lake. So, the 34-km drive from Colombo is the best answer to how to reach Beira Lake.

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka and Colombo is on your itinerary, make sure you visit Beira Lake. Its enchanting beauty and surrounding flora and fauna qualify it as one of the charming attraction in the country.

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