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7 Day Trips From Israel To Add A Bit Of Thrill To Your Vacay!

Israel is a country with very rich culture and has a strong story behind its origination. Israeli land is among the most important lands for Christians, Jews, and Islam, Muslims, as this is where these religions developed. The history of Israeli land is quite rich and its heritage goes back to centuries, to the Egyptian civilisations belonging to pharaoh’s age. The land has been ruled by many empires over the period of time and therefore has a touch of different civilisations. Israel also has beautiful landscapes, amazing coastal areas, mountain ranges, ancient cities, and modern high-tech cosmopolitans. There are various brilliant tour guides who offer excellent guided day trips from Israel.

Here is the list of best destinations for day tours in Israel that you should definitely go for if you are travelling to this wonderful land and want to be a witness to its enchanting beauty and vibrant culture.

1. Masada And The Dead Sea

Masada And The Dead Sea

One of the most popular day tours from Israel and this one is a must if you are visiting Israel. The Masada and the dead sea tour can be taken either from the city of Jerusalem or Israel’s financial capital – Tel Aviv. Masada and the Dead sea are the two most famous and important tourists spots in Israel. Dead sea is a unique sea in the world known for its healing and relaxing mud bath. The antiseptic and healing qualities of the mud of dead sea is globally very famous and now you may even find it as an ingredient in some skin creams and lotion.

Few minutes for your body soaked in the mud will completely rejuvenate your senses – this is one experience that you shouldn’t just miss. The other wonder of dead sea – one would float in the dead sea even if one doesn’t know how to swim. Masada is a magnificent heritage fort at the top of a plateau near the dead sea. Masada is a very old and ancient fort – believed to be built in 31 BCE – now few remains of this heritage fort are still standing tall at this place. The place has extreme cultural importance for Jews. This has to be one of the best day trips from Israel.

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2. Nazareth And The Sea Of Galilee Day Trip From Jerusalem

Nazareth And The Sea Of Galilee Day Trip From Jerusalem

Galilee and city of Nazareth are situated at the north Israel. Northern Israel is covered with surreal mountain ranges and is full of enchanting flora and greenery. City of Nazareth is one of the old ancient city with important cultural and religious heritage. It is the city where Jesus had spent his childhood years and this is a pilgrimage for Christians. This is among the largest city in Israel and has strong middle eastern touch to it. The city presents an confluence of Arabic and Israeli world.

There are many beautiful and old churches with strong cultural background. Many of them are so old and believed to be the ones where Jesus had spent his considerable time in interacting and serving the local people. Sea of Galilee is a beautiful natural large lake – among the largest in Israel. It is also very popular due to its rich heritage background and is an important pilgrimage site as Jesus is believed to had spent many years by this lake, helping and feeding the needy and poor’s here.

3. Old And New Jerusalem Day Trip

Old And New Jerusalem Day Trip

Jerusalem is one of the most important religious city for Christians, Muslims and Jews. This ancient magnificent city is perhaps one of the most important globally for its beautiful rich vibrant culture and religious background. This is the city where Jesus was believed to have spent considerable amount of his life and was believed to be crucified here. The city isn’t the most important destination for Christians but also for Jews. Western Wall in the old Jerusalem is the biggest pilgrimage for Jews and many from around the world visit it each year. Al Aqsa Mosque in the same city is one of the most important and holiest pilgrimage site for Muslims.

Most of these cultural places are in the Old Jerusalem which is also called the walled city here. New Jerusalem is completely different from its walled counterpart – and has the modern vibes and colours. There is also a holocaust museum – Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in this city – which showcases the stories of one the biggest and most heinous of crimes which saw death of millions of Jews in Europe. The museum tells the tale of the struggle of people and how the community evolved after that. This is a popular Israel day tours from Tel Aviv. Not just Tel Aviv this is also a popular Israel day tour from Haifa if you chose to stay in Haifa.

4. Petra Tour From Tel Aviv

Petra Tour From Tel Aviv

Beautiful heritage city of Petra is the one you will never want to miss if you are travelling to Israel. Although Petra is situated in Jordan but one can visit this enthralling city from Israel. Petra is one of the seven wonders and list among the top of UNESCO’s global heritage sites. The site now gives the glimpse of rich heritage if the ancient city of Petra which is believed to be two thousand years old. One would also get to see the beautiful wondrous landscapes and beauty of Wadi Rum. Jordan border for Petra is an hour distance from the city of Jerusalem and this day tour can be taken from Jerusalem. There are limited number of days and limited number of visitors are allowed from Israel therefore it becomes important that this day tour is booked well in advance. One would also need to check out visa formalities for travelling to Jordan which you can also get from Jordan embassy in Tel Aviv in case if you haven’t got it prior to travelling to Israel.

5. Golan Heights

Golan Heights

The day tour to Golan Heights can be started from Tel Aviv or the city of Jerusalem. Golan Heights is among the most beautiful bewitching sites in Israel. Golan is also known as a city of refuge among the Christian world. The city borders with Syria. Golan Heights is a beautiful hilly area, with its largest mountain being Mount Hermon which is more than 2800 Meters tall and is very popular among hiking enthusiasts. The region also has a beautiful lake called Birkat Ram. Golan Heights region had its controversies and the region has undergone brutal wars. This region became part of Israel after the famous 1967’s 6 day war.

6. Timna Park

Timna Park

Timna park is a beautiful dessert city situated in southern Israel. The tour can be taken from Eilat – southernmost city of the country. Timna is known for its beautiful landscapes – gorgeous desert reserves and old magnificent cliffs. Timna park has also strong cultural heritage and links with Egyptian pharaohs and ancient Egyptian civilisation. The park also holds some of the world’s oldest mining sites especially for Copper and Iron.

7. Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Acre Day Trip from Tel Aviv


Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra and Acre are the important port cities of Israel with lot of history and cultural attributions to them. There are ancient ruins in the city of Caserea which includes ruins of Roman theatre – an important cultural historic site. In this tour you will also be visiting magnificent beautiful Bahai gardens and exploring the captivating and fascinating Rosh Hanikra Grottos. You will also get to explore the crusader underground city Acre – a city with full of underground secrets and mysteries. This tour will give you a unique experience into an intriguing part of this beguile part of the world.

Guided day tours in Israel offer you the best way to have a knowledge about the country and learn its rich culture, heritage, history, and enthralling story of the people here and their initial struggle. It is recommended that you book your day trips from Israel well in advance as these are very popular and get booked by visitors earlier than expected. Make your holiday in Israel worthwhile by going for these amazing day tours.

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Auckland With Kids: Enjoy The Charming New Zealand City’s Best Excursions For All!

Auckland lies in the North Island of the New Zealand making it the largest populated city of New Zealand. It has some very beautiful things to see like Auckland CBD, sky tower, town hall, Auckland Harbor Bridge, ferry building. It is also known by the name of city of sails which is because nearly one third of every house in Auckland owns a boat. It is rich in art and festival.
They celebrate the famous Auckland festival, New Zealand International Comedy Festival, New Zealand Film Festival, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Lantern Festival etc. the list is endless and the festive season continues. So, get your little ones along and explore Auckland with kids for a unique vacation experience where even your kids get a chance to learn so much.

Auckland is a place for all. You have ample of options to explore, for both kids and adults. For kids there are lot of options like butterfly creek and rest of them will be discussed below:

1. Bounce And Beyond

Bounce And Beyond

Bounce and beyond is a wonderful place for kids to play and relax their muscles. It is like a inflatable playground which helps kids in burning their plenty of energy. Kids of any age love to climb, run, jump and slide and at bounce & beyond they simply serve the purpose. It is clean and safe environment for you and your child. They abide by their motto of “family that plays together stays together”. They have different zones like under 3 years, 4-7 years and 8+ years. They also have snack room helping kids to grab a snack after they are tired.

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2. Lock And Load Adventures

Lock And Load Adventures

Lock and load adventures is another adventure venue for kids. They offer wide variety of games for kids like new combat laser tag: this game is only for children above 7 years. This game essentially focuses on the shooting skills of the children through laser beams. This game is played in a team perfect for building team leadership quality among children. Next is Arrow Tag: this game is for children above 11 years. In this game, foam tipped arrows is used to take aims. These arrows are perfect for any day and it also helps in developing team building activity among children. Other games include paintball games and archery. Archery is one of the finest games which help children in developing focus towards one single aim.

3. Realisticus Art Academy

Realisticus Art Academy

Realisticus is the only art academy in New Zealand helping children in learning realistic painting techniques. They are mainly concerned with the children of 5 years to 14 years. They offer courses like 3D effects, innovation, photographic memory, structured fun learning, art show and prize giving, creativity, composition, colour, hand eye coordination, using pencil charcoal, using color pencils, using water color paints, animal topics, people and body topics and landscape topics etc. these courses offered help children in learning beautiful art and craft activities.

4. Studio 246

Studio 246

Dance is an elementary part of our lives. Children of all ages simply enjoy the dance. Studio 246 holds wonderful experience of giving dance lessons to children of all ages. It is one of the fun things to do in Auckland, New Zealand for kids. They offer dance classes to all from the age of 2 years to 90+. They have a special segment named Toddler Toes for the kids less than 5 years. They offer dance type like jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre etc. they also hold dance concerts and competitions both indoor and outdoor. They also hold relevant exams in dance like for jazz, tap and ballet.

5. Science Playroom


Curiosity is the ladder of learning new things. Especially the toddlers are very much curious about every new thing. Science playroom offers interactive sessions for children of all age group like science, technology, engineering, arts and maths activities. They offer different activities like music percussion group, story time with science focus, experiment with kitchen chemistry and physical science. They also host birthday parties and special interest events. They are easy to locate and children spend wonderful time with science. They learn new things and it also quenches their thirst for knowledge.

6. Butterfly Creek in Auckland

Butterfly Creek in Auckland

Butterfly creek is basically a tropical butterfly house where people get to see real life animals and some of the rarest animals also. This place offers educational tours, host birthday parties and functions also. They consist of some rare animals like small clawed otters, aquaria, bugs about, crocodiles, dinosaur kingdom, kiwi, reptiles, short finned eels etc. they also have their own café and restaurants from which people can choose for their party or function. They help you in hosting functions like 21st, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and lot more. They also offer educational trip for school children which help the children in connecting with the animals. These children get a chance to walk through these animals and also to touch some of them.

These are few of the activities listed for the toddlers and for children who are free during their school holidays. There are some more outdoor activities like Auckland seaplanes to let the kids experience the best of this city with an aerial view from above. They fly with their passengers and halt at various base like jetties, pontoons and beaches etc. it is important for passengers to wear footwear’s so that they can easily take it off while de boarding to go on any beach.

Everything is planned in this city. There are places conducting free school holiday activities in Auckland. These centers are very informative and at the same time children love to spend some time here. Be it Butterfly creek, a place where children get to interact and spend some time with animals and learning more about the wellbeing of animals, or be it the art center where 3D paintings and other art related activities are taught to the student. Studio 246 is the masters of dance and they teach dance to students and elders. They also hold an entire different segment for the toddlers. These are small yet elementary things that end up making our children’s future bright. Developing children with the help of these centers is now an easy task. Book your trip to Auckland with TravelTriangle and explore the hidden gems of this city with your kids!

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11 Japanese Cafes: The Quirky, Unique, And Distinct Cafes To Chill With Friends

Japan is a nation with a very distinctive cuisine of its own which is celebrated and well recognized across the world. Although the Japanese cuisine is said to be the favorite of the Japanese population it doesn’t mean other cuisines don’t have a place amidst the Japanese people. Japan is home to restaurants dedicated to almost all the major cuisines of the world. In this guide we are going to talk about some of the best cafes in Japan.

Known for the character and pet cafes around the world, Japan also has some of the best cafes in the world which are “normal” and still serve some of the most authentic and delicious food you can ever have. After in-depth research and first-hand experience, we have a compiled a list of the best Japanese cafes for those times you might want to go for a food walk when holidaying in this amazing and beautiful country.

1. Micasadeco and Café Jingumae

Micasadeco and Café Jingumae

The café situated in Meiji Jingumae is known for serving some of the softest pancakes not only in Japan but in the world. A major award-winning restaurant in Japan, this is amongst the top-notch in the list of Japanese cafes a tourist should visit in Japan. The pancakes taste best with the traditional maple syrup and will just melt in your mouth upon consumption.

Location: 6 Chome-16-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
Contact: +81 3-6892-7006
Cost for 2: INR 1000
Must Try: Pancakes with maple Syrup
Google Review: 4.3/5

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2. Little Darling Coffee Roasters

Little Darling Coffee Roasters

One of those cool cafes in Japan, located in a place filled with cafes and vegetable markets, this place manages to stand out. The secret is the relaxing environment that doesn’t let you get stressed. The coffee beans at this café are selected by the head barista Naoya Arakawa who is a Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open finalist. Even though selecting the coffee beans is important, the real secret to the success of this place lies in how personalized your cup of coffee is. The coffee enthusiasts who enter this place have a variety of options as to how to brew their coffee and they can even take part in every step of preparation of their cup of coffee.

Location: 1 Chome-12-32 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
Contact: +81 3-6438-9844
Must Try: self-brewed coffee
Google Review: 3.7/5

3. Totoro Café and Bakery

Totoro Café and Bakery

Situated inside a pretty quiet neighborhood of Setagaya-Daita, this place looks straight out of a movie. Surrounded by trees and hidden inside a backstreet, the 2 storey house serves both as a bakery and a café. Famous for its epic Totoro Cream puffs, this place is amongst the finest. The bakery and café are famous amongst both locals and Totoro fans in Japan, so it is recommended that you check with them and make a reservation beforehand so that you are sure to get a place as well as a piece of Totoro.

Location: 5 Chome-3-1 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0033, Japan
Contact: +81 3-5787-6221
Average Cost: INR 400 per person
Must Try: Totoro Cream Puffs
Google Review: 4.5/5

4. Fishing Restaurant

Fishing Restaurant

This is one of the popular themed cafes for which Japan is known in the restaurant world. As the name suggests, the restaurant is dedicated to the theme of fishing based on a very simple philosophy according to them which is you eat what you wish. You have the option to let the waiter fish for you or you can fish for yourself. Although these restaurants can be found anywhere, the one in Tokyo is said to amongst the best cafes in Japan.

Location: Japan, 〒141-0021 Tokyo
Contact: +81 3-6417-9588
Must Try: Fishing
Google Review: 3.8/5

5. R Burgers and Liquor Bar

R Burgers and Liquor Bar

Located far away from the station, unlike most eateries in Tokyo, the café makes a bold statement about welcoming those who can walk an extra mile or two for it. Set in an iconic red brick building located between Sangenjaya and Ikejiri-Ohashi on the Den-en-Toshi line, it is on the border with Setagaya park. The R burgers and Liquor Bar has an add-ons style lunch menu with mostly American and Mexican cuisine available. Having a laid back and relaxing environment unlike many other Japanese cafes, this place gives you a good overall experience.

Location: 2 Chome-44-11 Shimouma, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0002, Japan
Contact: +81 3-6805-2833
Average Cost: INR 2000
Must Try: Steak
Google Review: 3.7/5

6. Cat Café Asakusa Nekoen

Cat Café Asakusa Nekoen

One of the top listings in the list of animal cafes in Japan, this is a perfect place to follow the latest trend that has gripped the world. As the name suggests, the place has cats to give you company while you enjoy. Many cafes have been shut before this one due to their misconduct with animals, but this place ensures this isn’t the case with their café and they take special care to ensure the same.

Location: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taitō, Asakusa
Contact: +81 3-3876-3813
Google Review: 4.1/5

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7. Weekenders Coffee

Weekenders Coffee

Weekender’s Coffee is more of a pioneer in the changing coffee scene of the Kyoto region in Japan. The café was inspired by Tim Wendelboe and they adopted a Scandinavian roasting style instead of their original simple dark roast coffee. Although the place is located in a secluded location, people from all across Japan come to have a taste of the coffee served at this place which makes it one of the best cafes in Japan.

Location: 560 Honeyanocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8064, Japan
Contact: +81 75-746-2206
Average Cost: INR 1500
Must Try: Scandinavian Style Roasted Coffee
Google Review: 4.5/5

8. R.a.a.g.f Rabbit Café

R.a.a.g.f Rabbit Café

This is a cute little Rabbit café that is located in Tokyo just two minutes from a busy subway station. One of the premier listings on the list of animal cafes in Japan, this place is known for its abundance of cute little rabbits. You can find around 20 species of rabbits here with whom you can eat and feed. Don’t worry if a bunny gets too attached to you or you get too attached to it because there is also the option to take it home.

Location: Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya
Contact: +81 3-6805-0328
Average Cost: INR 900
Google Review: 3.8/5

9. RBL Café

RBL Café

Specifically established for those who can’t live without the presence of coffee and books in their lives, the RBL Café is a famous place amongst the lovers of books and coffees. Also dubbed as a bookworm’s playground, the place is lined with books instead of concrete and paint in its walls. Sit on the comfortable blue armchairs, read some books while you chug on some of the best tea and coffee, and don’t worry if you like a book that you can’t let go off because there is also the option for purchasing books.

Location: 5 Chome-32-12 Daizawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0032, Japan
Contact: +81 3-6805-2046
Must Try: Royal Milk Tea
Google Review: 4.3/5

10. The Workers Coffee and Bar

The Workers Coffee and Bar

Established in the locality of Nakameguro, a place known for its dynamic nightlife, this is a star place for those looking to cure their hangovers early. A small establishment with a small breakfast menu, this cafe in Nakameguro area opens at 8:30 am in the morning. A humble place to sit back and enjoy, the café has made it to this list partly because of its oddity but its food is really delicious.

Location: Japan, 〒153-0042 Tokyo, Meguro
Contact: +81 3-6416-4646
Average Price: INR 650
Must Try: Smoked bacon Burger
Google Review: 4.1/5

11. Ninja Café

Ninja Café

If it was always your dream to see a real-life ninja and be one like many other kids in Japan then this place is perfect for you. Even the interiors of this place take you to the times of the Ninjas and waiters dressed as Ninjas complete the experience. Although not at all a cheap place, the place is worth going to for Ninja lovers. When do you plan to check out this place?

Location: Japan, 〒100-0014 Tokyo, Chiyoda
Contact: +81 3-5157-3936
Average Price: INR 8000
Must Try: Washoku
Google Review: 4.3/5

As unique as the country of Japan is, the cafes are also pretty unique. There are hundreds of such cafes in Japan dedicated to different themes, but one thing is most common in all these cafes and that is the people who welcome you very warmly plus the food is always really delicious. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and explore these crazy Japanese cafes!

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12 Restaurants In Israel To Savour The Amazing Meals And Satiate Your Taste Buds

Israeli food has a strong influence from the Arabic world and its middle-eastern counterparts, especially Egypt. The food here also got influenced by the cuisines that were brought to this land by Jews from Europe and other parts of the world. You will experience the delicious amalgamation of Europe and Arab in the flavors of cuisines of restaurants in Israel. In Israel, you will get to choose from a wide range of cuisines, including all the popular western and Arabic ones.

Here is the list of best restaurants in Israel 2018 that will ensure you undergo a truly sumptuous, lip-smacking experience by indulging yourself in Israeli culinary.

1. Machneyuda

Restaurant view

One of the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem – a must try restaurant is very famous among the visitors. The ambiance inside the restaurant is very vibrant and energetic, has a strong ethnic touch to it with a lot of colors and designs attributions from this beautiful rich city of Jerusalem. The restaurant plays wonderful and loud local music – which sets the party tone inside. The cuisines here are simply sumptuous and amazing. The chef Assaf Granit is almost a celebrity chef here and his preparations are lip smacking. Service in the restaurant is among the best that you can get in this city. One of the best place to try authentic Israeli food. The restaurant is situated very close to the market – one can take a stroll to the market after dining here.

Location: Beit Ya’akov St 10, Jerusalem, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli
Opening Timings: 12:30 – 4 PM, 6:30 PM – 12 AM on weekdays, except Friday (half day on Friday). Saturday – breakfast is also served
Google Rating: 4.5 / 5

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2.The Eucalyptus


Situated in Old Jerusalem this restaurant is the king of fine dining restaurants here. One of the best restaurants for Mediterranean cuisines – the famous chef here gives a strong Israeli touch to the dishes as well. The ambiance is exquisite and elegant, atmosphere peaceful and very classy. The restaurant has a wonderful tasting menu and good options of wine. The main cuisines are freshly served hot, are lip smacking and sumptuous – the best you can expect in Old Jerusalem. This can even be considered as the best Kosher restaurant in Israel.

Location: Artist colony, Jerusalem
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Israeli, Kosher
Opening Timings: 5 PM – 11 PM, Friday closed
Google Rating: 4.5 / 5

3. Uri Buri

Uri Buri Restaurant front view

Uri Buri is simply the best option for highly delectable savory seafood. Situated in the center of the underground city of old Acre this fine dining restaurant has an amazing eclectic ambiance. The restaurant is bit premium and bit upscale but the food and experience here are worth the every penny one can spend here. Appetizers served here amazingly luscious and full of flavors. One must try the Tulip drink along with the toothsome meal.

Location: Ha-Hagana Street, Acre, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli, Seafood
Opening Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM
Google Rating: 4.7 / 5

4. Tammy & Shlomo – The Indian Israeli restaurant at Klil

Delicious food

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants that you can find in Israel. This Indian restaurant in Israel serves delectable Indian cuisines with some Israeli touch given to them by the chef here. The ambiance of this restaurant is quite pleasant, colourful, and spacious.

Location: Klil , Israel
Cuisines: Indian, Israeli
Opening Timings: opened till 12 am midnight
Google Rating: 4.7 / 5

5. HaKosem

Israeli food

This is simply the most popular Israeli restaurant in the city of Tel Aviv. The ambiance is cool and extremely clean. The restaurant is famous for its falafel cuisines and authentic street food dishes from Israel. Shawarma sandwich and the hummus served here simply out of this world, very scrumptious and will make you visit HaKosem again and again. Due to its popularity, the restaurant can bite crowdy and there can be queues at the peak meal times but then the sumptuous food served here is worth the wait if there is any queue.

Location: Shlomo ha-Melekh St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli, Falafel
Opening Timings: 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM, half day on Friday, closed on Saturday
Google Rating: 4.6 / 5

6. Messa

Tasty Israeli food

This is an upscale fine dining restaurant in Tel Aviv. The ambiance is classy, very elegant and extremely fine. The best part here is the starters – a big range of zestful authentic Israeli starters are served here which are simply lip smacking. All-time favorites in Messa are – Rossini and Ravioli, are the must to try here.

Location: HaArba’a St 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli
Opening Timings: 12 – 3:30 pm, 7 – 11:30 pm
Google Rating: 4.4 / 5

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7. Mashya


Mashya is one of the popular fine dining restaurants in Tel Aviv. Popular for its service by its professional waitresses who are prompt, well versed in English and quick in service. For the vegetarians’ tourists, this restaurant is no less than a paradise – with a great range of vegetarian cuisines, this will satiate your taste buds. The restaurant also has a good list of delicious sweetened desserts.

Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli, Western
Opening Timings: 10 – 11 am, 12:30 – 4 pm, 6 – 11:30 pm
Google Rating: 4.5 / 5

8. Minzon

Napkins on table

Minzon is the popular casual dining restaurant in Tel Aviv – the restaurant serves amazingly sumptuous cuisines. Ambiance is eclectic, casual with great loud music being played in the background. The restaurant is famous for its great range of delectable pita bread and cuisines. Grilled cauliflower is the one dish very popular among the vegetarian visitors here.

Location: Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israe
Cuisines: Israeli
Opening Timings: 12 pm – 12 am, Half day on Friday
Google Rating: 4.4 / 5

9. Azura

Israeli restaurant

Famous for its delicious morning breakfast this restaurant serves middle eastern cuisines with great Israeli touch to them. One of the best try the flavors of Jerusalem which would taste like homemade. One of the popular cuisine here is Azura. The restaurant is situated near the market and therefore can get a bit noisy and crowdie at times. But this is a perfect stopover for a delectable luscious lunch in the mid of the day after some tiring shopping in the famous market here at Jerusalem.

Location: Jerusalem
Cuisines: Middle Eastern
Opening Timings: 9 AM – 4 PM, Saturday closed
Google Rating: 4.5 / 5

10. Taizu

delicious morning breakfast

Taizu is an upscale fine dining restaurant in Tel Aviv. The restaurant has one of the largest and very varied cuisines – cuisines inspired from Europe and Indian culinary and not to mention the sumptuous Israeli dishes they serve. If you have been looking for an Indian restaurant in Israel – this restaurant will serve you well with its good range of highly delectable sumptuous Indian and zestful Indian inspired cuisines. Overall a great option for a truly savory fusion food.

Location: Derech Menachem Begin 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli, Indian
Opening Timings: 12 – 3:30 pm, 6:30 – 11:30 pm, Friday half day
Google Rating: 4.6 / 5

11. Chakra

Food area

This is among the best non Kosher restaurant in Israel. Situated at King George St in Jerusalem the restaurant is very spacious with elegant interiors. The menu is large with a great range of wines and appetizing appetizers. Staff is very professional and friendly. The restaurant has an option of outdoor seating as well. The bar is right in the center of the restaurant and serves a great range of wines and beers. The restaurant has great options for vegetarians as well. For vegetarians a must try dish here has to be Cauliflower in Tahini Sauce which is simply finger licking delicious.

Location: King George St 41, Jerusalem, Israel
Cuisines: Israeli
Opening Timings: 6pm–12am
Google Rating: 4.5 / 5

12. Claro

morning breakfast food

One of the best restaurant for all you can eat buffet meals. Great vegetarian options along with a large nonvegetarian menu. The brunches here are super sumptuous with a variety of dishes being served. You may need to book the table in advance especially for breakfasts as the place is popular and can get full at most of the days.

Location: Ha’arbaa st 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Cuisines: Mediterranean
Opening Timings: 12 – 11: 30 pm from Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 11:30 pm on Friday & Saturday
Google Rating: 4.4 / 5

An international trip is always incomplete until we get a taste of the country’s cuisines. The restaurants in Israel let you have a taste of Indian, European, and of course, Israeli blend. the cuisines here are reflective of this multicultural country in the middle east. Add these exquisite restaurants to your list as your plan for your vacation in Israel.

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Israel In December: Walk Down The Pathways Of The Cities Of Israel This Winter

The holy land has much to offer its tourists. There are many museums, historical sites, natural wonders, and much more. Apart from having the city of Jerusalem where Jesus was born, there are so many fascinating places that date back to centuries. If you are visiting Israel in December, there are many things that you can do at this time of the year. There are many festivals and events that take place since Hanukkah and Christmas is celebrated. If you have the question in your mind, what season is it in Israel in December? Then you don’t have to wonder anymore. It is definitely winter at this time of the year. It will most certainly be cold but that also makes festivals like Christmas so much better.

The Weather

The weather in Israel in December is usually quite cold with temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees Celsius. The weather continues to fluctuate and there is usually heavy rainfall. Temperatures can drop down to about 5 degrees Celsius in places like Jerusalem or Galilee Hills. If you don’t know what to wear in Israel in December, then worry not. You can wear jeans, jackets, sweaters, and gloves. The midday might end up being a little warmer, so you may not need it then.

The possibility of rain is always there, especially in the month of December but worry not, we have listed some of the best things you can do even if it is rainy out. If you are travelling to Israel in December then you should make sure to find out about the weather beforehand. If the weather is on your side then you should definitely experience these things:

1. Experience Hanukkah

Experience Hanukkah

Hanukkah or the festival of lights continues for about 8 days. If you want to experience the festivals in Israel in December, then you shouldn’t miss out on this. If you walk down the streets of Jerusalem’s old city or the neighborhood of Nachlaot, you will be able to see the menorahs which are lit and placed inside glass boxes and are kept on windowsills. You can also visit Mamilla Alrov Mall or the Western Wall for a public lighting event. There are special events that take place all around the country if you want to enjoy the lights.

Date: December 2nd to December 10th

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2. Go skiing at Mt. Hermon

Go skiing at Mt. Hermon

There are some mountain peaks that get snowfall on some days during the year. Jerusalem is more than likely to experience snow as it gets cold. If there is enough snowfall then you can head to Mt. Hermon which lies at the tip of the North side of the country. The vertical drop from Mt. Hermon is just 1,552 feet which makes it ideal for beginners and children. You can also go sledding or tubing. This should definitely be a part of your bucket list if you are wondering what to do in Israel in December.

3. Experience the nightlife in Tel Aviv


If nightlife is what interests you, then you should definitely stop by the city of Tel Aviv. You can find anything you need for a good night out. You can find endless clubs, bars, theaters, museums, concert halls, and dance centers. If you have the time on your hands then the city can keep you up the entire night. This is one of the best things you can do if you are visiting Israel in December 2018. Spend the night meeting new people, getting VIP passes and enjoying drinks.

4. Enjoy Hamshushalayim


Hamshushalayim is a combination of the words Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Hebrew. This festival takes place every weekend of December at different institutions. There are special night tours, street theaters, and musical performances. There are many museums and galleries that are open to the public for free during this festival. Many restaurants and hotels even offer special deals at this time. You should have this on your bucket list if you are visiting Israel in December.

Best place to visit: The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

5. Explore the mountain fortress in Masada

Explore the mountain

The fortress stands on an isolated rock plateau in the south of Israel and overlooks the Dead Sea. There is a tale about this place. It is said that about 1000 Jewish inhabitants committed suicide to escape their Roman enemies. You can take a cable car to the top or hike up and cross the snake path if you like. The best way to enjoy the fortress is if you visit during the time of a sunset. You will be able to watch the sun strike the Dead Sea. The scene is very picturesque as you can imagine. If you are visiting Israel in December, make sure to experience the beauty of this place.

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6. Party on New Year’s Eve

Party on New Year's Eve

Israelis tend to call New Year ‘Sylvester’ because of the pope that died on the 31st of December. There is a feast that takes place at this time. The only thing that you can do during New Year’s Eve is to just head out for the parties that take place. Although most Kosher places won’t entertain such parties, a lot of clubs or restaurants will throw bigger celebration parties. Since the weather in Israel in December tends to be rather chilly it is important that you carry warm clothing.

7. Dance away your blues


If you are traveling to Israel in December, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the parties. As most people will tell you, parties are quite popular in Israel. Tel Aviv usually has an annual festival called ‘Feelin’ Blues’. This is a great way to warm yourself up during the winters. There are usually stages where different dancers are grouped together by their level of expertise. You can get a chance to show off your moves and maybe even win a prize! However, you don’t need to be in it for the competition. You can just join in for the fun or observe from afar!

8. Check out the Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian festival

Check out the Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Festival

If you have wondered about what the Israeli Ethiopian community is like, well then wonder no more. Visit this festival to experience a fusion of dance, music, and shows. Ethiopian culture has actually become a large part of Israel and this festival proves it best. The traditions of Ethiopia have fused into contemporary art. The festival takes place every December and continues for a week. There are many famous singers who show up and if you visit Israel in December, you will be able to see them live!

9. Don’t miss out on the Christmas festivities


You don’t have to miss out on Christmas just because you are away from home. There are plenty of festivals that happen around the country and this is the time to be a part of it! If you want to really get into that Christmas mood, you can find a massive Christmas tree in Nazareth. If you want a proper Christmas banquet, make sure to reserve a place at Mike’s Place. Bethlehem is also a good place to visit if you are in Israel in December. The town is beautifully decorated and has plenty of concerts and delicious food.

10. Take a tour through the city of Jerusalem

Take a tour through the city of Jerusalem

If you are visiting Israel in December, you should definitely visit the city of Jerusalem. There are a lot of places that are religiously important such as the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. If you feel like this is an important place to visit, surely you could spend a day here since there is plenty to see. You can write down a prayer and place it between the cracks of the Western Wall or you can visit the site where Jesus was crucified. If you have free time, you can browse the stalls of the Old City bazaar. You can find plenty of souvenirs to take back from your trip from here. Make sure to find out about the weather in Israel during December before you head out. You definitely don’t want the rains to spoil your tour of the city.

If you are interested in visiting Israel in December 2018, then allow us to help you book your upcoming vacation. All you have to do is sit back and get ready to make plenty of memories!

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10 Best Cottages In Czech Republic That Are All About Beauty And Luxury

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country which is famous for its long history. The beautiful historic castles of Prague will leave you mesmerized. The historical beauty of this country is the main reason for the tourist attraction. The beautiful castle along the lengthy roads looks amazing and tourists from across the globe come to the Czech Republic to witness this beauty.

As there are visitors in the country, the demand for boarding and lodging increases automatically and the Czech Republic has some beautiful and most comfortable cottages in the world and this is the reason so many visitors visit different places of the country to experience the beauty in the most comfortable environment.

Some of the best holiday cottages in the Czech Republic are listed below. Take a look for your next holiday and stay at one of them for a hassle-free experience!

1. Penzion Na Gruntu

beautiful and the most comfortable cottages

Penzion Na Gruntu is beautiful and the most comfortable cottages in the Czech Republic. It provides 18 rooms to accommodate 9 people with utmost comfort and beautiful ambience. If you love morning birds singing, beautiful sunset and the starry sky, Penzion Na Gruntu is the perfect place for you to spend your vacations and build some beautiful memories for the future. The spacious rooms are provided with bathroom with toilet and shower, television and Wi-Fi connection. Apart from the listed amenities, the cottage provides a bicycle storage room, fireplace, a garden grill and children playground.

Ratings: 4.5/5
Location: Lipna u Hazlova 45, Hazlov 352 01, Czech Republic

2. Pension Martinske Udoli

comfortable cottage

Pension Martinske Udoli is a beautiful cottage situated in a landscape on the border between the Giant Mountains and the Jizera. The cottage offers 8 beautiful and comfortable rooms which are stylishly furnished to give the guest the utmost comfort and peaceful environment. It has an amazing ambience that binds you and gives a different feeling altogether. The Martinske Udoli is a perfect place for people looking for accommodation in the Jizera Mountains throughout the year. There lots of activities offered by the Pension throughout the year both in summers as well as in winters.

Ratings: 4/5
Location: Korenov 581, Korenov 468 49, Czech Republic

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3. Penzion Anareta

Luxury rooms

Penzion Anareta is a comfortable and beautiful cottage that offers cheap, quality and modern accommodation in a quiet and peaceful location. Penzion Anareta is situated in the quiet part of Frydek-Mistek suburb and offers comfortable accommodation in a clean environment and friendly and smiling staff. Children’s playground and a large summer garden is available during the summer months for its guests which is definitely something to be appreciated. The clients are served continental breakfast in different varieties as per their choice. One of the most amazing things about this cottage is that you can also bring your pets along with you and it is chargeable.

Ratings: 4/5
Location: #13 Best Value of 21 Czech Republic Cottages

4. Penzion Habrovická Bašta

most comfortable cottage

Penzion Habrovická Bašta is situated in the Usti Nad Labem it consists of the restaurant, garden, and terrace, as well as all the rooms, have flat screen TV with satellite channels and private bathrooms. Free WIFI facility and parking facility is accessible on site. All the rooms include a wardrobe, and the guest rooms are equipped with the sitting area. They provide buffet breakfast every morning and guest can also take part in various activities such as skiing and cycling.

Rating: 5/5
Location: Habrovice 29, Ústí nad Labem, Ústí nad Labem, 403 40, Czech Republic

5. Pension Riding Hejtmánkovice

Nice place

Nice place to visit with friends and family as this place is well equipped with facilities such as free WIFI, restaurant, and a terrace. It offers the accommodation in Stary Plzenec. You will also get free parking facility and flat screen TV with cable channel, as well as you can use a free computer facility. Each room has its own private bathroom and the nearest airport is Karlovy Vary Airport 69 km away from the Penzion Na Jizdarne.

Rating: 5/5
Location: Hejtmánkovice 192, 550 01 Hejtmánkovice, Czechia

6. Harrachovská Hacienda

Amazing place

It is located at a very quiet location and is five minutes away from the centre of the Harrachov. They provide unique facilities such as non- smoking guest house in a quiet location where guest can enjoy the sauna. They provide other facilities such as the kids’ corner and bike storage. Rooms are fitted with the satellite flat-screen TV and rooms are also equipped with the private bathroom. They will give you other amenities such as hairdryer and free toiletries and most of the rooms offer you balcony to sit and spend time with sipping coffee. Guest can also enjoy breakfast and buffet in the onsite restaurant.

Rating: 5/5
Location: Nový Svět 556, Harrachov, 512 46, Czech Republic

7. Pension Hnizdo Snu

Amazing cottage

Very pretty and quiet place to stay. All the rooms are very bright and clean. A lovely warm, squeaky clean and pretty atmosphere. The staff members are very polite, friendly and speak good English. A wide variety of delicious food is available. The great beer, fantastic service, easy going staff and theme of the pension will impress you immediately. The location is excellent and peaceful as well. If you are in the Czech Republic must stay at this place and experience the air of the Czech Republic.

Rating: 5
Location: Uzka 208/5, Hradec Kralove 500 03, Czech Republic

8. U Kaliska

U Kaliska

This place is very near to the Cesky Krumlov from where you can access the entire popular destination. The staff is very generous and friendly and the best part is that you will find a barbecue and views of the river. Each room is fitted with the TV and seating area for your convince. The experience of customers is great in terms of service and behaviour of the staff. They speak your language and this place is very couple friendly as customers are happy with this place in comparison to other similar properties available nearby.

Rating: 4.5
Location: Rybarska 3, Cesky Krumlov 381 01, Czech Republic

9. Bily Beranek

room has WIFI, cable TV

The Bily Beranek is situated in the historic city of Kadan, 220 m from the main square. This includes some nice facilities such as a garden with a fountain, terrace, buffet, breakfast, etc. The rooms are very bright and each room has WIFI, cable TV, private bathroom with shower, and other toiletries. The Bily Beranek provides the free parking facility also the bus and train station are 600 m away from Bily Beranek. You can also enjoy other adventures such as cycling, hiking, biking, and fishing at the bank of river Ohre.

Rating: 4/5
Location: CSLA 27, Kadaň, 43201, Czech Republic

10. Houseboat Benjamin & Franklin

Lake view

A perfect place for family and friends to stay at least for a couple of night. This houseboat offers full comfort of the apartment with an amazing atmosphere. You will get a small boat for six people with an electric engine for free. This place offers everything you could possibly wish for. The leaving area is very spacious and beautiful. The decoration of the rooms is really worth praising. The beds are a real treat and shower rooms are also well more than anything. Whenever you plan to visit the Czech Republic, must plan your visit to this boathouse.

Rating: 5/5
Location: Císařská louka, 150 00 Praha-Smíchov, Czechia

The above-listed cottages are some of the best and the most comfortable cottages available in the Czech Republic and you can choose the one which suits you the best baes on the location or rating and reviews. No matter which one you choose, you will get the best properties for sure. So, plan a trip to Europe, head to Czech Republic and indulge in the ultimate fun!

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6 Best Indian Restaurants In Orlando Where You Can Enjoy A Hearty Homelike Meal

The theme park capital of the world, Orlando is a favorite amongst backpackers and travelers seeking luxury. The city is packed with so much to do, see, and enjoy, it is easy to see why. If you are planning to visit Orlando for the first time, brace yourself for a rock n roll adventure from start to finish. And, if you are looking for Indian restaurants in Orlando, worry not because it has that too! Here’s a list of the best Indian eateries in Orlando where you can enjoy a hearty meal for as long as you want!

If you’re craving for the authentic Indian curries during your holiday in Orlando, these 6 places are where you need to head to with your loved ones. Take a look.

1. Tabla Restaurant

Tabla Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant that serves great biriyani in Orlando? You will be surprised that there is in fact one such eatery that will blow your mind away with its spicy and flavorsome food. Tabla restaurant also serves great Chinese and Thai dishes in a warm and cozy ambience. The restaurant was recently remodeled where guests can host as many as 200 guests in its exquisite ballroom. The restaurant was recognized as the best Indian restaurant in Orlando and was awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in the year 2016. Be it tasty chicken kabobs, or the good ol’ General Tso’ you simply cannot beat the flavor and aroma of the dishes put together by expert chefs at Tabla.

Location: 5827 Caravan Ct, Orlando, FL 32819-7901
Timing: 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Must try: Best Chicken Tikka and garlic Naan, Homemade cassatta, Delicious Indo Chinese

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2. Sanaa


Located within the Animal Kingdom Resort, Sanaa is a great place to take a quick break and enjoy some delicious Indian fare. No reservations are needed for you to kick start your day with a sumptuous and filling buffet breakfast at this one of its kind restaurant. From slowly cooked meat, to salads, to a dozen vegetarian options, there is something to satiate the taste buds of every guest. Watch animals such as gazelle, giraffes, zebras, cranes, and even ostriches while you dig into authentic African cooking with exotic Indian flavors at Sanaa.

Location: 3701 Osceola Pkwy, Animal Kingdom Resort, Orlando, FL 32830-8445
Timing: 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Must try: butter chicken, lamb shanks, breast of duck, grilled Beef & Chicken

3. Aashirwad Indian Food and Bar

Aashirwad Indian Food and Bar

If you are missing home and are craving for some Indian food, you will enjoy a meal at Aashirwaad. This eatery is touted as one of the best and most affordable restaurants in Orlando that serves authentic Indian food. Enjoy sophisticated dining in a chic restaurant with an exhaustive menu that combines contemporary cooking techniques with stylish presentation and exotic Indian ingredients. Aashirwad Indian restaurant in Orlando also features a cocktail bar for discerning patrons who like to pair their food with a good drink.

Address: 7000 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32819
Opening: 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30–10:30PM
Must try: chicken lollipops, salmon special, mango lassi and the lamb with rice

4. Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron Indian Cuisine

India is known for its warm hospitality and great food. And that is exactly what you will get at Saffron Indian Cuisine. If you are a foodie who loves exquisitely prepared meals that not just looks sensational but also tastes brilliant, you will love dining at Saffron. The interiors of this restaurant are accentuated with tapestry of gorgeous textures and divine music. The murals will transport you to a different world altogether. This is a restaurant that takes “Athithi Devo Bhava” quite seriously and treats every guest like royalty. The food is as rich and exquisite as the interiors and the service you will receive at Saffron. Be sure to book a table and enjoy a hearty meal of kabobs, Ghost dum biriyani, and Masala chai, or a heavy Indian dinner buffet in Orlando on your next trip to the city.

Address: 7724 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819-5114
Timing: 1:30 AM – 2:30 PM- 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Must try: Mango Lassi, Lamb korma, chicken vindaloo

5. Flavors of India

Flavors of India

No matter what time you walk into Flavors of India, the staff will welcome and seat you with hospitality! Though the ambience in itself may be quite uninspiring to many, with just tile flooring, and a few random pictures hung upon the wall, wait till they have served you your food. Every dish on the menu is utterly delicious be it samosas, or Shrimp Masala, or even a bowl of Gulab Jamun for dessert. This eatery is located in a strip mall and makes way for a quick meal in between a shopping spree, making it one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando.

11701 International Drive, Ste 310, Orchid bay, Orlando, FL 32821-7370

Timing: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM
Must try: chicken tikka masala, chicken Samosas, Chicken Mango

6. Ahmed Indian Restaurant OBT

Ahmed Indian Restaurant OBT

If you are on the lookout for an eatery that serves a great buffet that doesn’t break the bank, you cannot get better than Ahmed Indian Restaurant. You will be amazed at the buffet spread and struggle as to where to begin and finish at! Lunch buffet can be enjoyed between 11.30 am all the way to 3.30 pm on all days, including weekends. While the restaurant is famous for its Goat Biryani, there are number of dishes for the vegetarian too!

Address: 11301 S Orange Blossom Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32837
Timing: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Must have: Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Aloo Palak, Onion Pakora, Kheer

There is no dearth of restaurants in the city, be it the south Indian restaurants in Orlando or a new Punjab Indian restaurant in Orlando. But, if you are craving for some Indian desi food, these are but a few of the many eateries that will not disappoint you at all. While some of them may need a reservation, you can simply walk into others for a quick meal. Just be sure to visit these fabulous Indian restaurants in Orlando on your next trip to USA with TravelTriangle and experience the culinary scene in the country like never before!

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Explore Istanbul With Kids: The Treasure Trove Of Cultural Heritage

It probably won’t appear as a family tour to take in Turkey, however, Istanbul is one of the world’s most energizing urban communities, and conceals bounty to keep families occupied, from the Bosphorus travels to the stupendous bazaar, its rich pools, sweet stray felines, and super amicable local people! So you’re planning a trip to Istanbul with kids and you have no clue where to start? That is reasonable, considering the city is gigantic as it traverses two mainlands! The city has a great amount to offer in terms of attractions like the mosques, markets, historical centers, and remote culinary pleasures!

To say it gently, Istanbul with kids can be a bit tiring to explore and impart. The must-see attractions when in Istanbul are the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Royal residence, Basilica Storage, fabulous bazaars and the Zest market. The history is rich and noteworthy. Here are a few tips to note, when visiting Istanbul with kids.

1. Take the tram

Take the tram

Running along one of the city’s principal shopping boulevards, on Istiklal Caddesi, this nostalgic and rather wonderful red tram carriage is the thing to keep the children excited in the wake of a difficult day’s trawling the bazaar or strolling the city. A return to the 1900s’, the trams and ticket authority’s outfits will have them excited! The tram ride is a fun thing to do in Istanbul for kids.

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2. Get on the Galata Tower

Get on the Galata Tower

Odds are likely that your children will see this 60-meter high pinnacle while checking the Istanbul horizon. In spite of the fact that not appropriate for little children, a stroll on the pinnacle’s best museum will definitely satisfy them, and you too. After a lift ride to the ninth floor, trailed by a trip of stairs you’ll appreciate 360 perspectives and views of the city.

3. Wave at the fishes at Istanbul Aquarium

Wave with fishes at Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium is situated in Florya, not a long way from the air terminal, henceforth somewhat a long way from the downtown area. Yet, on the off chance, it’s an excursion worth taking. The children will be astounded by the measure of gigantic aquariums. Starting from 2015 they work free transport administrations from a few areas to the aquarium in the downtown area.

4. Explore Taksim

Explore Taksim

Most structures in Taksim which are home to numerous prevalent clubs were built before the period of huge dance club sound frameworks. Istanbul’s night-owl inclinations and absence of clamor curfews mean the zone doesn’t tranquil down till the wee hours. Not a good time for the fatigued. Rather, book a bed in Galata or Cankurtaran, the zones that are halfway found yet considerably more settled by night.

5. Stop at the Pudding Shop

Try not to… stop at the Pudding Shop

Opposite the Hagia Sophia, the Pudding Shop is a stop you need to make for sure. Pretty famous for its puddings and desserts, the shop is a must stop. The place serves amazing food items and as the name suggests, the children would love the variety of puddings it has to offer. Have a great meal here with your family on your trip to Istanbul.

6. Visit the Toy Museum

Visit the Toy Museum

In the event that you have an opportunity to go to the Asian side of the city, you should visit the Toy Historical Center. Being encompassed by more than 4000 thousand toys, it is without a doubt, each kid’s fantasy. The place would bring out the kid within you too. Overlook being a ‘grown-up’ for a couple of hours and appreciate the toys going back to 1817!

7. Discover kid-friendly food items

Discover Kid Friendly Foods

At the point when your kids are on a vacation and out of their customary range of familiarity with food, it very well may be hard to inspire them to eat items from another culture. Urge them to attempt new things, yet don’t force them into it. Children can have fragile paunches, so it’s best to keep their eating routine as comparative as conceivable to home. This will help guarantee they don’t become ill.

8. Stay at the safest hotel

Stay at the safest hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus is a great place to stay. The incredible thing about booking with a Four Seasons inn is that you realize you’ll get an exclusive expectation of administration, which can be consoling when going with youngsters. Book into the Four Seasons Inn Istanbul at the Bosphorus in and you’ll likewise be honored with an incredible setting.

Expect beds, rollaway beds, newborn kid toiletries, pushchairs and high-seats, all complimentary, in addition to qualified sitters for an hourly expense. The hotel also has a substantial outside pool for families to enjoy.

Cost: Four-person family rooms from £541 every night.
Contact: +90 212 381 4000

9. Enjoy with your kids at the Prince’s Island

Enjoy with your kids at The Prince's Island

Only a short vintage ship from the Kabata docks in the downtown area is the biggest, vehicle free, bougainvillea-covered island of Büyükada which is utterly joyful. Begin by purchasing scrumptious sugared lokma(doughnuts) from one of the slowdowns, close to the ship before looking for excursion supplies. Stroll up the slope for stunning perspectives of Istanbul. You can also enlist bicycles and visit the forested parks.

With its blend of minaret-topped Hassock mosques, incense-covered bazaars, and contemporary craftsmanship displays, this is a place you should definitely visit. Book your trip to Istanbul with kids from TravelTriangle and have a great family time here! Do share with us your experience.

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10 Restaurants In Georgia Where You Can Relish The Most Delicious Food Of This Peach State

The south-eastern US state of Georgia is a world in itself waiting to be explored and experienced. While the soaring northern mountains and scenic state parks beckon adventure and nature lovers with some breathtaking falls, pretty lakes, spectacular gorges and myriad activities, cities like Atlanta charm with their innumerable attractions like the World of Coca Cola and Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. The undeniable old-world charm and hospitality of Savannah is a sure-shot winner, as are the golden sand beaches and relaxed vibes of the barrier islands off the Atlantic coast. Whether it’s Augusta’s world-renowned golf course, Athens’ historical treasures or Dahlonega’s rolling vineyards, Georgia offers a delicious surprise at every bend in the road.

Foodies can rejoice too as this land of diverse landscapes and great culinary traditions offers great food as you travel along the state exploring its many wonders. The restaurants in Georgia bring not just local delicacies but the best of world cuisine to your plate, with their warm hospitality as well.

Here’s our list of the 10 best restaurants in Georgia that’ll win your hearts and foodie souls, and treat your taste buds like never before. Take a look!

1. Southern Soul Barbecue

Southern Soul Barbecue

A visit to one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in Georgia is akin to making a pilgrimage for those who love their food as much as their travel adventures. Eating a meal at Southern Soul is sure to be love at first bite, as the eatery serves lip-smacking delights year after year. Located in a former gas station, there is both indoor and outdoor seating along with very friendly service. The pulled pork, beef brisket and burnt ends are out of this world, served with great sides and four delicious sauces. The service at one of the best restaurants in South Georgia is quick and smooth, the beer selection absolutely fantastic and the experience unforgettable. The fried okra and fried green beans at are superb too.

Location: 2020 Demere Rd, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522, USA
Cuisine: American, Barbecue
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-9PM

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2. The Dillard House Restaurant

The Dillard House Restaurant

The charming & historic setting along with beautiful mountain views is amongst the biggest attractions of The Dillard House, one of the best restaurants in north Georgia for a hearty home style meal. Their unique all-you-can-eat serving style allows guests to sample the entire range of food on the menu, making it an interesting and enriching dining experience. A quiet meal in a lovely setting in the quaint town of Dillard is indeed a must-do when in the vicinity. Country fried steak, Lima beans, acorn squash soufflé and the cobbler are amongst the most delicious and flavourful dishes cooked from fresh ingredients.

Location: 768 Franklin St, Dillard, GA 30537, USA
Cuisine: American, vegetarian friendly
Opening Hours: 8-10:30AM; 11:30AM-8PM (Mon-Fri), 7:30-10:30AM; 11:30AM-8PM (Sat-Sun). Closes at 7:30PM on Sundays.

3. Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano's Little Italy

The gorgeous chandelier at the entrance, lovely interiors and the pleasing atmosphere make you feel welcome from the moment you step inside Maggiano’s. Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Georgia, this wonderful place earns a big thumbs-up for its incredible food and fantastic service. The servers are very attentive and meet customer needs with great efficiency, while the food is fresh, flavourful and well-presented. The veal marsala, shrimp pasta, gnocchi, ravioli and lasagne are superb, as is the cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Dig into your sumptuous Italian meal and sip a drink from their well-stocked bar for a delightful dining experience. Their generous portions and eat-one-take-one deal offere good value for money.

Location: 3368 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326, USA
Cuisine: Italian, with vegan options
Opening Hours: 11AM-10PM (Mon-Fri); 11AM-11PM (Sat); 10:30AM-10PM (Sun)

4. Home Grown GA Restaurant

Home Grown GA Restaurant

This retro style country diner is amongst the best restaurants in Georgia Atlanta for an authentic Southern breakfast and lunch experience. The funky decor, vintage booths, warm hospitality and delicious food all add up to the experience of eating at Home Grown. All dishes are prepared from farm fresh ingredients, giving the food its special flavour. Their fried chicken ladled with lip-smacking smoky gravy is a huge favourite amongst customers. The home style pancakes, freshly squeezed juice and iced-tea are fantastic too. Located on a busy street in Atlanta, this small & cosy diner is a great place to relish some local comfort food at reasonable prices.

Location: 968 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, USA
Cuisine: American, with vegan and gluten-free options
Opening Hours: 7AM-3PM (Mon-Fri); 7AM-2PM (Sat-Sun)

5. Aviva by Kameel

Aviva by Kameel

The first thing that strike at this authentic Mediterranean eatery is the positive and uplifting atmosphere. The chef & owner Kameel takes hospitality to the next level with his personal attention and complimentary food samples for those waiting in queue. Delicious organic & flavourful food with generous portions awaits you at one of the most popular restaurants in Georgia serving middle-eastern fare. Their rosemary chicken, roasted red potatoes, chicken shawarma and falafels are exceptional, served with superbly prepared hummus and other sides. The vegetable platter is healthy, generous and equally delicious. When in downtown Atlanta, Aviva is the perfect place for a quick & healthy bite.

Location: 225 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
Cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean
Opening Hours: 7:30AM-4PM (Mon-Fri)

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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6. Canoe


The beautiful setting of one of the top restaurants in Georgia makes it a perfect place for a romantic date or a special occasion. The lovely landscaped gardens and the riverside location add to the charm of this farm-to-table diner offering excellent food and service par excellence. The servers are professional, warm and very efficient and make great suggestions for your order. Their lamb on chickpea appetizer, sea food dishes, smoked duck breast, roasted vegetable and rhubarb plum sauce are exceptional. The elegant setting, serene atmosphere and warm hospitality set the place apart from its competitors and make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Location: 4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA
Cuisine: American, vegetarian friendly
Opening Hours: 11:30AM-2:30PM; 5:30-10PM (Mon-Thurs), 11:30AM-2:30PM; 5:30-11PM (Fri),
5:30-11PM (Sat), 10:30AM-2:30PM; 5:30-9:30PM

7. Bones Restaurant

Bones Restaurant

Everything about Bones spells quality and excellence, making this one of the best rated restaurants in Georgia and a dining institution in itself. The classy decor and impeccable service make a lasting impression on anyone visiting this classic diner serving the best steaks in town. Their bone-in ribeye steak, scallops, lobster bisque and mixed grill are prepared to melt-in-mouth perfection. The incredibly knowledgeable waiters render exceptional service and the bar has an impressive wine menu to choose from. Their consistent quality and fantastic ambience make it the perfect choice for an intimate dinner date or a large official gathering as well.

Location: 3130 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA
Cuisine: American, Steakhouse
Opening Hours: 11:30Am-2:30PM; 5:30-10PM (Mon-Fri)

8. Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

This ocean-themed restaurant serves some of the most generous seafood platters that taste as good as they look. The broiled or fried seafood beats many coastal restaurants for its perfect preparation and presentation. The servers are friendly and go out of their way to assist and take care of the guests. While the fried mushrooms & fried green tomatoes are superb for starters, the combination platters piled with shrimp, crab, chicken and flounders are great value meals. The sides like baked potato, coleslaw and hush puppies taste just as good along with the house salad and desserts.

Location: 9610 GA-5, Douglasville, GA 30135, USA
Cuisine: Seafood, American
Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM (Sun-Thurs); 11AM-10PM (Fri-Sat)

9. Nikolai’s Roof

 Nikolai's Roof

With a stunning location on the 30th floor of Hilton Atlanta, this is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Georgia for witnessing breathtaking views of the city. The cosy atmosphere, classy decor and perfect location make the dining experience memorable. The serving staff is professional and very attentive to all needs of the guests. The interesting combination of French and Russian cuisines results in some splendid dishes like the Borscht. The duck and halbut entree, crabcake, Brussels sprouts and burger topped with foie gras are superb too, as are the soufflé, crème brulee and chocolate sorbet.

Location: Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
Cuisine: French, Russian, Contemporary
Opening Hours: 5:30-10PM (Mon-Sat)

10. Mrs Wilkes Dining Room

Mrs Wilkes Dining Room

Visiting this authentic Southern diner in the charming city of Savannah is an experience you will cherish for a long time to come. The home style communal dining at the 8 big tables in this family-run restaurant is an excellent way to enjoy a hearty meal. The table is loaded with mouth-watering dishes cooked to perfection including the crispy and delicious fried chicken. Other dishes like barbecue pork, collards, succotash, beef stew and peach pie are incredible too. Be prepared to stand in queue for participating in this unique food fiesta.

Location: 107 W Jones St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA
Cuisine: American
Opening Hours: 11AM-2PM (Mon-Fri)

Those looking for Indian restaurants in Georgia must try out Tabla and Chai Paani which serve delectable Indian cuisines. With these amazing dining options and restaurants in Georgia, a visit to the state is sure to be a gastronomic adventure. So, make sure you keep enough time for visiting these eateries during your next holiday in USA with TravelTriangle . We bet you’d have the time of your life!

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10 Magnificent Castles In New Jersey Which Appears To Be Just Out Of A Fairytale!

New Jersey is home to the beauty of history, castles, that make it worth a visit. The historic castles in new jersey are open for exploration and educational researches to the general public. More so, there are castles in new jersey for weddings and other celebratory events on a grand scale. Both men and women who dream of a fairy tale wedding with royalty and grandeur as the main aspect, have known to choose the state of new jersey as their favourite spot.

Apart from just celebrations and visits, there are castles to stay in new jersey, for which one needs to make prior bookings. Every year, there are thousands of tourists who come down to the Garden State to get a first-hand show of these marvelous structures. Everything that one reads in books seems to come alive when visiting these places.

For your convenience, we have made a list of ten of the best castles in new jersey that you should visit when you are here.

1. Lamberts Castle (Belle Vista)

Lamberts Castle (Belle Vista)

The Lambert Castle was built in 1892-1893, by Catholina Lambert in Paterson, NJ. The castle was named Belle Vista by the lady herself. It is known that prominent people would often visit this place which also include president William McKinley. In the year 1934, the Lamberts Castle was transferred to the Parks Commission. The Passaic County Historical Society then established it as a museum and library.

Location: 3 Valley Road, Paterson Avenue, New Jersey
Timings: Wed to Sat, 12pm to 4pm
Entry fee: NA (Not Applicable)

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2. Liberty Hall


Liberty Hall is now a part of Kean University. it was built in the year 1772 in Elizabethtown, NJ by lawyer William Livingston. After William Livingstone retired, he moved into his enormous home with his family permanently. Soon, he came out of his retirement and went on to server in the First and Second Continental Congress. In the year 1811, Peter Kean purchased the building after the death of Livingston and transformed the structure into a 50-room mansion. Hence, the participation the structure to Kean University.

Location: 1003 Morristown Avenue, Union, New Jersey
Timings: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Entry fee: NA

3. Alnwick Hall: The Abbey

Alnwick Hall

Situated in Morristown, during the Golden Years of the town, only a handful of estates were built from 1880 to 1929. The castles in an around this place are vestiges of the states Tudor Gothic revival. This castle belonged to Rosalie Meany, who loved throwing lavish parties, playing host to the highest of high society. Built in 1904, the Alnwick Hall was an inspiration of the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. This 32-room home has served as the set of Hogwarts for the first two Harry Potter movies.

Location: 355 Madison Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey
Timings: Open during ‘Open House’
Entry fee: No entry fee as it is up for sale

4. Skylands Manor

Skylands Manor

The architecture and making of the manor have inspirations from various European countries. Each and every material of the house was a personal choice of McKenzie, who brought in the best professionals to make his dream come true. In the year 1953, McKenzie had sold all 1117 manicured acres of the property to the National Bible Institute. In 1966, the state of New Jersey purchased the property and two decades later, Governor Tom Kean designated the 96 acres surrounding the manor as the official state garden. It is a popular wedding venue in the modern age, operated by Frungillo Caterers.

Location: 5 Morristown road, Ringwood, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

5. Iviswold Castle

Iviswold Castle

This is an interesting piece of architectural history that embodies a curious tale. David B. Ivison, a book publisher, bought a stone home on a Rutherford hilltop in 1887. He hired New York based architect William H. Miller, who expanded the stone house into a 25-room high-Victorian castle. It was complete with towers of brownstone quarried in Belleville. Until the crash of the stock market in 1901, Miller lived there. After multiple bankruptcies, Peter and Sally Sammartin convinced several investors to back their plan and founded the Fairleigh Dickinson University. But soon tragic hit them hard and the castle was again forgotten until Felician College purchased the campus and initiated the restoration by Historic Building Architects.

Location: Rutherford, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: Open to student body only.

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6. Natirar


Walter Graeme Ladd and his wife Kate created a 40 room Tudor styled mansion on their 1000 acres property in Peapack, which was completed by 1912. The castle was named Natirar as an anagram for the Raritan River. The castle is trimmed with limestone, has oak panelling and decorated with designer plaster ceilings. After Mrs Ladd’s death, Hassan II (King of Morocco) purchased the property. He died in the year 1999. In 2003, Somerset County purchased the property and transformed into a cooking school, restaurant, farm and other useful utility centres.

Location: 2 Main street, Peapack Gladstone, New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

7. Drumthwacket


This structure was built by Charles Smith Olden in the year 1835. Currently, it serves as the official residence of the governor of New Jersey. The estate also houses the office to the Drumthwacket Foundation. The Castle also acts as an educational centre for children.

Location: 354 Stockton street, Princeton, New Jersey
Timings: NA.
Entry fee: NA. Building is used by and for official use.

8. Glynallyn Castle

Glynallyn Castle

This building was home to the publisher, George Marshall Allen. It was built in 1917 and modelled after the post-medieval house at Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire, England. The structure was fitted with historic features along with a 400-year-old oak panelling and interiors salvaged from the English mansions. It is now a private residence.

Location: 12 Canfield road, Morristown (Convent station), New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

9. Emlen Physick Estate

Emlen Physick Estate

The Emlen Physick Estate was completed in 1879 after which Emlen Jr., his widowed mother and his aunt moved in. During the 1970s, the mid-Atlantic centre for arts and humanities saved and restored the 18-room structure. It now serves as a museum.

Location: 1048 Washington street, Cape May, New Jersey
Timings: Monday to Sunday, 10.30am to 4pm
Entry fee: NA

10. Stronghold


George B Post, an architect, purchased the 104 acres of land in hopes of turning it into a high rolling, self sufficient estate of the English Lords. Then on, the property has been resold to many buyers. Currently, it is a private residence and is up for sale. It is exclaimed to be one of a kind and homes like Stronghold can no longer be built anymore.

Location: Bernardsville, Northern New Jersey
Timings: NA
Entry fee: NA

Indulge into a charismatic journey of exploring these architectural wonders while you’re at in New Jersey. If the magnificent glory of these castles compel you to fly out, then don’t waste a second and plan your USA vacation with TravelTriangle and make the best of your vacation!

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